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Through Corporate Panel, Taxi Companies Procure Executive Rental Solutions
for Timely, Uninterrupted and Frequent Travels

With the help of corporate panel, taxi companies can also concentrate on corporate rides like personal rides. For more convenience, we have designed a separate panel only for corporate companies for their maintenance. Admin can create a corporate list by adding essential details of the company.

Group Creation

The corporate panel helps corporate heads to create a group for their employees who can take the trip accordingly. There is an option available for removing the groups. Admin can view all the corporate groups through this panel.

  • Create a group name and check the auto-paid option
  • Add employees with their corporate details
  • View the daily, monthly, or yearly statements of ride history

Add Employees

Corporate heads can add or delete their employees from the group. Also, they can access their employee's ride statements. They are able to select some booking options such as "Ride Now" and "Scheduled Ride" for their trips.

  • Enter the corporate details of employees
  • Add/delete employees from the group
  • Get access to employee’s ride history

Auto-Paid Option

In the corporate panel, there is an option called "Auto-Paid" where corporate heads can offer to their employees to pay online using their credit/debit cards. Corporate heads can also enable/disable the auto-paid option in the corporate panel.

  • Get automated bill payment
  • Get instant alerts for payment made
  • Get greater convenience and security