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One-Stop Solution for All Your Delivery Needs!

It's time to take your delivery business to the next level with the robust, feature-rich On-Demand Delivery App!

Online ordering is just a matter of a few tabs now! With UnicoTaxi's On-Demand Delivery App Development services, you can manage all your orders and deliveries with a single tap of a fingertip. We guarantee that our custom-built Parcel Delivery App Development services will help strengthen your delivery network. Our skilled app developers bring several unique features that will undoubtedly save your time, money, and delivery headaches! So, If you want to start a lucrative delivery service using a mobile app, your wait is over.

Streamline Your Business Operations via On-Demand Delivery App!

Transporting goods from point A to B is not as easy as it seems. Luckily , we can help. With our logistics and delivery app, you can easily manage your shipment , vehicles, and drivers. Furthermore, you can run your logical operations smoothly, thanks to automated email/SMS notifications and full mobile support. However, to achieve success, implementing comprehensive technology is necessary. And that's what UnicoTaxi does.

Our Logistics Delivery Clone App, which includes all feature sets, will help expand your business reach in less time, increase revenue, boost profits, and, most importantly, build customer's trust. The on-demand economy, is here to stay. Why be late? Be the first to spot opportunities in the on-demand marketplace.

Look at what you get when you but the app from us.

User/Customer iOS App

User/Customer Android App

User/Customer Web Panel

User/Customer Provider iOS App

Driver/Delivery Provider Android App

Driver/Delivery Provider Web Panel

Dispatcher Panel

Admin Web Panel to manage everyting from a single location

Our comprehensive mobile app suite is powerful enough to delight your customers, streamline operations, and increase business efficiency. Using our Logistics Delivery Clone App, you can increase the efficiency of your delivery business and provide your customers with quick online services.

Additional Features of Our On-Demand Delivery Clone App

Security and Scalability

Our logistics and delivery mobile app will be completely safe and secure for monetary transactions and user privacy. We will use cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that data is fully encrypted and safe when it leaves the devices on which your delivery app gets installed.

Customizable Solutions

The logistics and delivery app we build for you will be completely customizable to your specific business model. It doesn't matter whether you want to automate everything or want to control some aspects manually- your mobile app will act and behave exactly how you want.

Unmatched Performance

When you hire our developers to work on your logistics and delivery app development project, you will be working with the best programming team. We will design a stunning interface that will immediately capture your users' attention while delivering unmatched performance.

Seamless Support

We provide end-to-end delivery app development services, including seamless support during and after the app's deployment. While using the app, we can add new features and modify existing ones. Also, we can install new modules and remove those that are no longer needed.

Free White Labeling

White labeling is an important phenomenon that ensures that, even if we build the app for you, the app will only be visible with your logo and brand name, creating a unique identity for your business. We also make sure that the entire app gets redesigned to match your color palette.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be your top priority. Customers can book packages using an on-demand delivery app from anywhere, ensuring that they have no problems using your services. Moreover, customers can also benefit from multiple payment options and real-time tracking.

Native iOS & Android Apps

Our experts created all the app's features in the native languages of iOS and Android to provide a compatible service. Your app is our responsibility. So, when we design your app, we follow strict policies to ensure that it gets approved quickly on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Great Solutions

We provide reliable delivery app solutions to our customers based on their needs and time constraints. Our built-in delivery solutions take very little time and have dedicated technical support to ensure efficiency. We also offer multilingual support so that everyone can easily access our platform.

Round-the-Clock Support

We can help you with all three stages of development: pre-development, development, and post-development. Since we provide post-development assistance, you don't have to deal with any technical-related issues. Also, we make sure you'd be able to reach us at any time for help and support.

Want to Integrate On-Demand Delivery Services Into Your Business?

We have a fantastic, low-cost solution for you!

Are you looking for a custom-built delivery clone script for your business startup? If yes, you've come to the right place! We provide you with a wide range of delivery services under one roof for your new business.

Users can now complete more orders in less time. Users need not download separate apps for different delivery services. We do offer an app that includes multiple delivery services. Register once, and your users can manage everything from a single app. With our fully customized delivery clone apps, you can bring your delivery business idea to life. Customers can use this single platform to access a wide range of delivery services such as courier, logistics, and package delivery. At UnicoTaxi, we guarantee that you will be able to establish a remarkable online presence and expand your customer reach 2X faster than ever before with our white-label delivery clone app.

Curious yet? Need more information? Want to know what are the app's exciting features? Now is the time to jump in!

Get a Real-Time Free Live Demo of the On-Demand Delivery App

Why pay a penny if there is no trial? Try our on-demand delivery clone app for free and make your own decision! We're confident you'll enjoy the futuristic features and novel components designed to help grow your On-Demand delivery services in a short time.

Heat up Your Delivery Business’ Efficiency Today!

In today’s era of technological advancements, the delivery app is the soul of any logistics, courier, and parcel delivery business. We bring the best to our app development process by leveraging the best technologies and integrating robust tools and agile methodologies.

During the on-demand delivery app development process, you need to decide which delivery market sector you want to target, consider what problems you will face, and how to overcome them.

A delivery app should give the customer freedom of choice; it should fit into the customer's schedule, be user-friendly, and work well for delivery business owners. We offer ready-made delivery clone script solutions that make life easier for businesses and their valued customers.

Once a delivery request is received, the delivery provider confirms the order by checking availability. Users will get a confirmation notification and will be able to track the location of a delivery provider on a map within the app.

Once the delivery provider arrives at the destination, the user will get the product or services they ordered.

Finally, the user rates the services or products and comments using the delivery app.

Steps to On-Demand Delivery App Development

We work hard and follow these four-step formulas to make your work easier.

Requirement Analysis

We will conduct an in-depth study of the logistics and supply chain requirements and do competitor analysis to determine the best practices.

Logistics Roadmap

We will design the mobile app features that meet your business objectives and map out the entire logistics operations for your business.

Design & Development

We will start designing and developing the logistics app with cutting-edge technological platforms and human-centric design principles.

Testing & Go Live

We will rigorously test the delivery app and eliminate inefficiencies and loopholes, ensuring a consistent user experience and performance.

Take a Look into the Delivery App Screens

Our team at UnicoTaxi developed a screen-by-screen breakdown of the entire app to help you understand the app's look and feel. Analyze each screen to learn more about the unique, custom-built on-demand delivery app.

User/Customer App

Driver/Delivery Provider App

Understanding the Business Model of On-Demand Delivery App

On-demand delivery, just like logistics, has redesigned traditional delivery methods. An on-demand delivery model makes the best use of available time and resources, ensuring that orders get delivered quickly. However, to help you understand the app's workflow, here's a screen-by-screen breakdown. Let's dive in!

Our On-Demand Delivery Clone App Packages Includes

Our Delivery Clone App Script is not just a single app but a collection of complex websites, panels, and iOS & Android apps that allow for a smooth business flow across various platforms and regions. When you buy a delivery app from us, you don't just get a single app; you will also get a comprehensive package that ensures your audience and service providers get the most out of it.

Here’s what you'll get:


  • Native iOS User App
    User Web Panel
  • Native iOS Delivery Provider App
    Delivery Provider Web Panel
  • Native Android User App
    Main Website (Includes booking from website)
  • Native Android Delivery Provider App
  • User Web Panel
  • Delivery Provider Web Panel
  • Main Website (Includes booking from website)

Technologies We Expertise



React Native












Angular JS

Vue JS

Express JS

Node JS

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