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BiTaksi Clone Script Unique Features

Schedule Bookings

Your customers can book a ride for a later date and time. Your taxi drivers will get an alert about upcoming trips.

Live Tracking

Our live tracking features help both your customers and drivers to find each other in real-time.

Cancel booking

Your customers have the advantages of canceling or changing the booking anytime from anywhere.

Trip Summary

Customers and drivers can see their trip details, and they can make calls or chat within an app like BiTaksi.

Rating System

Not only the customers but also taxi drivers are interested in taxi services. They get to know about the trip experience and your app through a rating system.

In-App Chat

Using the in-app feature, both customers and drivers can make calls or chat within the BiTaksi clone app.

Promo Codes

Our taxi management solution allows your customers to share a promo code with their family and friends. It brings your app vitality.

Detailed Profile

Your drivers and customers have the advantage of creating and managing their complete profiles. It will help to improve your ecosystem.

Secure Payment

Our BiTaksi clone app comes with different payment options. It will help your customers to pay securely at their convenience.

SOS Panic Button

Our customized BiTaksi clone app has specially added an SOS panic button in the user app so that the passenger can send an alert in case of emergency.

Surge Pricing

When customers login into the user app for getting a ride, they will have the option like surge pricing ride which can be enjoyed by them.

Our BiTaksi Clone Script Package Includes

  • Brand Visibility

    Our taxi dispatch solution will help you to get extreme brand visibility. Branding is more important for the online taxi business. We never miss it.

  • Time Saver

    Our taxi dispatch system helps to save your golden time with our advanced online functionalities. So you need not wait for a long time to launch your new taxi business.

  • Quick Launch

    The app launch is not easy. But UnicoTaxi will do it for you quickly, so you need not worry about your app launch difficulties.

  • Low Cost

    Although our taxi management system is a load of advanced mobility features and functionalities still, it is affordable software.

  • Proper Verification

    Verifying of customers or drivers has been easy to permit simple registration of clients and workers.

  • SOS Function

    By enabling the SOS feature, you can ensure your passenger and driver's safety. It will be useful for reporting urgent situations.

  • Streamline Tasks

    Using the admin dashboard, you can assign the tasks delegated to representatives and track them easily.

  • Invoice Generation

    By automating the invoice process, you can generate the invoice reports in a simple manner.

  • Geo-Fencing

    By using the geofencing feature, your customers and taxi drivers can connect even faster. It divides the areas into zones.

  • Call Masking

    Our customized BiTaksi clone app includes a VoIP function that will help your customer's and driver's privacy and manage the calls.

  • Variety of Vehicles

    Host a vehicle categorization on your solution, thus offering your riders multiple vehicle options.

  • SMS/Email/Push Notifications

    Optimize the smart communication network by providing main alerts and messages via SMS/Email/Push notifications.

  • Ride Management

    Manage the entire rides of your customers and drivers better by executing the user-friendly platform. It helps to submit ride requests.

  • In-App Credit

    To optimize the online payment process, you can allow your riders to purchase in-app currency through our customized solution.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label BiTaksi Clone App

User App

  • Live Tracking
  • Modify/Cancel Bookings
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Feedback System
  • In-App Communication
  • Social Media Integration

Live tracking will guide users to check the nearest drivers and location in real-time. Moreover, drivers can track the user's location for pick-up easily.

Users can modify or cancel the bookings when they want if the taxi driver denied reaching the pick-up location.

Payment integration will allow users to select any option they want when starting to pay for their ride.

Feedback system permits riders to rate and give a review about their ride and a taxi driver.

Your users can connect with the taxi driver if they have taken much time to arrive in their area.

You can customize your app with the feature of social media integration so that users can register to your BiTaksi clone app like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Driver App

  • Map Integration
  • Subscription Package
  • Check Earnings

Our app-like BiTaksi integrated with Google maps so the taxi driver can navigate the user's pick-up and drop location.

Taxi drivers can choose their subscription package. It depends on availability for a month, week, or day. Using the in-app currency system, they can activate their subscription plan.

Drivers can check their earnings using this feature, and they can track every day or weekly trip earnings after the trip completion.


Admin Dashboard

  • Driver Management
  • System Setup
  • Fare Management

The admin can manage all the taxi drivers. They can add and delete the ride requests from the taxi driver they need. So the admin can ensure the user's safety.

The basic setup is meant for admin and taxi drivers to configure the parameters like vehicle type, country, service zone, pricing, and more.

Admin can add or remove the fare of each type of vehicle in a city. Fares can fix for each city as per the vehicle availability with this feature.


Dispatcher Panel

  • Profile Creation
  • Ride Request History
  • Make Ride Requests
  • Bank Information

Dispatchers can make their profile from this panel, where they want to include the information to create their profile.

The search from this feature enables dispatchers to check the past recorded ride information without any hassle.

From the dispatcher panel, dispatchers can make the requests on behalf of passengers where they want to include the ride data.

The dispatchers can include different bank information in this panel. Ex: name of the account holder, account number, name of the bank.



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Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "BiTaksi" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to BiTaksi. & not doing any promotion activities for them.

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