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Fully Customizable Limo Dispatch Software for Your Transportation Business

A Scalable Taxi Booking and Taxi Finder App Solution to Start Travel-Friendly Business

Why Limousine Dispatch Software?

Limousine services are well-known for their style, elegance, and class. There are myriad reasons why you would value our solutions. Our unique, highly qualified, yet reasonably priced services have made us the world's most popular limo service provider. The following are some notable characteristics:


Get Instant quotes & confirmation with online transactions


Fully customizable limo dispatch management system


Secure booking system with daily backups


Status updates in real-time


Customers will be able to book rides online.


24/7 Professional and technical support

Key Features of Limo Dispatch Software

Intelligent & Resourceful

Our cutting-edge limo dispatch software allows you to manage bookings, geo-fencing, and real-time fleet tracking from a single device.

User-Friendly Interface

Keeping track of vehicle inventory, assigning tasks, and updating job status is made easy with our User-Friendly Limo Dispatch Software.

Fully Customizable

You will get full access to a wide range of features and customize them to meet your specific needs using our user-friendly limo dispatch system.

Multiple Mobile Apps

The limo dispatch software includes two mobile apps - the riders and the driver app. With our easy-to-use mobile apps, you can increase profits and productivity.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can analyze company results and make adjustments so easily with our reporting. You can track your company's daily operations, view expenses, etc.

Invoice Management

Our Limo Booking Software creates a comprehensive invoice that includes information about the passenger's routes and other services.

Why Choose UnicoTaxi Limo Booking Software?

Our solutions inherit the best features that concentrate on scalability and reliability to make the service stand out from the crowd.

Our Technology Stacks

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