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Taxi Driver App helps drivers to handle the ride request with ease and simple

Taxi Driver App is completely set to respond for the passenger. The driver has the unique login details with GPS tracking system and many other features which help the driver to organize the passenger in an efficient way. It plays huge role in driving riders to right destination at the right time.

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Night Mode Map - Reduces Eye Fatigue

The app comes with Night Mode Map feature which allows drivers to use the map without any strain on the eye. This enables drivers to view the map for several hours without any stress in the eye which in turn increases productivity. Also, using the night mode feature saves the device power.

  • Use Map in low light conditions
  • View Map for several hours
  • Save your phone's battery life
  • Protect your eye from straining

POP-UP Notification - Encourage & Earn

UnicoTaxi's Driver APP and Passenger APP comes with POP-UP notification feature. POP-UP notification can be used in different ways in the Driver and Passenger APP. In Driver APP, POP-UPs can be used to encourage them to drive more. For instance, POP-UP notification like "Congrats! you're only 10 dollars short to make 500 dollars" encourages the driver to drive more. Similarly, vice versa for Passenger APP.

  • The driver gets a notification on booking a ride
  • The driver can accept/reject the same
  • The driver gets an update about the passenger's location
  • The driver can reach the passenger at the right time

Go Online/Offline or Riding - Toggle & Communicate

A driver can toggle between online, offline and riding mode. This feature allows the dispatcher to assign/handle the rides more efficiently. The online mode indicates that the drivers are waiting for the next ride while offline mode indicates they are in a break whereas riding mode indicates they are on a trip.

  • The driver gets the choice of go online, offline, or in riding mode
  • Online Mode - The driver is waiting for the next drive
  • Offline Mode - The driver is currently taking a break
  • Riding Mode- The driver is on his route somewhere

Secure Login - Get Token to Drive

Taxi App comes with an Oauth2 protocol which means API can be accessed only with the received access token. In simple words, both Driver and Passenger app are secured. Benefits of using secure login include hack proof version of Taxi APP which makes your business safer.

  • Check for encrypted addresses
  • Code review by an expert team
  • Get more functions with less coding
  • Customize the content/service based on your needs

Street Ride - Make use of the Opportunity

Street Ride Feature enables the driver to pick up passengers who are hailing-a-cab. This allows acquiring new passengers who aren't using your taxi app to book the service. Benefits to convert new customers to use your service.

  • The passenger can make a call and request a PickUp
  • Enter the Drop Location and personal details
  • Get an Automatic estimated fare calculation based on the location
  • Collect your payment and rate your trip with the passenger

Chat Option - No Cost Communication

An effective, secure and easy way of communication between passengers and drivers. The app comes with an in-built chat feature which enables to communicate without sharing numbers. Just communicate with the passenger or driver with pre-written text templates and auto-suggestion features.

  • Automate actions based on passenger's behavior
  • Get deeper insight into passenger's ride
  • The driver can collect passenger's details
  • The driver can get instant feedback

More Important & Unique Features

We understand that drivers are always busy driving, so we created a single-touch application interface for easy handling. Get a fully customizable app that allows drivers to earn money through various means such as surge prices, hourly wages, and so on.

Driver Profile Management

Drivers can add/edit their personal information and change/recover login information. It will, however, notify the recruiter of their availability.

Multi-Language Support

Multiple language support has been integrated into the app to provide a seamless experience for drivers and users worldwide.

Help & Support

Drivers can contact our support service by phone or email. However, the in-app support and FAQ options can help with driver-related queries.

Ride Cancellation

Canceling a ride is an exclusive feature of the driver app. Once the driver cancels the trip, the customer will get notified of the cancelation reason.

Ride History

This feature allows drivers to see detailed information about their previous, current, and upcoming rides, as well as filter data by date.

Panic Button

Drivers can add emergency contacts here. Activating SOS sends a text message with the driver's current location to the added contact list.

Add/Edit Fare

It is an advanced feature of an on-demand taxi application like Uber in which the driver has the option to add toll fares and edit ride fares.

GPS Navigation

The live navigation (Google Maps) feature allows drivers to reach the desired destination in minimum time by taking the best possible route.

Contact Passenger

The app includes call functionality for communicating with passengers. So, drivers can contact passengers to inquire about pickup locations.

Reviews and Ratings

Drivers can review and rate their passengers. It also helps other drivers understand the passenger's behavior they will be picking up and dropping off.

Safe Ride

Since the driver takes a ride after getting confirmation from the admin (admin approval), the passengers are guaranteed a safe ride.

Notification Alert

This feature allows drivers to receive SMS/Mail notifications from the admin or dispatcher whenever there is a new update about the app.

Street PickUp

Drivers can take a ride using our street pickup feature. On reaching the destination, the driver stops the car, and the passenger exits and walks away.

Waiting Time Calculation

If necessary, the driver can wait a few minutes. If the ride does not start within 5 minutes, the rider will get charged a wait-time fee.