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Custom Ready-to-Go Gett Taxi Clone Script/App for Sale!

Give your on-demand taxi booking business a big boost with the best Gett Clone Script!

Gett Taxi Clone Script Unique Features

Gett Clone, from UnicoTaxi, is a combo of all the latest features and functionalities that makes your online taxi booking business stand out in the face of fierce competition. With Unicotaxi's Gett Clone App Development, you get a team of experienced developers who can check every detail of your business specifications by implementing innovative development practices and methodologies. So, if you want to build a successful Gett Clone App, there are some features you must include in your solution. Here is the complete list. Also, we request you to create a list of features you want in your Gett Clone App and send it to us so that we can guide you on the right path with your requirements.

Quick and Easy Launch

Why do you have to wait two or three months for a customized app? With the readymade Gett clone scripts, you can start creating a taxi app in just a few days.

Sophisticated Service

You can add a wide variety of cab models, including Micro, Mini, Sedan, Prime, etc.., and can change the fare rates from low to high accordingly.


To make it absolutely yours, this Gett Clone Script is rebranded and white-labeled with your brand's name and logo wherever it is needed.

Social Media Integration

Integrating this taxi dispatch software with social media accounts allows the rider to share his ride experiences with his friends/relatives on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Attractive User Interface

The appealing user interface of Gett Taxi Clone will help passengers stick with the taxi booking app and get what they want in just a few taps.


Any type of customization is possible with the Gett Clone App. However, certain features are modified based on the client's request and demand.

Affordable Solution

Nowadays, developing a taxi app from scratch results in higher development costs. In such a case, clone scripts are easy to create, and it's an affordable solution for all.

Easy Editing

Gett clone script can be easily modified and redeveloped. Clone script applications, on the other hand, are gaining market share faster than native applications.

Wallet Integration

As the Gett taxi clone script integrates with secure mobile payment wallet transactions, the passengers pay securely for their ride using a wallet.

Quick Time-to-Market

This ready-to-use Gett clone script cuts down the time it takes to create an app. So, you can easily benefit from it within a short period.

Seamless Payments

With this feature, it is easier to pick one from the multiple payment options available, such as cash or credit/debit cards, for hassle-free ride payments.

Ride Details

Once the rider books a ride, the rider gets all the essential information for the trip, right from pick-up time to drop-off time to driver's availability.

Our Gett Taxi Clone Script Package Includes

If you want to launch a personal transportation solution in the taxi app market, the Gett Taxi Clone is the best option. Gett Clone is the most flexible and feasible way to launch an entirely new business concept in the least time possible. At UnicoTaxi, we offer Gett Taxi app clone development services at an affordable price. When you compare the taxi app clone cost and services with other companies, you will find that we offer the same quality products at a package lesser than our competitors. Our ready-to-launch taxi booking app solution includes native iOS and Android apps, allowing you to reach all potential customers. So, if you are a startup or a business owner planning to launch a lucrative online taxi business, don't worry! We have ready-to-go Clone Script solutions at affordable packages.

  • Free Source Code

    We provide your team with a completely customized Gett Clone Source Code as a backup. You can change the source code to suit your copy's requirements.

  • Free Server Installation

    Once you complete your purchase, we will install our script on your server for free. Our experts assist you in making your script live in a short time.

  • Free App Submission

    We will submit your Android app to the Play Store and your iOS app to the App Store for free of cost. Upon approval, we will upload, install, and thoroughly test the apps.

  • Support After App Rejection

    We ensure that your Gett clone doesn't get rejected due to technical issues. For any other reason, we will try our best to help you get your app approved without rejections.

  • Free White Labeling

    Once you buy our Gett Clone Script, we will remove our name and logo from all visible areas and replace them with yours, promising never to claim.

  • Free Bug Support

    We take pride in creating a flawless taxi booking application free of bugs and has been thoroughly reviewed. In case of any bug, we provide free bug support.

  • Free Language Integration

    In addition to the standard English language, Gett Clone includes your native language. You can, however, use up to ten languages for no additional charges.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Gett Clone Script enables its users to pay in a way that is convenient for them. Riders have the option of paying with PayPal, Wallet, or Cash.

  • Add-Ons and Customization

    We are here to help you if you need to make changes to your Gett Clone App. Please let us know about your needs to review and respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

  • Free Technical Support

    Our expert team will help you register the accounts on any third-party sites such as SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, and considerably more.

Here is a sneak preview of our package

Passenger APP IOS

Passenger APP Android

Passenger Web APP

Driver APP

Driver APP Android

Driver Web APP

Super Admin Panel

Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label Gett Taxi Clone App

Understanding the users' expectations of the online taxi booking platform, we have meticulously crafted a white-labeled Gett Clone Script solution with unrivaled performance, responsive design, trendiest inclusions, and a modern framework. Our experts provide feature-rich Gett Clone Script to meet all your specific business needs, whether you are a startup or an established taxi booking business looking for a digital solution. Gett Clone App, our custom-built personal transportation solution, allows a company to move forward while expanding. With our White-Label Gett Clone Script, your end-users will experience comfort to its best extent, and your business will continue to grow. Come to us, and we will give you what you want.

