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User friendly admin panel provides Eagle eye at over all happening of your business

Apply a total control over all assets, taxi reservations, transactions, and play out all CRM exercises, in the administrator dashboard. Include and manage dispatchers, drivers, and taxi cabs given particular areas and accurate and incite dispatch benefit.


UnicoTaxi dashboard manages data by tracking important information to your taxi business. It gives you a consolidated information view from across the company on custom dashboards that provides valuable business insights. You can see and analyze data; and display the key performance of your business. Dashboard gives high visibility, timesaving efficiency, real-time customer analytics, inventory control and better decision making. UnicoTaxi dashboard offers a central location for you to access, analyze and interact up-to-date data so that users can make everything smarter with data-driven decisions.


Using the Admin panel, you can easily extract the reports on the basis of daily, monthly, yearly and more. Reports help to increase understanding the opportunities and risks, streamlining overall processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Reports are emphasizing the performance of cost management and also influencing the long-term taxi business plan. Taxi business reports document the business progression and the information collected serves few main purposes. These reports are helping you to formulate a financial plan, guiding strategic business plans and planning things for the ensuring future using the reports to back option. It provides your taxi business justification for every decision.


The most overlooked position in any transportation process is that of the dispatcher. Our Admin panel comes with a good dispatcher that takes care of customers and keeps drivers active. Using dispatcher, you can manage overall trip requests and assign drivers accordingly without any hassles. Admin can create an 'n' number of dispatchers with the help of the panel. The main purpose of a dispatcher is to respond to all the customer's trip requests and allocate the driver for immediate help and information. The duty of the dispatcher is to monitor the routes, update all the trip logs and record the overall information. Moreover, dispatchers are responsible to manage the entire database of drivers.

Promo Code

Promo codes are the best way to attract more customers to boost your business sales and track your taxi business marketing efforts. Offering coupons/promo codes to customers can lead to more benefits for taxi business. Admin panel allows you to use this highly effective sales tool for your business. Admin panels should be made in a way where the admin can bring potential customers into the business without much marketing efforts. Promo code/coupon option in admin gives promotion technology to increase the usage of taxi booking apps by the customer. UnicoTaxi solution has more options which allow admin to create the different types of promo codes and their applicabilities based on the season.

Admin Panel- One-stop solution to manage the whole system

Our mobile supported, white-label taxi clone script can help track and manage the complete transaction history of passengers, drivers, and rides via a powerful Admin Panel.

User Management

Manage your new and existing user, categorize your customer to get more attraction about your business.

Company Management

Our admin panel provides a option to create a separate panel for small companies to manage their vehicles, dispatching and commission.

Live Dashboard

Live dashboard helps to manage your business, Showing business heat maps, reaching wide number of customer.

Automatic And Manual Dispatch

Automatic and Manual Dispatch is stand alone option, which even dispatches a cab to the passenger all time by enabling Auto Dispatch option.

Real Time Tracking Of Driver Activities

Spot your driver on each second to improve your business quality and allocating more driver on high demand places.

Offer Management

Never lose a customer, grab their attention on special offer and keep serving good service.

Transparent Business Reports

Transparent business reports on all scenario will help you to get maximized revenue.

Call Center Booking

Agents can make a booking on dispatcher, when customer call to hotline.

Surge Pricing

Increase your rate card on high demand places for taxi booking.

Few Words From Customers

Initially had remarkable demo session with the sales team. Explained in all directions about how software performances which eventually motivates me to buy their product. Its been couple of month since software deliver, enjoying the great support from the team

Director, Newzealand

Team commitments towards delivering the project and turn around time on supports are splendid.

Joseph Oniyama

Product was delivered in a precise manner with a great outcome. You will never get such timely support. The team works even on weekend. Seeking forward to sign couple of more projects.

Jose Ntoco
Marketing Manager, UK

Was looking for apps for my business, and fortunately got to know about NGFOT. They have classy products. Support and turn around time after sales are splendid. Looking forward to having more collaboration in future with this great team.

Steven Williams

They are one of the best solution providers for all taxi companies. Their application is one of the best in the market with more advanced features. They also provide high quality technical support.

Henry Jacobs
Marketing Manager, Sweden

Their customer support has been really good. Their product is one of the best in the market.

David William
Business Analyst, USA

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