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Readymade URIDE Clone App

Completely White-Labeled On-demand Taxi Dispatch Solution with Passenger & Driver Apps

URIDE Clone Script Unique Features

Trip Tracking

Live tracking is an essential feature where riders can share their trip details with their family. Then only they could track the ride.

Fleet Tracking

The fleet tracking feature helps the customer to track their taxi driver. It helps them to know the ETA.

Trip Scheduling

Our URIDE clone app supports the 'ride scheduling' option where riders can book a ride later.

SMS Alerts

SMS alerts automatically dispatch to the riders on each trip (pick-up & drop).

Email Notifications

An email is sent to the riders automatically with a complete trip summary along with the ride cost.

Exact Pricing

The fare calculator feature uses to measure an exact fare for the trip as per the time and distance traveled from one place to another.

Effective Payment

The riders will be happy with this seamless payment method, as it helps them pay for the trip offline or online anytime.


Sharing the ride helps to save money for users. Moreover, it helps to reduce the road traffic to the extent.

Vehicle Choices

Users can select any vehicle type from the list starting from Mini, Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, and more.

Save Address

Users need not search in the address often as the 'Address saving' feature allows users to save the location.

Ride Summary

The ride summary saves your ride details like pick-up & drop location, fare, etc. This feature helps them to record all the rides.

Rating System

The rating system is the main module in the URIDE like-app. Riders can register an opinion about riding experience along with ratings.

Our URIDE Clone Script Package Includes

  • Own a Source Code

    UnicoTaxi offers a privilege to clients who can modify the source code according to their business requirements and execute their ideology. As per package selection, you will own your source code.

  • Free Rebranding

    Brand name and logo are essential for taxi service providers. UnicoTaxi removes our brand name and logo from everywhere visible and replaces them with yours. White-label taxi dispatch solutions help to build your brand to the extent.

  • Native Mobile Applications

    UnicoTaxi's development team crafted all essential mobile app features in the native languages to offer user-friendly service. Our experts have developed native Android & iOS apps with advanced technologies.

  • No-Cost App Submission

    UnicoTaxi will support your server installation at no cost once the purchase is over. We assist you to launch your Android & iOS app live within a short period.

  • Bug-Free Product

    The UnicoTaxi team works to offer the bug-free product. Our experts can fix systematic bugs too. Our testing team is ready to help you anytime to provide the best quality taxi dispatch solution.

  • Global Support

    UnicoTaxi is here to provide 24/7 global support and assistance in all modes of communication. You can reach our support and maintenance team from anywhere and anytime.

  • Superior App Features

    Our app-like URIDE has so many more advanced features than the other taxi clone apps that you can make use of it. Both passenger apps and driver apps have power-packed features.

  • Complete Customization

    Customize your ride-hailing apps like URIDE any way you need. Set your logo, place different theme colors, fix customized invoices, and more.

  • Various Mode of Income

    UnicoTaxi delivers a revenue-generated solution so that you can generate income via multiple modes like ride-sharing, commission, etc.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label URIDE Clone App

User App

  • Secure Communication
  • Feedback System
  • Geotracking
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Login via Social Media
  • Save Favorites
  • Vehicle Options

Users can talk to drivers via the in-app chat feature without sharing their personal information.

Both users and drivers can rate their trip experience using this feedback system.

The nearest cab drivers can locate in real-time through the live tracking feature.

Our URIDE clone app allows users to change or cancel their rides anytime.

Our app-like URIDE has integrated with a social media platform for simple registration.

Taxi drivers can be saved as favorites by customers and can connect for upcoming trips.

Riders can select available vehicle types such as SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, and more.


Driver App

  • Check Earnings
  • Instant Call
  • Easy Ride
  • Availability of Driver
  • Street View/Night Mode Map
  • Canceling Option
  • Language Preference

Taxi drivers keep checking their earnings along with trip details.

Taxi drivers can contact their riders to provide hassle-free taxi service.

Taxi drivers can increase their earnings by getting more trips.

Taxi drivers will select their suitable working hours through the URIDE driver app.

As a taxi driver, you can easily navigate via street view & night mode map. The detailed UI ensures the best service.

Taxi drivers can cancel the service if not available to start the trip.

The taxi drivers can select any language in which they want the instructions to follow.


Admin Panel

  • Revenue Report
  • Surge Pricing
  • Promo Codes
  • Heat Map
  • Addition of Bank Account
  • Synchronization
  • Fare Management
  • Wallet System

Admin can view daily, monthly, and yearly earnings from the commission with a profit tracking report.

Based on the taxi demands, Admin can change their pricing paradigm.

Send users with promo codes to share with their family members and friends.

Admin will know regarding zone-based progress like god's eye view.

By adding a bank account in the mobile app, Admin can transfer the earnings of the driver.

Mobile and website integrated for cross-platform accessibility.

Admin can edit the base fare anytime for all the fleets.

Users can save their cash into the wallet within the mobile app-like URIDE.



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Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "Uride" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to Uride. & not doing any promotion activities for them.

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