Passenger App

Let your passengers enjoy a seamless ride booking experience

Taxi bookings are now just a few clicks away!


We give your business a competitive advantage by customizing your online taxi business with a user-friendly Passenger App. Leverage our feature-rich passenger app and allow your riders to book a cab or taxi from anywhere and at any time. With our customized native app development services for iOS and Android, you can provide your passengers' a completely new level of taxi booking experience.

Passenger App Features

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Real-Time Tracking

Passengers can get real-time updates on driver availability status and estimated arrival time (ETA) with Real-Time Tracking.

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Ride Now/Ride Later

Passengers don't have to wait for a taxi because this app includes advanced features like "Book a Ride Now" and "Schedule a Ride."

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Add Favorite Drivers

For scheduled rides, riders can request specific drivers. Users can add drivers to their Favorite Driver list by tapping "Favorite."

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Wallet System

The wallet system simplifies the billing process for users. This feature allows riders to pay from their digital wallet and save money in their wallet.

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Contact Drivers

Details such as the driver's name and taxi number will get displayed in the passenger's app, along with a call option to contact drivers.

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Estimated Fare Rates

During the booking process, passengers usually get the estimated fare for their ride based on their pickup and drop locations.

At UnicoTaxi, we pay close attention to your business requirements and provide a solution that meets them. We can take your ride-hailing business to the next level with our Uber-like taxi-booking apps, allowing you to stand out from the competitors. So, why wait so long? Experience our Taxi Booking App Development services to bring a change.

Additional Features

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Multiple Payment Gateways

Allows passengers to pay for their rides using multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and in-app wallets.

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SOS Button

When users press the SOS button in an emergency, their added contacts will get an alert with a URL that allows them to track their location.

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Help & Support

Passengers can contact service providers for help and support by phone or email, ensuring excellent service and quick response.

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Multi-Lingual Support

As our passenger taxi booking application is available in multiple languages, passengers can use the app in their preferred language.

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Dynamic (Surge) Pricing

Surge prices fluctuate fast and vary according to peak and night hours. Users can either choose to commute later or pay higher fare rates.

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Multiple Stops

Passengers can add multiple stops along the way to their final destination. Whether you are traveling with friends, this feature helps a lot.