Admin Panel

Manage Your Entire Business at One Place via Our Admin Panel!

One Stop Destination to Handle and Manage Your Entire Business


In our Admin Panel, the Admin can keep a close eye on the entire fleet in real-time, leverage data-driven insights, and check all registered users, view their rating & feedback, and provide them with targeted offers. With us, you'll get an easy-to-use Admin Panel that lets you track and manage taxi booking operations for your business as well as track earnings and analytics reports and do a lot more.

Admin Panel Features

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Admin Dashboard

We have designed a user-friendly dashboard that anyone can use. Our admin dashboard provides you a quick overview of the entire fleet and allows you to act quickly if necessary.

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Zone Management

Admin can create different zones, such as an airport or a railway station, where frequent trips get scheduled to provide convenience. Each zone is assigned a set of parameters, such as a specific fare.

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The members play a vital role in the taxi industry. Everyone else has their panel, except users and drivers, which is great because it allows Admin to manage and monitor everything easily.

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Company Dispatcher Panel

Manage your complete taxi dispatch system with our easy-to-access admin panel, and make informed decisions. To manage booking requests, the admin can add/edit dispatchers via the Company Dispatcher Panel.

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Company Panel

Do you want to work with other small taxi businesses to grow your business? We'll help you do that by adding admin to your company panel. Here, you can add more taxis under your "Company Name."

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Manage Drivers

Admin has the option to add or edit any service provider's profile, services, service rate, and other information via Admin Panel.

At UnicoTaxi, we provide only the best, with the most advanced features. Our top-notch solution will allow you to create an unbeatable Uber-like taxi app with a powerful Admin Panel, allowing you to increase your business reach.

Additional Features

Notification Alert

The administrator can send a notification alert to the complete list of drivers and passengers or a specific group of drivers and passengers through SMS, Mail, or Push notification feature.

Service Type

Based on their business model, ID, service name, TAX percent, and service image, the admin can create a list of service types. Admin can also add/delete the vehicle name, service type and turn the business on and off.

Customer Care Panel

Admin can use the Customer Care Panel to file and manage customer complaints. Customer complaints, on the other hand, will be displayed in one of three states: open, in-progress, or closed.

Ratings & Review Management

Admin has access to all user and driver ratings and reviews, as well as information like the user's name, the driver's name, the request ID, the date and time, the comment, the ratings, and considerably more.

Fare Management

Using this customizable feature, the admin can manage multiple rides and the fares for different regions, cities, and countries. The dashboard makes it very easy to adjust fares in response to changing situations

Wallet Management

The admin can use this feature to add and deduct funds from a specific driver or passenger. Admin can also view a particular driver's or passenger's e-wallet transaction history via Admin Panel.


Admin can view and manage the Driver Report, Customer Report, and Ride Report from the Admin Panel on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.


The admin can approve or deny the driver's documents anytime. If necessary, the admin can add, edit, or delete the driver documents in the document section.

Promocode Management

Admin can add, edit, and delete promo code information such as promo code, discount, discount type, user type, start date, and expiry date.

Referral Settings

Admin can change the referral settings by enabling or disabling the option. The admin can also select between 'First Ride Free' and 'Percentage' referral options.

Site Settings

Admin can change and update the site settings like Site Name, Site Logo, Site Icon, Copyright Content, Play Store Link, App Store Link, SOS Number, etc.

Payment Settings

Under this section, the Admin can add or update the Payment Settings, which are divided into two types (Payment Modes and Trip Settings).

Business Settings

Admin can change and update the business settings, including Mail Enable, SMS Enable, Country Code, Auto Assign, Driver Search Radius, Distance Unit, etc.

Change Password

If necessary, the admin of the taxi booking app can change and update the password at any time to protect against unauthorized access or cyber-attacks.

Legal Settings

Admin can change and update the 'Privacy Policies' and 'Terms of Service,' anytime, and the changes will get reflected in the taxi booking app.