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Smart Cab Dispatch Software(System) For Easy Booking and Live Tracking

Passenger App is systematic helps the user to book their taxi from anywhere. The User can able to see their past travel histories, their wallet balance. They can perform all the activities in simple steps.

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One Step Registration - An Efficient Way to Gain New USER

Allows your passenger and driver to register with ease & start riding instantly. We provide social media login feature in Passenger & Driver APP which enables the passenger and driver to register in one step rather than the old school method of creating an account by entering email, username, and password. All you need is, the passenger and driver should have an account on Facebook or Gmail. With a single click, they are in.

  • Enter your PickUp and Drop location and pin it
  • Choose the vehicle that you want to ride in
  • Get an Estimated Fare Rate based on your venue
  • Find your best route with GPS Navigation

Multilingual - Attracts Tourist & Increases your Brand Visibility

What is Multilingual? - Using more than one language. Yes! The taxi app comes in English, German, French, and Spanish. Passengers and Drivers can use the taxi app in their preferred language. To select the preferred language - go to menu & select multilingual and click on the preferred language. We can even add more languages based on your country and needs.

  • Choose the language that you prefer
  • You can add multiple languages based on your needs
  • You can also change your preferred language
  • Get higher revenue and ROI

Multiple Payment Methods - Credit or Debit or Cash = Ride

Passengers can pay for the ride as they wish. We have integrated multiple payment methods in the taxi app. A passenger can use the credit card, debit card or even pay using Paypal or if they prefer cash - Let them go for it. Taxi APP also has a wallet option. Just load cash and start the ride. Want more payment methods? Ping us.

  • Pick your preferred method of payment
  • Use App Wallet to make payments
  • Apply the coupon codes, if any
  • Get better experience

DRIWO - A Unique Feature for Women

UnicoTaxi recently launched a unique feature called DRIWO in passenger app for Women. DRIWO - Allows women to select a Lady Driver for their Ride/Trip. Yes! when a woman wants to travel on night or new to a city or traveling alone they can use DRIWO. To know more about DRIWO - kindly contact us at info@unicotaxi.com

  • Choose women for your ride
  • Check the details of your women driver
  • Get an Estimated Fare Calculation
  • SOS functionality ensures a safe and secure ride

APP Monetization - Extra Income!

Almost everyone loves extra income. We provide customized Adsense Panel for the taxi app based on your requirements. Monetize the taxi app to earn more or use the advantage to grow your taxi business. To know more, Kindly reach us at info@unicotaxi.com

  • Get commission fee based on total ride cost
  • Get profits from in-app purchases
  • Get profits from paid downloads
  • Get cancellation fee in case of trip cancellation

Refer & Earn

Using the Refer & Earn feature, passenger can promote your brand in exchange for free rides or cash or any offers. It's a win-win situation for you as well as the passengers on acquiring new customers. Make use of these powerful marketing tactics to expand and grow.

  • Invite people to download the app
  • Share your unique referral code
  • Track the progress in Dashboard
  • Get free rides, cash, offers, or discounts

Hassle-Free Booking in the Palm of Your Passengers!

Our feature-rich Passenger Application lets your passengers book their taxis from anywhere, any time seamlessly. With this app, riders can enjoy an affordable taxi service.

Panic Button

App provides a platform for panic passenger which allows their friends and family to know about trip location in a touch.

Fare Estimate

Passenger will Know their spending before they take your service.

Favorite Location

Recording passenger favorite location, which makes taxi booking even simple & elegant.

Rate And Comment

Quality of feedback and comments from passenger will always help your business to be step ahead of competitor.

Few Words From Customers

Initially had remarkable demo session with the sales team. Explained in all directions about how software performances which eventually motivates me to buy their product. Its been couple of month since software deliver, enjoying the great support from the team

Director, Newzealand

Team commitments towards delivering the project and turn around time on supports are splendid.

Joseph Oniyama

Product was delivered in a precise manner with a great outcome. You will never get such timely support. The team works even on weekend. Seeking forward to sign couple of more projects.

Jose Ntoco
Marketing Manager, UK

Was looking for apps for my business, and fortunately got to know about NGFOT. They have classy products. Support and turn around time after sales are splendid. Looking forward to having more collaboration in future with this great team.

Steven Williams

They are one of the best solution providers for all taxi companies. Their application is one of the best in the market with more advanced features. They also provide high quality technical support.

Henry Jacobs
Marketing Manager, Sweden

Their customer support has been really good. Their product is one of the best in the market.

David William
Business Analyst, USA

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