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User-Friendly Fleet Management System for Your Business

Track and maintain your vehicles at ease using our fleet management software.

Our Fleet Management Solutions

UnicoTaxi's Fleet Management System is a GPS-controlled fleet tracking solution. Its comprehensive fleet management capabilities enable businesses to track, analyze, and optimize operations for their entire fleet, regardless of size or variant. The user gets real-time alerts of the vehicle's location, status, and onboard diagnostics with an intelligent dashboard. It provides complete details about asset management, safety management, driver behavior analytics, fuel management, live-geo tracking, etc.., allowing you to make informed business decisions and run the most efficient fleet possible. Our Fleet Management Solution is scalable, flexible, and reliable, and it can be customized to meet the needs of fleet service providers.


Real-time fleet tracking


Monitor the entire fleet


More accurate ETA predictions


Monitor driver activity


Track accident status


Fuel level monitoring


Fleet safety and security

Why UnicoTaxi Fleet Management?

Report Management

The fleet management solution collects all pertinent information and generates a comprehensive service history report for each asset in your fleet.

Fuel Management

It helps businesses in analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing fuel expenses. It makes it easier to log fuel or connect your fuel cards to reduce operating costs.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Regardless of the number of vehicles in your fleet, our GPS fleet management system tracks and protects your assets from theft or damage.

Driver Identification

You can use the Driver Identification feature to connect individual drivers to monitor vehicle activity, ensuring that you always know who is driving.

Safe and Secure

A fleet manager is responsible for driver behavior as well as fleet safety. How do you protect your assets from any danger? Our system ensures safety and security.

Vehicle Checklist

Get detailed information on the vehicle checklist report at the time of inspection including, safety belts, brakes, engine, steering wheel, headlight reports, etc.

Why UnicoTaxi Fleet Management?

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