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Uber for Logistics - Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Delivery Worries.

Give your customers a better and more convenient way to interact with your logistics business.

Connecting Every Touch-Point in The Logistics Industry!


An on-demand logistics app is a comprehensive and unified logistics delivery solution that aids you in managing all aspects of your logistics operations, such as the fleet, routes, drivers, goods, shipment details, and so on. As technology continues to transform the burgeoning logistics industry, having a logistics mobile app can help you adopt digital transformation, become more efficient, and increase business profits.

NGFOT - a well-known logistics app development company specializing in the design and development of logistics management software solutions for businesses in several industries, allowing you to digitize your logistics business and add tangible value to your organization. As a whole, the Uber for Logistics app ensures the best logistics management by providing users with an on-demand solution.



Brilliant UI/UX

Our UI/UX designers carefully craft Uber for Logistics Clone Script with the end-user in mind, resulting in providing incredible experiences to users.


Be Available Anywhere

Increase user reach and go global without worrying about currency and language since the app supports multi-currency and multi-lingual features.


Fully Customizable

Rebrand the on-demand logistics app with your logistics business name, a range of custom features, and a user interface that reflects your brand.



Our ready-to-go Uber for Logistics Clone Script solution allows you to mobilize logistics services within just a week, saving both time and money.


Support and Maintenance

Where required, our technical team experts are available to provide support and maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Estimated Time of Arrival

With this advanced ETA feature, the customers can view the time it takes for the vehicle to arrive at their destination after booking confirmation.


Booking Management

This feature lets customers view all of their booking histories, whether planned, rescheduled, or canceled, under a single screen.


Fleet Management

Adding the necessary details, appointing drivers, taking care of vehicle services, and much more are all part of the fleet management process.


Finding Trucks

By providing pick-up and destination locations, the shipper can search for various truck types available for transporting his/her goods to the destination.


Save Time & Resources

Having a Uber for logistics Clone Script integrates and automates all of your recurring tasks, saving you time, money, and resources.


GPS Functionality

An on-demand logistics app with GPS capabilities enables you to find the most effective routes and monitor the position of your vehicles in real-time.


Multiple Payment Gateways

A shipper can either pay the driver during delivery or transfer the shipping amount to the driver account via multiple payment gateways.

How Does it Work?


The logistics sector is booming by the day, allowing everyone from cargo drivers to warehouse managers to complete their jobs more efficiently. As a result, businesses worldwide are implementing logistics app development solutions. We NGFOT are a leading logistics app development business. Our app-builder provides a one-stop solution to all of the logistics industry's problems.


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