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Ready-to-go Uber for Truck Clone App for Sale

Get your trucking business new wings with the fully customizable Uber for Trucks Clone app/script solutions.

Scale-Up Your Trucking Business With the User-Friendly Uber for Trucks Clone!


Uber for truck service is a tried and true concept with a global market. It's an app designed specifically to help truckers and shippers find compatible partners. The truck dispatching software clone is a one-of-a-kind product designed to transform the trucking industry. Uber's business model has attracted a slew of entrepreneurs as it has changed the way people access services. The on-demand business model was further Uberized with the launch of an Uber For Truck App, which connected carriers with shippers.

The ease of opting for services and satisfied customers are the driving forces behind the success of this Uber business model. We, NGFOT, an on-demand app development company, have the best Uber for trucks app development solutions to help startups in the logistics and transportation industry. We will provide you with the best trucking aggregator platform using cutting-edge technology and providing ongoing support. We built solutions with high-end functionality customized to fit your needs.

Uber for Truck Clone Features


Easy Login

Our Uber for truck clone script solution includes social media login to make user registration very easy and more convenient.


Vehicle Choices

Users can select the type of truck based on the load. Make sure to include as many truck vehicles as possible so that users can choose based on their needs.


Wallet System

Users can pay their fares quickly and easily with an automated wallet system, avoiding the need to carry cash or a credit card at all times.


Safe and Secure

Best-in-class security features in our Uber for freight clone script protect the app from unwanted attacks, resulting in a safe platform for users.



While the vehicle is moving, our Uber for truck clone app will notify drivers if they deviate from the correct route or leave the safe zone.


Powerful Dashboard

Admin can effectively monitor and manage the entire platform's operations and activities via a powerful dashboard in the Admin panel.


Google Maps

Our Uber for Trucking clone has been integrated with Google Maps to facilitate smooth navigation to the customer's Pickup and Drop locations.


Earning Reports

Our Uber for freight clone script generates an accurate earnings report for drivers, allowing them to see their total earnings in detail.


Track the Driver

Once assigned, shippers/users can monitor the truck driver's current location to know the exact arrival time to reach the destination.


Multiple Payment Options

Users can pay for our on-demand trucking services using a wide variety of methods, including debit/credit card, cash, or internet banking.


Native Mobile Apps

For iOS and Android, we prefer to use different development techniques. Native mobile app creation aims to improve the user experience.


In-Call Feature

Users can use the app to make phone calls to drivers. They don't have to exit the app and type the number. A built-in call feature will save time for the user.

How Does it Work?


Uber for Delivery is a three-way marketplace that integrates stores, customers, and delivery drivers. On the app, multiple stores list their brand and menu. Customers search for stores in their area and place their orders. The order is picked up from the store by the delivery boy and delivered to the customer's door. We NGFOT ensure that our product is built for a purpose while keeping user convenience in mind. Before you start developing an on-demand delivery app, you should first learn how the Uber for delivery app works.


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