Unicodel offers the best Gojek Clone app solution, with 80+ on-demand services on a single platform. Build your own on-demand multi-service business like Gojek with our 100% customizable Gojek clone script, which works on Android and iOS platforms.

Gojek Clone - Multiple On-Demand Services in One Touch

An app like Gojek does not limit itself to providing just one type of service. It is a one-stop solution for all services. Be it ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, courier delivery, alcohol delivery, on-demand tutors, beauty services, or on-demand maids - a Gojek clone app will integrate it all seamlessly. At Unicodel, we build a single dynamic app that includes all different types of services, saving you the trouble of creating separate apps for multiple services. We are always ready to develop brand-new features to make your app stand out from the crowd. With stunning functionalities and novel components such as "Online Video Consultation," "Bid for Services," and "On-Demand Services," you can now make millions on the go by launching Gojek Clone App. Why wait? Digitize your multi-service business and let your customers meet all their needs just with one single app.

Uber like Taxi, Rental & Carpool

Users can book taxi rides the same way they do in the Uber Taxi App. There's also a pool and a rental option. Users can also book taxis using the iOS app, Android app, and the website.


Bike Taxi


Taxi Ride





Deliver Anything, Anywhere

Users can have their stuff delivered right to their doorstep. It functions similarly to an on-demand delivery app. Users can schedule deliveries using the iOS app, the Android app, or the website.


Courier Delivery


Parcel Delivery


Delivery Genie


Delivery Runner

Food and Store Deliveries

Users can order food, groceries, pharmacy, wine, and other items from nearby stores and restaurants. Customers can order items through the iOS app, the Android app, or the website.









Online Video Consultation

Users can schedule an online video call or concert with an expert professional such as doctors, tutors, advocates, yoga instructors, etc. iOS and Android apps are ready to make video calls.









Bid for Services

Users can post job details and bid for services in the handyman categories. However, the posting and bidding feature is available on iOS and Android apps.


House Cleaning







On-Demand Services

Users can have their stuff delivered right to their doorstep. It functions similarly to an on-demand delivery app. Users can schedule deliveries using the iOS app, the Android app, or the website.


Tow Truck


Car Repair


Car Wash


Road Assistance

Our (UNICODEL) GOJEK Clone App Package Includes

Entrepreneurs all over the world love our Gojek Clone App. Unicodel’s pricing packages will be affordable to both new and existing businesses. Why wait? Purchase our White-label Gojek Clone Script for an unbeatable price and get the mobile apps listed below.

User Apps

iOS App for User

Android App for User

Web Panel for User

Driver/Service Provider Apps

iOS App for Driver/Service Provider

Android App for Driver/Service Provider

Web Panel for Driver/Service Provider

Store Apps

iOS App for Store

Android App for Store

Web Panel for Store

Website & Admin Panel

Main Website

Dispatcher Panel

Admin Panel

Dispatcher Panel

Live Tracking

Profile Creations

Quick Response

Supporting Panels

Service Provider Panel

User Web-Based Panel

Corporate Organization Panel

Go Live in 1-2 Weeks

People are always looking for a one-stop solution to all of their problems. Gojek Clone app- a giant umbrella app, has completely changed the way people think about on-demand services. Our new Gojek Clone app is jam-packed with advanced market-relevant features. Customers and service providers can access the on-demand services via social media or Gmail accounts with just one download and log-in.

At Unicodel, we will completely rebrand the base app for our clients in just 1-2 weeks! We will start by white-labeling our Super Gojek Clone App with your company's name and logo. Your app's and website's color themes will then get changed to match the color of your company's logo. We will then integrate your chosen language, currency, and payment gateway. And there's a lot more!

Online Video Consultation with Experts

It is Gojek Clone's newest and most exclusive service. Users can schedule online video consultation sessions with doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors, astrologers, tutors, psychologists, and other professionals. Booking, Consulting, and Payment: all happens via the Gojek Clone App. Unicodel has a team of passionate and experienced developers who ensure robust solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Gojek Clone App is a boon for users because it integrates all on-demand services into a single app. Users don't need to download multiple apps because this multi-service Gojek clone app provides services ranging from transportation to food and grocery delivery. Our Gojek Clone App solutions include a user app, driver app, service provider app, store app, and a dispatch panel, resulting in a unified user experience. With our Gojek Clone App, you can start a reliable on-demand multi-services business like never before.

Why invest in GOJEK Clone App (UNICODEL)

With our Gojek app clone (Super App), we are determined to help you and your business become a unique brand. Our high-quality apps, such as Gojek Clone, will allow you to provide quick and efficient responses to all of your customers. With our custom-built on-demand multiservice app, you can gain a competitive advantage and become your customers' favorite app for taxi booking, grocery shopping, food delivery, handyman services, and much more.

Stunning UI Design

Our Gojek Clone App is built and curated to be quick, easy to use, and seamless. This app's smooth user interface and navigational panels are the ultimate 'eye-catchers.'

Native Mobile Applications

Our Gojek Clone Script solution includes native Android and iOS apps for users/customers, drivers, delivery drivers, store owners, and service providers.

Scalable Product

Our Gojek Clone Script is highly scalable. If you are in a plan to take your current business to the next level, this script module allows you to achieve that much easier.


To create an app similar to Gojek in less time and with less money, you will need a ready-made Gojek clone script. There are numerous options available. Choose one that is highly customizable and has an easy-to-use User Interface.

Of course, yes! You can get a completely customized Gojek app clone script that you may market under your brand name and logo.

The Super app concept works by curating all the customer's needs in one place, eliminating the need to download multiple apps.

Yes, Unicodel helps you launch a multi-service business by developing a fully functional and feature-rich Gojek Clone app. It replicates all Gojek features, and we can tailor your app to your specific business needs.

The duration of a custom solution is usually determined based on the requirements, whereas a ready-made solution, in general, is deployed in 7-8 working days.

Yes, our Gojek Clone script supports multilingual functionality.

It depends on the number of services you wish to include in the Gojek clone super app. The price also varies based on the technology and team used.

The Admin Panel allows you to manage all Users, Finances, Settings, Payments, Reports, App settings, and so on. The Administrator Panel is highly dynamic, robust, and user-friendly, allowing you to control the entire system.

Yes, we provide complete documentation for the app we develop for your business. We will also sign an NDA stating that we will not reveal any of your company's confidential information.

Yes, the Website and App licensed for your Domain will be entirely under your control and ownership.

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