Passenger App

  • Easy Signup/Login
  • Automatic Fare Estimation
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Book Favorable Ride
  • Live Geo Tracking
  • Outstation Bookings

  • Reviews and Rating
  • Promo Codes
  • Ride History
  • Vehicle Details
  • Instant Alert Notification

Riders can register the app using either basic information or social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Riders can see the estimated fare for a ride after entering the pickup and drop locations.

This feature alerts passengers about the exact time the driver will take to arrive at their pickup location.

Gett Clone App allows the riders to specify their favorite location and choose the highest-rated vehicle drivers for recursive trips.

Riders can use the real-time geo-tracking feature to find the nearest driver.

This feature allows passengers to book a taxi or cab for outstation trips.

Riders can provide reviews and ratings based on their experiences with taxi services and drivers at the end of the journey.

Passengers can use a promo code to receive an additional discount on the total trip cost.

Riders can view all completed and canceled rides, as well as details such as pickup and drop location, fare amount, and time.

Once the ride is accepted, the rider can view all vehicle details like vehicle type, vehicle number, trip number, and much more.

Riders will receive instant alerts about the ride that's accepted, the driver's status, payment confirmation, and so on.

Driver App

  • Driver Dashboard
  • Income Summary
  • Geolocation
  • View Earnings
  • Trip Details

  • Real-Time Ride Updates
  • Contact Passenger
  • Route Optimization
  • Ride Requests
  • Driver's Availability Status

Drivers can view their earnings, upcoming trips, and feedback via the driver dashboard.

Drivers can view a detailed breakdown of the total revenue earned from their rides and keep track of all completed rides.

The navigation map helps determine the best route to the trip destination. The driver can find the shortest path and arrive at the destination quickly.

This feature lets drivers know how much revenue they generate per ride, per day, or over any other time frame.

The built-in, powerful navigation functionality provides drivers the detailed information about user location and destination.

Real-time ride tracking lets drivers know about their upcoming rides in real-time via their mobile app.

Drivers can contact passengers to alert them about their arrival if needed.

When multiple routes are available to the riders, drivers can use the app to choose the best-optimized or shortest route.

Allows drivers to accept or reject ride-booking requests from riders at their convenience.

Drivers can toggle the availability status On/Off in the app to accept or cancel rides according to the conveniences.

Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Driver Management
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Payment Management
  • Rider Management

  • Fleet Management
  • Report Generation and Analytics
  • Easy Commission Tracking
  • Manage Drivers and Passengers

An easy-to-use interface that provides the key statistics and carpooling service metrics.

It allows admins to manage driver profiles and easily assign rides to them. Using this feature, the admin can manually add, remove, or modify driver profiles.

Admin can send real-time alerts to passengers and drivers, informing them about any ongoing promotions, discount coupons, if any.

Payments for shared rides are processed automatically after deducting the predetermined commissions.

The rider's information, such as name and phone number, the pick-up location, and destination, are available for easy access to the trip.

Get complete fleet information, including usage, maintenance, costs, etc.

The admin can create reports and analyze them to see which destination the drivers generate the most revenue.

The source code for the Gett clone app allows users to monitor commission and payout for the drivers.

Know about new drivers, active drivers, existing drivers, and registered passengers, as well as their interests, concerns, and needs.


Do you provide guidance even after the free support period has expired?

Yes, of course, our team of dedicated developers is always happy to help you with any questions or concerns. Our functional support team ensures that your app runs smoothly.

Do you provide the source code/clone script for the app?

Yes, once the application gets completed, we will provide you with the source code because we want you to have complete ownership of the taxi booking app that we built for you.

Is the Gett clone script the same as the Gett app?

Our Gett clone script is like a carbon copy of the original app. We can even help you add some unique features to the app that are not available in the original app.

Will the information I provide you be secure and private?

We guarantee that we will not share your personal information with anyone else. We take utmost care to secure our clients' privacy.

What sets you apart from other taxi dispatch app providers?

Our cutting-edge technology and out-of-the-box taxi application distinguish us from competitors.

Does the Gett Clone App make profits for startups or small businesses?

Yes, without a doubt! Our clone app source code generates high revenue for any startup or small business, thanks to its exceptional features and incredible functionalities.

Will you offer a customized taxi booking app solution?

Yes, we do. We offer a customized taxi booking app similar to the demo app while changing the color scheme and theme based on our clients' preferences. We can also add some advanced features to the basic module based on your needs, but there will be an additional cost.

Is there a variety of payment options available?

Yes, there is. Riders can pick any payment method they want. They have the option of paying with a debit/credit card, an e-wallet, or cash.

Can admin get earning reports for all trips?

Yes, the admin can view the earnings reports for all Trips. Besides, we offer the option to view daily and weekly earning details.

Can dispatchers make Ride Requests?

Yes, UnicoTaxi has a Dispatcher Panel that can create a request on behalf of the riders including, all the essential information of riders'.

Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "Gett Taxi" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to Gett Taxi. & not doing any promotion activities for them.