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Fully-Customized Kakao Clone Script/App for Sale!

Spike up your taxi business in Korea with our end-to-end white label Kakao Clone App.

Kakao Clone Script Unique Features

At Unicotaxi, we've loaded our Kakao Clone App with unique features and functionalities that have been carefully integrated with a well-designed UI, giving users a hassle-free experience. Due to its speed and affordability in the market, our Kakao clone script is in high demand. Kakao Clone App, in general, has three types of stakeholders: riders, drivers, and admins. Each has its core features to keep the operation running smoothly. So, what next? Launch your taxi business with our feature-rich Kakao Clone App today! The following are some unique features of our Kakao Clone Script solution that will entice users to use the platform frequently.

Easy On-Boarding

Quick set-up and hassle-free navigation with a user-friendly interface help users to get started with the Kakao Clone App more easily.

Quick Bookings

As this app is pre-built with a high-end intuitive app User Interface, bookings can be made possible in just a few clicks with no rundown time/booking errors.

Automatic Fare Estimation

The Automatic Fare Estimation feature in this Kakao Clone Script helps riders see the estimated fare after entering the PickUp and Drop address.

In-App Chat

This Kakao Clone App helps users chat straight away with an admin, which means they can click the chat button and project their issues there.

Multilingual Support

Users can choose their desired language as per their preferences, and this, in turn, increases their convenience to a great extent.

Change or Cancel Booking

Users can easily change or cancel booking according to their convenience, anytime but may have to pay booking cancellation charges.

Ride History

Both passengers and drivers can access their previous ride history, including the date, time, trip fare, and considerably more.

In-App Payment

With a different range of multiple payment gateways, you can choose the one that is suitable for hassle-free ride payments.

Estimated Time of Arrival

With this advanced Estimated Time of Arrival feature, the riders can determine the accurate time the driver will arrive at their PickUp destination.

Ride Details

Once you have completed your booking successfully, the passengers will get all the essential information needed for a ride.

Live Geo-Tracking

With this app, the riders can find the nearby drivers, and the drivers can see their passenger location for on-time PickUp via this Live Geo-Tracking feature.


We can provide fully customizable Kakao Clone App Development services, including the 100% source code to users at affordable prices.

Our Kakao Clone Script Package Includes

Want a Kakao Clone App for your taxi business? If so, our expert team at UnicoTaxi is here to help you with affordable clone script solutions. With smart codes and cutting-edge technology, we provide the look-alike or customized clones of the Kakao-like taxi app. The budget and time frames are the most crucial considerations for Kakao Clone App Development. However, to build a user-friendly and productive Kakao-like taxi booking app, you'll need to develop at least two mobile solutions (one for drivers and another for customers) and an admin panel to manage your taxi booking operations.

  • 100% Source Code

    Depending on the package they chose, users can receive 100% source code. It means that the user can have complete access to the source code.

  • White Label Pre-Built Solution

    Using this admin panel, you can remove our company name and logo from anywhere and replace them with yours, which, in turn, allows you to build your brand.

  • Native iOS and Android Apps

    To provide users with a compatible service, we developed all the features of this app in the native languages of iOS and Android.

  • Free App Submission

    We provide you with complete support for submitting your iOS Apps in the App Stores and Android Apps in the Play Store, and it is 100% free.

  • Free Server Installation

    Once you have completed your Kakao Clone App purchase, we will install our script to your server for free, and within a short period, we make your script live.

  • Free Bug Support

    We strive to deliver the best quality bug-free products. In case of any critical bugs, we will help you to resolve them immediately at free of cost.

  • Free Technical Support

    We help you with the registration of accounts on any third-party sites. So, get ready to experience the free technical support for personalized results.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    UnicoTaxi allows you to build an on-demand Kakao clone app with all of its latest features at an affordable price.

  • Powerful Admin Dashboard

    Users of the Readymade Kakao Clone Script can have complete access to a user-friendly dashboard for data management.

  • On-Time Support

    No matter if it's technical or non-technical support, our team of experts are ready to support you in all communication channel.

Here is a sneak preview of our package


Passenger APP IOS


Passenger APP Android


Passenger Web APP


Driver APP


Driver APP Android


Driver Web APP


Super Admin Panel


Dispatcher Panel

Our White-Label Kakao Clone App

Ride-hailing services in Korea are changing dramatically. It is primarily due to the availability of numerous ground-breaking developments, one of which is a taxi app like Kakao Korea. For entrepreneurs who want to build a fully functional online taxi booking platform, our White-Label solution is an excellent option. At UnicoTaxi, we provide a White-Labeled Kakao Clone Script solution with all the necessary functionalities and technologies to create an attractive taxi booking app. So, what next? It's time to enter this thriving industry with a 100% White-Labeled Kakao Clone solution.

