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Custom Riide Clone App/Script

Promising On-demand Taxi Apps for Ride-Hailing Services

RIIDE Clone Script Unique Features


Send ride requests by pre-booking or scheduling the rides in advance to your trip details as per your convenience.


Once a booking is confirmed, automate the booking process of fixing available and nearby taxi drivers to the rides.

Route & Vehicle Tracking

Before starting the trip, navigate the related routes and track the vehicles in real-time with GPS integration.

Seamless Payments

Pay your trip charges online either via cash or debit/credit card according to your convenience and comfort.

Promo Codes

Make use of promo coupons and discounts to redeem on-going gifts or offers in the mobile app.

Fare Estimation

Estimate a fare for the cost related to your online taxi booking services.

Trip Summary

Create a note of all the existing rides booked in the Riide clone app for maintenance.

In-App Chat

Connect with the taxi driver by reaching out to him to complete your trip successfully.

Cancel Ride Booking

If you can't take a trip on that specific date and time for no reason, make ride cancellations over your past service bookings.

Help & Support

Get help and support regarding the process of taking trips by voicing out any questions without hesitations.

Referral Rewards

Offers for creating referrals. Get rewarded with complimented profits on the app or website.

Feedback Model

Analyze your business model functionalities from user's ratings and reviews and reshape them when required.

Our Riide Clone Script Package Includes

  • Customizable/White-Label

    Grow your brand awareness with our white-labeled Riide clone solution and get a completely customizable product.

  • Ready to Deploy

    Our app-like Riide is ready to be deployed and perfectly integrated into your taxi business anywhere at any time.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    UnicoTaxi focuses on making quality product within the deadline so you can get your ride-hailing app ready at the earliest.

  • Professional Support

    UnicoTaxi expert team is always on call or chat to reply to your questions and address any issues you might have.

  • Third-Party Integration

    Our Riide clone script has developed which is to integrate into any other third-party applications and software.

  • BrainStorming

    UnicoTaxi team will carry out an analysis of the pre-development idea. And come up with a business strategy that is in line with your requirements.

  • Eye-Catchy Designing

    The UnicoTaxi designers will get started on an app design that is functional and eye-catchy once the business plan gets established.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Having your Riide clone script ready to be integrated with different payment methods is essential for a world conscious venture.

  • Analytics Integration

    Get in-depth analytical information with the ability to incorporate it with the third-party analytics system. It boosts your business understandings.

  • Security Compliance

    The testing bombardment runs on the Riide clone app to ensure that it is ready to launch for the market. We can fix any bugs.

  • Implementation in App Store

    Once the Riide like-app is ready, UnicoTaxi will send it for app submissions in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Native Android & iOS Apps

    Develop your mobile app perfect for both Android and iOS systems for an uncomplicated performance.

  • 100% Source Code

    Get 100% source code to receive the adaptability to flexible app developments.

  • Free Technical Support

    Get free technical support to get the complete expected outcome.

  • Support After App Rejection

    Experience complete support in case of app rejection to give a high-quality product.

  • Cost-Effective

    Build your mobile app fully equipped with all advanced features at a reasonable cost.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label Riide Clone App

Passenger App

  • Ride Now or Later
  • Fixed-Rate
  • Apply the Promo
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Able to Call

Passengers can select to ride now with a single touch or schedule the ride using the ride-later option.

Passengers can choose the fix rate option. They can see in which location it is available by selecting a source location.

Passengers can use promo codes to grab additional offers on their total fare. And this is managed by the Admin.

Passengers can inform their friends and families in case of danger and emergencies via this feature.

Passengers can call the driver and taxi providers for any queries related to the services.


Driver App

  • Document Verification
  • Earnings
  • Cancel the Ride
  • Navigation
  • Go Offline When Idle

Drivers are supposed to upload essential documents, and once the Admin accepts them, they can continue giving taxi services.

Taxi drivers can view the total earning reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It includes all essential information.

Taxi drivers can cancel the ride with cancellation reasons like ETA is too long, a wrong location, or any proper reason.

Taxi drivers can navigate the rider's location through Google maps and receive real-time route details and arrive quickly.

If taxi drivers are idle, they can go offline automatically until they receive ride requests again.


Admin Dashboard

  • Scheduled Ride Requests
  • Multiple Service Type
  • Hotel Details
  • Send Mass Notification
  • Add Zones

Admin can view all scheduled ride requests and can also know the payment options utilized by users.

Admin can include different types like Sedan, SUV, and more and oversee data with the right to modify or delete them.

Admin can oversee the details of hotel partners. They can add or remove them from the list and also can modify their rights.

Admin has the right to send mash notifications to riders to keep them informed about the essential information.

Admin can make various zones like a bus station, train station, airport, and more where frequent rides have booked.


Dispatcher Panel

  • Future Ride Requests
  • Estimate Fares
  • Manage Ride Requests

Dispatchers can verify scheduled ride requests, including entered ride details and payment method details.

Dispatchers can offer complete fare estimation to the users from the source to destination address using the dispatcher panel.

Dispatchers can manage and control all the ride requests they make through the dispatcher panel and manage the payment processes.



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Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

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