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Achieve More Passengers By Associating Our Hotel/Restaurant
Panel To Enhance Your Business Ease

Passengers need not be involved in bookings directly. Hotel management and their staff will recommend the taxi services for their guests. This panel is separately designed only for hotels or restaurants. Admin can check all the on-going and upcoming trips.

Make Ride Request

This option enables Hotel/Restaurant's staff to book a ride for their guests who need a taxi. For that, they must enter the pickup and drop location which will showcase the details of distance and estimated fare.

  • Enter the PickUp and Drop location and book a ride for guests
  • Get automatic fare calculation based on the location
  • Change, cancel or update bookings if needed

Booking Option

There are two booking options available in this panel such as "Ride Now" and "Scheduled Ride". It is a mandatory option that needs to be selected along with the guest's name.

  • Enter the PickUp and Drop location and book a new trip
  • Choose the vehicle that you want for a ride
  • Request for Ride Now or Scheduled Ride

Edit Profile

Hotel management can edit their profiles in terms of adding the Hotel name, Email and Mobile number with the Country. Hotel Management can also change their password if needed.

  • Edit the profile details and save
  • Delete the profile if needed
  • Change/update the password