Passenger App

  • Easy Registration
  • Promo Codes
  • Instant Alerts
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Fare Estimation
  • SOS Button
  • Payment Modes
  • Driver Review

  • Scheduled Rides
  • Real-Time Updates

Easy onboarding is possible, thanks to the integration of the Kakao Clone App with Social Media.

Passengers can apply for promo or offer codes to save lots of bucks.

Passengers can get instant push notifications, alerts, and messages via SMS or email.

Riders can cancel their booking and can change or update their pickup/drop location.

Passengers can get their estimated fare rates by providing their pickup and drop point.

In case of emergencies, passengers can request SOS Contacts.

Passengers can pay for their taxi rides directly via the Kakao Clone App.

Passengers can give ratings and reviews of their driver regarding the ride.

Passengers can postpone their ride for a few hours and put their estimated time to call a driver.

Passengers can get real-time alerts on their journey, including the arrival time of the driver.

Driver App

  • Trip History
  • View Earnings
  • Subscription package
  • Driver Availability
  • Call/Chat
  • Start & End Trip
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Maps Navigation

  • SOS Contacts
  • Heat Map

Allows drivers to check all the ride history of completed and canceled trips.

Drivers can see their daily, monthly, or weekly earning reports of all their rides.

Drivers can select the package based on their availability for a day, week, or month.

In this app, the driver can toggle their availability ON or OFF anytime.

If a rider has any concerns about the ride, the driver can call or chat with the rider.

Drivers can make a mark regarding their start trip and end trip to get automated bills.

Passengers can get the accurate arrival times of their taxis and their driver.

Google Maps Navigation helps drivers to find the best route to pick up and drop off location.

SOS functionality allows the added contacts to know the current location of the driver.

The highlighted areas on the Heat Map denote the peak areas for the driver.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Wallet Management
  • Trip Management
  • Document Verification
  • Commission Dashboard

  • Driver Transaction History
  • Vehicle Management
  • Report Management

Admin can manage all the aspects of their taxi business from a central dashboard.

With this panel, the admin can manage all the transactions via wallet.

The admin can view the complete history of all rides, names of the drivers and riders, etc.

The documents submitted by the driver are verified and approved by the admin.

Include the details of your payment and get a commission.

Admin can see the detailed transaction history of all the trips, including the fare rate, driver, and rider.

Admin can add all the necessary details of vehicles for simplified management.

Admin can track the daily reports and transactions of both the rider and driver via multiple filter options.


Is it possible to get complete control of the Source Code?

Yes, of course, you can get complete control of the license-based source code from us.

Is it essential to provide different panels for drivers and riders in the Kakao Clone App?

Yes, of course, we do. We create separate panels for passengers, drivers, and administrators.

What payment options are available?

With a range of multiple payment options, you can choose the one that best suits your convenience.

How much should I rely on your help?

We have an expert team of technical professionals on hand to help you with issues and optimization. In case of any concerns, you can send an email to sales@unicotaxi.com, one of our experts will reach you soon.

How long will it take to build a Kakao Clone App?

The App Store now has our pre-built Kakao Clone App solution. As we respect your requirement and adhere to strict deadlines, we guarantee that we will complete the project in less than a week and deploy it on the app store or play store under your brand name and logo.

Do you provide customized Kakao Clone App Development services?

Yes, indeed! We create separate panels for passengers, drivers, and administrators, for the sake of convenience.

Why should you collaborate with us to build a taxi app?

Having built thousands of on-demand app solutions, navigating different technologies, and optimizing business experiences, we are a one-stop solution for all your on-demand taxi clone app services.

How much should I invest into the Kakao clone Script?

We will calculate the fee based on the app's complexity, technology, and other variables.

Which platform is most suitable for my readymade Kakao Clone Script?

We use cutting-edge technology and software to build iOS and Android applications.

Is it possible for the admin to see all of the billing information?

Yes, of course. In this panel, the admin can see the complete billing details, including the passenger names, driver names, etc.

Technologies We Use


iOS (Objective C/Swift)


Android (Native Java/Kotlin)


PHP (Laravel)


Google Maps (API)


AWS Cloud Server

Disclaimer: We are using the term "Kakao" for the purpose of easy understanding & identification. We are not related to Kakao. & not doing any promotion activities for them.