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The Most Amazing Easy Taxi Clone Script/App for Sale!

Become the world's on-demand taxi player with the robust Easy Taxi Clone Script!

Easy Taxi Clone Script Unique Features

Are you looking for an EasyTaxi-Like app for your taxi business? If so, we have the best taxi booking app with advanced and customizable features to help you provide the best customer experience possible. For taxi business owners, an EasyTaxi-like online taxi booking app can be a key to unlocking the door to success. However, to craft the solutions, only experience and in-depth knowledge are required, and our experts at UnicoTaxi have hands-on experience developing taxi booking solutions. Our platform provides customers with an all-in-one solution with unique features that make our EasyTaxi Clone App simple yet efficient.

Easy Onboarding

Quick installation and simple navigation with a highly interactive user interface, making the whole process easy and convenient.

Seamless Profile Making

Customers can create their profiles for future trip requests by entering information such as their name, email address, phone number, and password.

Advanced Search Module

This module allows you to search for rides in a more advanced manner. The customers can search for rides using the various search criteria provided.

Instant Fare Alerts

The customer's fare for the trip is automatically calculated based on their location and vehicle selection choices.

Internal Chat Module

This feature allows the driver and rider to text chat with each other. All chat logs are saved in your database to ensure you have a legal record of their conversations.

Ride Cancellation

Both users and drivers have the option to cancel their trips before they begin. However, they get a notification alert at the time of cancellation.

E-Wallet System

This feature allows customers to store money in a computerized application wallet to expedite transactions as quickly as possible.

Referral-Based Earnings

Easy Taxi Clone App allows users to earn rewards by referring their friends, which, in turn, increases the number of drivers and passengers.

Ride Scheduling

Riders can schedule their rides for a future trip to avoid last-minute taxi bookings. This feature helps late-night travelers in locating a taxi without any delays.

Transaction History

All previous travel details, including billing information, driver information, and cab information, are easily accessible at any time.

Push Notifications

Our Easy taxi clone app will provide you notifications about your payment, fare, tracking, feedback, and ride status regularly.

Trip Status Update

This Easy Taxi Clone Booking App lets passengers, drivers, and the admin know about the beginning and end of their trip status.

Our Easy Taxi Clone Script Package Includes

The success or failure of an app highly depends on the entire system that supports it. That's why, when you buy the EasyTaxi Clone app from us, we give you a complete source code and ensure that you will gain success. We provide affordable pricing for the taxi dispatch system/software and the EasyTaxi Clone App. With our ready-to-go, customizable EasyTaxi Clone, you can pave the way to success for your taxi service. Our EasyTaxi Clone Script solution quickens business progress and profitability by combining basic/advanced features, extensive customization, etc., in an all-in-one package. Here, we will look at everything we offer when you buy the EasyTaxi clone script from us.

  • Clean User Interface

    Easy Taxi Clone App has an excellent user interface that allows users to access services easily. Since it is a clone script of Easy Taxi, it also has some features similar to Easy Taxi.

  • Licensed Source Code

    We offer you a licensed 100% free source code for the website, iPhone, and Android app once the apps are delivered, allowing you to change and customize the code as required.

  • White-Labeling

    Your Easy Taxi Clone app will have your company's brand name and logo, and there will be no mention of UnicoTaxi anywhere in the app.

  • Secure and Bug-Free Release

    It doesn't matter whether it's a ready-made script or a custom development solution UnicoTaxi guarantees that the final product will be secure and bug-free.

  • Fully-Automated App

    We provide a fully automated Easy Taxi Clone Script with a plethora of cool features that entice customers to use the application.

  • Free App Submission

    We take the entire responsibility to get approval from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store for submitting your app.

  • Pre-Built Solution

    Our ready-to-use taxi clone service allows you to start your carpooling and ridesharing business as soon as possible.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    In addition to USD, you can add your country's currency to your mobile app, and our app developers will do it for free.

  • Essential Integrated Features

    Our Easy Taxi clone script is built in such a way that it includes all the essential integrated features for the app development process.

  • Free Technical Support

    We provide comprehensive technical support to ensure that your app works fine and that your business doesn't always come to a halt.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label Easy Taxi Clone App

Our White-Label EasyTaxi Clone Script is a ready-made script that allows entrepreneurs to start a business with it. Take advantage of a White-Label On-Demand Taxi Booking App that offers the most up-to-date features to enhance your user experience. Transform your traditional fleet business into a digital platform with our White-Labeled EasyTaxi Clone App and enter the world of On-Demand Transportation with well-developed taxi booking software that allows for easy management of taxi bookings via a sophisticated admin dashboard. With our White-Label EasyTaxi Clone Script solution, you can launch your taxi business in just a few days.

Passenger App

  • Smart Tracking
  • Create Profile
  • Accurate Estimates
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Choose Your Vehicle
  • Booking Cancellation

  • Send Request
  • Driver Details
  • Emergency Services
  • Review/Rate for Trip
  • Vehicle Details

Passengers can use the Geo-Location Navigation feature to track vehicle movements in real-time.

