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Best Taxi Dispatch Software (System) - Experience A Wide Range of Features.

Presenting UNICOTAXI, a Versatile and Cost-Effective Taxi Solution with Taxi Dispatch System, that bridges the Gap between Taxi Companies and their Discerning Customers. We extend an intelligent taxi management (app) and dispatch software comprising of an effective mobile application for passengers to hire taxis, a dynamic driver application to execute passenger requests and a well-organised admin panel to monitor the entire process.


Passenger Application

Passenger App helps the user to book their taxi from anywhere. The User can able to see their past travel histories, their wallet balance. They can perform all the activities in simple steps.

Easy booking

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Social Sharing

Passengers can share their ride experiences with friends/family via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

SOS Panic Button

App provides a platform for panic passengers, allowing their friends and family to know about the trip location.

Wallet System

E-Wallet allows both the drivers and passengers to add their bank cards for all safe, secure, and hassle-free payments.

Refer And Earn

Passengers can easily refer and earn credits and get free rides by sharing the UNIQUE code with their friends and family.

Fare Estimate

This advanced feature shows the estimated fare rate of a passenger's trip between the pickup and destination points.

Favorite Location

Passengers can mark their home, office, and frequently used pickup and drop points as favorites to expedite bookings.

Rate And Comment

Quality of feedback and comments from passengers will always help your business step ahead of competitors.


Driver Application

Driver App is completely set to respond for the passenger. The driver has the unique login details with GPS tracking system and many other features which help the driver to organize the passenger in an efficient way.

Secured Login

Drivers can quickly enter the necessary information and log in using secure credentials like Phone Numbers, Email IDs, etc.

One-Touch Shift In/Out

When a driver shifts out for a break, our taxi app will automatically redirect to the next nearest available driver for a ride.

Statistical Earning Report

Drivers can view the daily, weekly, and monthly earning details of all trips, along with all the details, and explore them.

Surf For History Of Rides

The app keeps track of all previous rides taken by the driver, allowing him to see the total number of trips he has taken.

Real-Time Notification

This feature is built into the app to provide users the details about taxi arrival, discounts, and other necessary information.

Street Pick Up

A driver can pick a passenger on the roadside who whistles for a taxi. After the trip, he/she will notify us about our service.

Admin Panel

Apply a total control over all assets, taxi reservations, transactions, and play out all CRM exercises, in the administrator dashboard. Include and manage dispatchers, drivers, and taxicabs given particular areas and accurate and incite dispatch benefit.


User Management

Manage your new and existing users, and categorize your customers to get more attraction about your business.

Company Management

Our admin panel allows you to create a separate board for businesses to manage their vehicles, dispatching, and commission.

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard provides a detailed view of all main events and stats in real-time such as the active rides, business heatmaps, etc.

Manage Dispatchers

Automatic/Manual Dispatch is a stand-alone option, which dispatches a cab to the passenger by enabling the Auto-Dispatch.

Real-Time Tracking

This taxi app lets the admin keep track of taxis in real-time and know about taxi breakdowns, delays, or other problems.

Offer Management

Never lose a customer. Instead, pique their interest by providing them a special offer, discount, coupon, and excellent service.

Transparent Reports

Transparent business reports are generated, revealing the great insights that aid in making the best business decisions.

Call Center Booking

There are dozens of ways to get an instant response. When a customer calls the hotline, agents can make a booking on the dispatcher.

Surge Pricing

You can surge the prices of trips during peak traffic hours, poor weather conditions, or special occasions such as festivals.

Driver Management

Driver management entails approving new drivers, settling payments, maintaining commission terms, and other tasks.

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We are taxi market leaders for clones in delivering digital Mobility Solutions to taxi enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to provide the best customer experience. We curate the Uber Clone Scripts and Uber Clone Apps that you can buy and launch UnicoTaxi product(s) knowing that 100% customization and technical support is there for you. Our aim is to increase mobile ROI of our clients in terms of providing the best taxi dispatch system through our prominent app developers who employ promising technologies to set new trends in automated taxi dispatch and management systems.



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