Dispatcher Panel

Dispatching is Made Easy Now With Our Dispatcher Panel

Digitize Your Taxi Business With Our Custom-Built Taxi Dispatch System

In our Taxi Booking App development, we provide a Dispatcher Panel that is highly responsive, where the dispatchers can manage the driver's database successfully. Using our Dispatcher Panel, the dispatcher can add trip service requests for any registered or unregistered user, with details such as location and the number of persons. With our exclusive Smart Taxi Dispatch Software, the dispatchers can manage phone bookings, track taxi locations, schedule trips, assign trips to drivers, send and track payment receipts to the users, and much more.


Dispatcher Panel Features

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Safety Management

In case of any emergency request from a driver or a passenger, dispatchers can take immediate action to support them.

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Bookings Management

Dispatchers can view all the customer bookings in a single dashboard and manage all dispatch requests easily.

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Manage Drivers

Dispatchers can add or edit any information about the drivers, including their profiles, services, fares, and more.

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Live Tracking

Dispatchers can use the advanced GPS tracking system to keep track of the vehicle/driver’s location in real time.

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Assign Bookings

Dispatchers can automatically assign bookings to drivers based on their proximity to the pick-up location.

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Reviews and Feedback

Dispatchers can view the passenger/driver's feedback and make necessary changes to enhance the app’s performance.

With our expert team of app developers, you can get a user-friendly and fully-functional Dispatcher Panel with advanced features & functionalities, allowing you to mark your strong presence in the digital world.

Additional Features

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Manage Requests

Dispatchers can manage the ride/order requests, profiles, and inquiries of passengers easily via our user-friendly Dispatcher Panel.

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Real-Time Notifications

Dispatchers can send real-time notifications to passengers and drivers to inform them of any ongoing promotions, discount coupons, etc.

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Dynamic Price Setup

Dispatchers can fix the riding cost based on route traffic, available drivers, estimated time of arrival, and distance.

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Analysis & Reports

Dispatchers can view detailed data-driven insights about customers, service providers, ride/order requests, earnings, and so on.

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Trip History

Dispatchers can view all the details regarding the trip, including the details like trip ID, user name, driver name, and much more.

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Scheduled Requests

Dispatchers have the authority to view all the scheduled requests with details like payment mode, customer name, etc.