Users can create a detailed profile by entering all of the necessary information to make the profile appealing.

Passengers can use ETA to determine the estimated time the driver will reach their place to pick up.

This app includes an SOS Panic Button that will alert your family in case of emergencies.

The passenger has an option to select their vehicle for a ride. They can choose between a premium to standard taxi or cab based on their budget needs.

Passengers can cancel their trip by providing a reason for the cancellation.

Passengers can request their nearby driver and track their exact location and progress until the ride arrives.

Users can view the driver's basic information, including their mobile phone numbers, cab number, model, and so on.

Our on-demand Easy Taxi Clone is now highly secured. Riders can contact their family members or help center at any time using simple dialing options if any emergency.

Passengers can use this option to share their trip experience or rate the driver's performance for improvement purposes.

The user can view all of the vehicle's details, such as the registration number, vehicle type, vehicle ID, driver name, and considerably more.

Driver App

  • Driver Dashboard
  • Drivers Payout History
  • Subscription Package
  • Map Integration
  • In-App Chat

  • Social Media Login
  • Document Submission
  • Review & Rating
  • History Records
  • Track Payments

With metrics like driver log, the number of trips, and total revenue earnings, the driver dashboard helps the driver improve his overall performance.

This feature enables the admin to keep an eye on the drivers´┐Ż earnings.

Drivers can choose from a range of packages based on their availability for a specific day, week, or month.

Google Maps helps the driver find the user's pickup location quickly.

In case of emergencies, drivers can quickly communicate with either passenger about their trip changes.

Drivers can use the single tap social login feature to login by simply hitting on any preferred social media icon.

The driver has to submit essential details including, the vehicle's type, name, photos, and other legally verified documents.

Drivers can give ratings to passengers and provide feedback accordingly.

Our highly skilled Android/iOS developers created the app in a way that the driver can view his previous ride records and payment records.

Drivers can accept payments from the passengers in a few easy steps while encouraging them to leave feedback about the ride.

Admin Panel

  • Review Management
  • Total Earnings Analysis
  • Verify Drivers Online
  • Profile Management
  • Driver's Status

  • Scheduled Requests
  • Review & Ratings
  • Wallet History
  • Easy Commission Tracking
  • Manage Admin Settings

This app allows you to manage the trip's reviews or feedback and make an informed decision.

Admin can view the drivers' earnings reports for all trips based on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

ADrivers can sign up for your system using a driver mobile app. They can, however, wait for the admin's approval before being verified.

Allows the admin to add/remove driver or customer profiles as per their requirements.

With this option, the admin can easily view the status of active/inactive drivers from any location and at any time.

The admin can manage all scheduled requests and their details like request ID, pickup time, rider name, pickup and destination address, and much more.

Admin can view the saved reviews and ratings in the system. They can follow up on the feedback and provide additional information.

The admin can view the wallet history of riders, drivers, dispatchers, and partners.

Easy Taxi Clone App's source code for the admin panel grants the right to track drivers' commission and payout.

This clone app allows the admin to handle back-end settings and make changes to log-in passwords, and much more.


How much does it require to develop an Easy Taxi Clone App?

Well, you don't need to design an Easy Taxi App clone. We have a unique Easy Taxi clone script for you that is fully customizable and ready to use in a matter of days.

Will users be able to make payments from the app?

Yes, of course, this taxi booking app is a complete clone of Easy Taxi, so all the features, including payment methods, that Easy Taxi offers are also available in this app.

What are the benefits of buying Easy Taxi Clone script?

Our Easy Taxi Clone App has been thoroughly tested and has undergone several rounds of feature enhancements over the years. This taxi booking application is updated regularly to ensure the best experience possible.

Can I have the Easy Taxi Clone Script wholly for myself?

Without a doubt! We provide you with a fully customized app based on your specifications and needs.

Is buying an Easy Taxi Clone App secure?

Our Easy Taxi Clone App is, of course, secure. We offer several security integration options. This app allows users to share their Ride Details and Estimated Time of Arrival with friends, making the service more safe and secure.

Is it possible to change your source code?

Yes, we have 100% unencrypted source code that is adaptable and scalable. Clients can customize the code based on their requirements.

Do you provide technical support after I make a purchase?

Yes, we provide post-purchase support for the product, such as customization changes, bug fixes, and so on.

What should I do now that my tech support package has run out?

You can hire our team on-demand and get in touch with us via info@unicotaxi.com for more information.

What exactly is free installation?

After your purchase, we will install the Easy Taxi Clone Script on your hosting server for the first time at no extra cost.

Whether I have to pay any additional fees or charges?

No, we just charge what our pricing chart specifies. We don't charge any extra fees or charges.

Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "Easy Taxi" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to Easy Taxi. & not doing any promotion activities for them.