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Delivery & Logistics - Vehicle & Truck Dispatch Software

Take a Digital Platform for your Delivery and Logistic streamlining operations and perfect the delivery experience


Simple and Facile

A simple yet efficient software to enhance your courier / logistics business.


Fully Automated

Enables a comprehensive and facile management of your scheduling, pickup and dispatching, effortlessly and in no time.


Realtime Facility

Provides the facility of real time tracking of the activites of delivery business.


Customer Feedback

One of the prominent ways to develop a business is by means of customer feedback. By means of star icons, customers can rate companies, which help the companies to improve their services knowing the customer expectations. The customers can also resort to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to share their feedback.

  • Customer feedback facility
  • Improvement of service quality
  • Business growth prospects
  • Customer rating on quality of service
  • Rating Sharing through social networking

Pickup From Customer Doorstep and Prompt Delivery Anywhere, Anytime

Upon request of customer, Unico Taxi efficient and automated courier suite springs into action for timely pickup and prompt delivery with the least effort. For the purpose of effortless tracking, the software generates an exclusive code that is unique to each and every consignment.

  • Booking request through mobile app
  • Effortless identification and tracking
  • Unique identification code
  • DoorStep pickup and delivery

Facile Tracking Of Parcels

This feature helps customers in tracking consignments easily and check the movement status and expected delivery time with the auto-generated unique identification number. The delivery progress of the consignment can be viewed in real time using GPS facility by the customer.

  • Efficient and user-friendly app
  • Real time update information
  • Unique identification code
  • Consignment status through GPS tracking

Fail-Safe Payment Options

Upon delivery of the consignment, the customer can pay through credit card or cash. Then, an automatically generated E-receipt is sent to the customer by email. Secured payment, trust-worthy payment gateway and assured delivery are the strong points of the app.

  • Payment option of credit card or cash
  • Payment confirmation by E-receipt
  • Trust-worthy payment gateway
  • Assured timely delivery

Great Boost From Our Lovely Customers

Initially had remarkable demo session with the sales team. Explained in all directions about how software performances which eventually motivates me to buy their product. Its been couple of month since software deliver, enjoying the great support from the team

Director, Newzealand

Team commitments towards delivering the project and turn around time on supports are splendid.

Joseph Oniyama

Product was delivered in a precise manner with a great outcome. You will never get such timely support. The team works even on weekend. Seeking forward to sign couple of more projects.

Jose Ntoco
Marketing Manager, UK

Was looking for apps for my business, and fortunately got to know about NGFOT. They have classy products. Support and turn around time after sales are splendid. Looking forward to having more collaboration in future with this great team.

Steven Williams

They are one of the best solution providers for all taxi companies. Their application is one of the best in the market with more advanced features. They also provide high quality technical support.

Henry Jacobs
Marketing Manager, Sweden

Their customer support has been really good. Their product is one of the best in the market.

David William
Business Analyst, USA


What are the main objectives of delivery management software?

It can be different, it is mostly depending on the issues an organization needs to solve such as route optimization, automated task allocation, plan for multiple deliveries, end-end logistics visibility, transportation risks, reduce delivery turn-around-time and more.

Is UnicoTaxi delivery and logistics software compatible with all browsers?

UnicoTaxi solution is compatible with all browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more.

Why does my enterprise need UnicoTaxi logistics?

With our knowledge and experience in the transportation management industry, UnicoTaxi Logistics solution is able to evaluate and execute the business plan that will help you save time and money in your logistics software spend, while giving you the features to track all of your key performances.

Is delivery management solution mandatory?

Decades back, there were no delivery complexities but nowadays people are becoming more demanding it is a 'must-have'. Delivery management solution empowers organizations to fast scale operations because of competitive business days. To satisfy your customer demands and expectations as well boost your business profitability, delivery management software is mandatory.

Why is logistics management software needed for small scale businesses?

Logistics management software will provide multiple services. Digital transportation technology allows you to oversee various operations and streamline the business process easily. On-demand logistics system permits you to analyze the business data to make right decisions to increase efficiency.

Is UnicoTaxi offered both TMS and MTS models?

Yes, both the models are available in UnicoTaxi. You can choose whatever your needs are to perfectly manage your supply chain.

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