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An End-To-End Guide to Developing an App Like Grab


After the commencement of ride-hailing apps like Grab, Lyft, and Uber, numerous people may feel that they depend for the most part on a taxi booking app rather than hiring a driver. This is a result of convenience of taxi service with a fast manner and without paying a colossal cost.

On-demand taxi booking services hindered the development of the traditional business and earned gigantic income within a short span of time. A few specialists state that the quick development and triumph of the taxi booking app is corresponding to a decline in usage of taxis traditionally.

Just look at Uber, it increased in excess of 75 million riders per month in 2019 and made another benchmark in the US taxi market. However, when you examine the Asian market, Grab is also having the same insights as Uber. So, you can without a doubt envision that Grab will compete with Uber through the mobile app soon in the taxi business.

Plus, Grab is perceived as a trustworthy taxi booking app partner in Asia which is generally called as GrabTaxi in that area. It declared its 1 billion achievement strike in its official site in 2017.

One of the Singapore-based ride-hailing apps is Grab which is a motivation for business people who are intending to begin a taxi business with Grab like app development. In spite of the fact that it works at a particular spot, the income it makes is huge. As of late, Crunchbase uncovered a report on Grab raising assets from a series H round to twofold down on the bike service with an on-demand bike app.

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Table of Content

What Creates On-demand Grab Clone App Development Stand out Among the Competition?

Principle Features of Taxi Booking App

            # Essential Features

            # Admin Panel

Selecting the Perfect Platform to Execute: Android/iOS

Cost for Grab like App Development

Summing Up

What Creates On-demand Grab Clone App Development Stand out Among the Competition?

As a startup or entrepreneur, you would have gone over well known taxi apps like Uber and Lyft. Both have additionally assessed the best among them. In any case, there are qualities that GrabTaxi app fuses which create it stand out from the competition and this can be an advantage for you in the event that you pick their plan of action and integrate your business with Grab like app development.

Most eminent ride-hailing apps provide different services to its riders and furthermore permits them to pick based on their needs and budget. Providing such services in your on-demand Grab clone app development can build its ease of use and stand among the riders. Receiving the GrabTaxi model can be valuable since it has unique features that no other taxi app has added at this point.

For the individuals who haven’t run over the recently incorporated unique features, the beneath clarification will give the basics. You can look over it and can plan in like manner during on-demand Grab clone app development.

Principle Features of Taxi Booking App

Aside from the above discussed features, there are few which pulled in various customers to utilize the app. Also, the persons who are intending to build up a Grab like app development can make a point to incorporate these features into their new app.

As a rule, the taxi app accompanies a standard structure referenced beneath,

Passenger App - For booking rides and tracking

Driver App - For implementing the booking requests

Admin Panel - For managing and streamlining the overall operations

In this manner all these apps accompany essential features that you should note. Both passenger and driver apps look the same, but the admin panel is a little bit unique.

Essential Features

Login : Users can login simply through email or social media profiles.

Booking choice : User can mention their pickup and drop location, and can choose a driver.

GPS live tracking : Users can track the taxi driver’s location with real-time GPS tracker.

Fare calculation : Users can see their fare calculation before they start the ride.

Payment choice : Permit to pay via both cash and card options.

Push notification : Alert about free trips, new deals and offers via push notification.

Booking history : Insights regarding rides and places will be put away for future references.

Review/Feedback : In view of the driver’s capability and ride, riders can give rates and reviews.

Admin Panel

You can oversee and control all the activities with the help of an admin panel which is the best tool to utilize it to see the driver’s performance, customer details, their complaints and earning statistics. Admin would have access to include or delete drivers from service dependent on the feedback gotten. Moreover, there are some things that you should concentrate on while starting on-demand Grab clone app development.

They are clarified as follows,

Selecting the Perfect Platform to Execute: Android/iOS

Between Android and iOS platforms, you should pick the one which is generally utilized by your target audiences. It will be better if you execute on both platforms for a passenger app. And, try to have a natural interface for proficient achievement. That is if the on-demand Grab clone app development is intended for iPad the interface has to be adaptable and change resolutions as needed when seen in different devices.

Cost for Grab like App Development

It is difficult to reveal the exact expense for Grab like app development at fixed costs since it relies upon different components like amount of work, speed, and complexity. Mobile app development companies fix costs dependent on the plan, quality, platforms picked and back-end development. Hourly rate of app developers matters the most. It will take 900 hours for Android and 700 hours for iOS for an on-demand Grab clone app development. This evaluated time may contrast based on mobile app companies and the cost will be fixed likewise. However, when you pick an on-demand grab clone app development (ready-made clone app), the cost will vary and may chop down to half of the entirety.

Summing Up

Making an Grab like app for your taxi business is not, at this point a tiring task as you can utilize the help of app developers. The main thing you need to do is to search the right mobile app development company at your budget. To begin on-demand Grab clone app development, selecting a ready-made clone app can be beneficial. To find out more about Grab like app development, features and functionalities, connect with our Sales Executive.

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