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A Dispatcher Panel helps to make job creation simple to their drivers

Dispatcher panel is highly responsive and can handle the driver’s database effectively. To add multiple dispatchers into the list, the following are essential requirements such as Name of the Dispatcher, Country, Mobile number, Email and more.


The drivers may be under different modes like “Active”, “Riding” or “Offline” which can be tracked live by the dispatchers through Google Maps. So, based on that, drivers will be assigned by the “Auto-assign or Manual assign” option for further rides. Also, dispatchers can track both personal rides and corporate rides.


Dispatchers are able to edit their profiles if required. The dispatcher can manage the overall driver’s database. With the help of the driver database, dispatchers can assign a driver for “Ride Now” and “Scheduled Trips”. In simple words, dispatchers can manage overall trips.


The dispatcher has the responsibility to handle multiple requests, assign drivers, manage ongoing trips and track the personal & corporate rides. Also, dispatchers can check the live status of the drivers. It ensures that the job is assigned immediately without any delay.

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