Upraise Your Taxi Business With Fully Automated Taxi Booking & Dispatching Software

Want to build a time-saving, user-friendly on-demand taxi booking app and automate your Taxi booking/dispatching operations? Get your own taxi dispatch software and digitalize your taxi operations.

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Our Specials

White Label Taxi Dispatch Software

With the growing demand for ride-hailing services, businesses need a reliable and efficient system to manage their operations. Our white-label taxi dispatch solution is a ready-made software solution that can be customized and branded to meet the unique needs of a ride-hailing business.

Our Unique Features

User-Friendly Design

SOS Button

If riders and drivers face a problem, they can click on the panic button. Once the rider/driver presses the SOS button, the added emergency contacts will receive a text SMS with a location, enhancing driver and passenger safety.

Native IOS & Android Apps

Fare Estimator

Our Taxi Booking App also features automatic fare calculation, where the calculations are made based on real-time and pre-defined fare settings. Passengers can easily track and pay their fares online using any of the available multiple payment options.

Easy Booking Process

Schedule a Trip

With our Ride Sharing App Development, riders can plan/schedule their trips in advance according to their preferred time, data, and convenience. It reduces passengers' waiting time in case of important meetings, departures, or gatherings.

Real Time Tracking


With our robust, user-friendly Uber-like Taxi Booking App, it is now easy to book a ride without calling the taxi company or traveling agent, saving time. Furthermore, it allows users to track the progress of their rides in real time.

In-App Payment

24/7 Support

In our taxi booking app, one can simply hire a taxi or cab at odd hours with 24/7 support. Passengers can easily contact customer support in case of any issues or queries, and they can receive quick responses and support at any time.

Comprehensive Report

Multiple Vehicle Options

Passengers can choose the vehicle that best meets their specific requirements. A vehicle can be selected based on a wide range of criteria, including the number of passengers, price, and other information upon special request.

Our Taxi Booking App Package Includes

Our Taxi Booking App includes a passenger app, driver app, admin panel, and dispatcher panel. With our Uber-like Taxi Booking App, you can grow and expand your taxi business like never before.


Passenger App

The taxi passenger app allows the rider to book a cab or taxi from anywhere at any time. This app helps them save a lot of time and effort. At UnicoTaxi, we have a team of experts who can develop high-quality, outstanding taxi apps for riders. Our team can build a taxi app that can attract a large number of users. We have designed the Passenger App in such a way that it can provide a quick and easy user experience; the passenger application helps end-users book rides in an easy and quick way.

Driver App

At UnicoTaxi, we understand that drivers are always busy in driving, therefore we designed a single-touch application interface for easy handling. UnicoTaxi's Taxi Booking App Development delivers a highly-customizable driver app, which helps them to confirm the nearby ride. Once the passenger requests a ride, the driver can accept or decline the ride requests based on their availability. The Driver App also helps drivers manage the ride, live tracking while traveling, payment, and reviews. Why wait? Get a fully customizable app that allows drivers to earn money through various means, such as surge prices, hourly wages, and so on.


Admin & Dispatcher Panel

Analyze and Track Your Business Operations in Real-Time

In this digital era, Taxi Booking App Development is so popular. If you own a taxi business or you're planning to start a new one - having a taxi admin and dispatcher panel is vital. This Panel can help you get complete details of drivers, cars, number of trips, profits, and much more.

At UnicoTaxi, we have an expert team of developers and designers who can create feature-rich, user-friendly Admin and Dispatcher Panel. The admin and dispatcher panel of our taxi booking apps comes with a powerful dashboard including other features such as route scheduling, assigning trips, vehicle tracking, fare management, push notification, etc.

Why Choose Us


White Label Solution

We provide highly-customizable, white-labeled Uber-like clone app solutions. Taxi business owners can request changes to the design or features to better suit their needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our taxi booking app development includes all the necessary features and designs that businesses need to manage their online ride-hailing business at affordable prices.

Incredibly Scalable

We provide scalable on-demand taxi booking app development services to help you grow your business and make any changes to the app design as needed.

Intuitive UI/UX

We will help you attract more passengers to your ride-hailing business with an intuitive UI/UX design that will entice your passengers/customers to return.

Complete Source Code

Our team gives the app's owner complete control over the source code. After getting the source code, they can customize the taxi app to meet their specific requirements.

Attractive Features

To keep you ahead of the competition, our UnicoTaxi experts integrate several exciting and advanced features into the Taxi Booking App Development solutions.

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UnicoTaxi - One-Stop-solution for All Your Transportation Needs!

Automate and streamline your fleet operations with our powerful taxi app solution built for transportation businesses of all sizes. It doesn't matter whether you are a startup, a small or large taxi fleet owner, or a taxi business owner looking for ways to move taxi operations online - we provide 100% customizable on-demand taxi app development solutions.


UnicoTaxi is a taxi app solution provider that provides white-label Smart dispatching software for Taxi companies or Entrepreneurs who plan to occupy their local transportation market with Mobility Technology. Our application has a series of smart features that helps you stay one step ahead of the competition while saving a significant amount of manpower.

To create an app similar to Uber in less time and with less money, you will need a ready-made Uber Clone Script. There are numerous options available. Therefore, you can choose one that is highly customizable and has an easy-to-use User Interface.

Of course, yes! You can get a white-labeled Uber Clone App and market it under your own brand name and logo.

Yes, UnicoTaxi helps you launch a taxi business by developing a fully functional and feature-rich Uber Clone app. It replicates all Uber features, and we can tailor your app to your specific business needs.

Our app provides customers with a wide range of payment options, including cash and credit card.

UnicoTaxi is completely customizable to any level depending on your business requirements; please share your specific features with our team to get an integration timeline.

We do provide valid plans for small, medium, and large businesses. Contact our sales expert for further information.

Indeed, you can test the complete software for 15 working days without using a credit card. To get your trial pack, please contact the sales team or send an email to sales@unicotaxi.com.

You can add a list of the individual driver and get a commission on each transaction. Similarly, you can provide a panel to a small fleet owner in exchange for a commission on each transaction.

Yes, before taking a ride, you can see the estimated fare of the ride in advance.