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Cabify Clone App/Cabify Clone Script for Sale

A Scalable Taxi Booking and Taxi Finder App Solution to Start Travel-Friendly Business

Cabify Clone Script Unique Features

Brand Visibility

Having an automated taxi booking app can help you expand your customers by bringing more brand visibility to your business.

High Profits

By automating your taxi business tasks with a white-label Cabify clone app, you can make it more efficient and help you boost profits.

Low Costs

Streamline all business tasks, manage the overall process, and reduce redundancy. All of these things assist you in saving your cost.

Real-time Tracking

Without any hassle, users can utilize our Cabify clone app live tracking features. Make them alert to the exact location where they want to go.

Fleet Management

You can improve fleet effectiveness, manage fleet operations, and boost performance by using a robust admin panel.

Customized Payment Solutions

You choose to dispatch your taxi app based on the platforms. You can choose what payment method you need to use in the user app that depends on cost feasibility.

Server Deployment

UnicoTaxi will deploy your Cabify clone solution on the server, whether it's a cloud, distributed, or a host of your choice.

Language Management

To boost user-friendly access to the taxi app features and suit their mother tongue, the admin can change the language settings.

Fare Management

Using this feature, the admin can set the fare of every service is being offered. As per their consideration, they can activate surge pricing and establish the price by distance.

Zone Management

Admin can manage the 'n' number of drivers in every zone, and admin can delve into different locations.

Our Cabify Clone Script Package Includes

  • Free Android/iOS App Submission

    The UnicoTaxi development team ensures to submit your Android/iOS Cabify clone app on the Play Store and App Store successfully without rejection.

  • Free Server Installation

    UnicoTaxi makes sure you deploy the entire Cabify clone script in your server without extra charges, and we will inform you continuously regarding the whole installation process.

  • Free White-labeling Service

    Get a pure white-labeling app with your logo and name to rebrand the Cabify clone solution matching your on-demand taxi business.

  • Superior App Features

    Our app-like Cabify has lots of features other than the original Cabify that you can make use of it. Both passenger apps and driver apps have power-packed features.

  • Complete Customization

    Customize your ride-hailing apps like Cabify any way you need. Set your logo, place different theme colors, fix customized invoices, and more.

  • Various Mode of Income

    UnicoTaxi delivers a revenue-generated solution so that you can generate income via multiple modes like ride-sharing, commission, etc.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label Cabify Clone App

User App

  • Geo-tracking
  • Save Favorites
  • Rider-Driver Communication
  • Feedback System
  • Online Payment Mode
  • Vehicle Types
  • Booking Option

Nearest cab drivers can be in real-time location.

Cab drivers can be saved as 'favorites' by riders and can book for future rides.

Easy to talk between user and driver.

Users and drivers can review their trip experience.

Riders can pay directly through the user app for their rides.

Riders can select between SUV, Sedan, Mini, etc.

Allow users to change the pickup/drop location or cancel their rides.


Driver App

  • Real-time Navigation
  • Language Preference
  • Earning Summary
  • Night Mode
  • Trip Cancelation
  • Instant Commissions
  • Hassle-free Service

Live navigation within the Cabify clone app.

Drivers can select their language in which they want the instructions to follow.

Drivers can keep monitoring their earnings with the trips.

As a cab driver, you can navigate via night view mode with ease.

Cab drivers cancel any trip if not available to take it.

Cab drivers can increase their commissions by getting back-to-back trips.

Drivers can provide hassle-free services by connecting their trip via the driver app.


Admin Panel

  • Revenue Management
  • Surge Pricing
  • Synchronization
  • Promo Code
  • Add Driver's Bank Account
  • Accurate Eye View
  • Account Management

Admin can change the base fare whenever needed for fleets.

Admin can set the pricing paradigm and change it as per demands.

App and website synchronized to get cross-platform accessibility.

Admin can send and change users with promo codes to boost business promotions.

Admin can transfer the earnings of each driver through the bank account integration in the driver app.

Admin can know the location-oriented progress and Heat Map.

Admin can calculate and verify the profit factor and overall account of the fleet.


Dispatcher Panel

  • Live Fleet Tracking
  • Assign Cab Drivers
  • View Trip History
  • Trip Management
  • Feedback System
  • Manual Booking

A dispatcher can track the real-time location of the entire fleet by using GPS.

A dispatcher can assign the cab drivers based on the ride requests in and around their locations.

A dispatcher can monitor and control the overall rides for every driver and rider.

Using the dispatcher console, a dispatcher can see the incoming and upcoming bookings and manage them.

A dispatcher can view all feedback received from riders and drivers, and they can make the decision accordingly.

When needed, a dispatcher can manage bookings manually that also involves an auto-assigned driver update.



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Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "Cabify" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to Cabify. & not doing any promotion activities for them.

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