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Uplift your business by partnering with other fleets with the help of our Sub Company Panel

Taxi companies can expand their business by partnering with additional fleets to increase revenue. Admin can create a profile for sub-company panel through Fleet Owner's name, Sub-Company's name, Email, and Mobile number.

Add More Fleets

With the help of sub-company panel, Admin can add more fleets in terms of adding details of sub-company into the list which would be helpful for improving your business growth. Admin has access to remove the sub-companies whenever required. In this panel, Admin can check the trip histories about the drivers (ride now & scheduled trips) and vehicles.

Driver & Vehicle Statement

A fleet owner has access to check both drivers and vehicle records. They can filter the statements in terms of daily, monthly and yearly reports. Fleet owner is able to check all the completed and canceled rides. Also, Admin has the right to interpret all statements from the sub-company panel.

Revenue Statement

Fleet owners can access and extract their revenue details easily. In addition, Admin is able to view all the transaction details of their sub-companies. Both are able to check the total number of rides in terms of daily, monthly and annual statements. Also, they can edit the profile and change their password if needed.

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