How to Build a Multi-Service App Like Grab and Gojek?

  How to Build a Multi-Service App Like Grab and Gojek?

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If you have the opportunity to start everything from a multi-service business, that is fantastic, right? In this tech-savvy world, having a well-developed app like Grab or Gojek is immensely beneficial. Super apps are popular, and Gojek is one of the most successful. With an app like Gojek, you can provide a wide range of on-demand services under one roof. Super apps are taking over users' daily lives because of their versatility. It’s time to catch up!

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Why Build a Multi-Service App Like Grab and Gojek?

How to Build a Multi-Service App Like Grab and Gojek?

Select the App Platform

Choose the Features You Want to Add

Select the Technology Stack

Design and Development

Test and Go Live

Over to the End

Let’s Get Started!

Why Build a Multi-Service App Like Grab and Gojek?

Multi-service platforms have gained traction across many regions for their versatility. An on-demand multi-service app is a one-stop solution for all your customers' needs. A super app, such as Gojek, or a multi-service app like Grab, generally offers multiple services on a single platform. However, you can do everything from on-demand food delivery to ride-booking and payment with just one app. A super app allows mobile users to integrate third-party merchant services without downloading separate apps.

So, if you don't develop a multi-service app, you will be passing up excellent opportunities. A multi-service app is a clone of an on-demand app. In other words, it is a one-stop solution for all on-demand needs, such as food delivery, grocery delivery, courier delivery, flower delivery, laundry service, ride-hailing, car rentals, electrician, medicine delivery, etc. However, the list is limitless depending on where you live and the needs of your audience.

A multi-service app like Grab and Go Jek can be a big hit for the following reasons:

Meets modern-day needs

Provides Customized and scalable services

Generates more profit

Saves time

Cost-Effective solution

Manages daily tasks effectively

Ensures safety and security

Provides convenience

And amazingly more.

Are You Looking for Multi-Services App like Grab & Gojek?

How to Build a Multi-Service App Like Grab and Gojek?

Are you ready to release your multi-service app? If you are, keep these points in mind as you develop the app.

# Select the App Platform

You have three options: iOS, Android, or both. You have a choice. If you are unsure which platform is best for your company, it's time to research your target audience's needs and make an informed decision based on that. If you only want to reach a specific group of people, you can go with a single platform app. If your reach is extensive, you may need to develop two separate apps, one for iOS and one for Android. Native apps are generally faster and have superior UI/UX.

# Choose the Features You Want to Add

Analyze the major digital platforms to see which features you want to integrate into your multi-service app. You don't have to go through the hassle of listing the most recent features if you purchase the on-demand super app solution from a well-established and licensed white-labeling developer.

However, the following are the most important features you should not miss out in your multi-service app:

GPS-enabled tracking system

Social media login

Multi-language support

In-app push notifications

Schedule booking

Integration of payment gateway

# Select the Technology Stack

Choosing the technology stack is one of the most important aspects when developing an on-demand multi-service app. Pay close attention to the technology used because selecting the right technology is critical to the success of your super app. However, the technology used to build such apps must be robust enough to handle multiple functions seamlessly.

# Design and Development

Besides the application's features and technology, you can find numerous other 'critical' components. As a result, while your development is still in the early stages, consider asking your developers additional questions about:

The workflow of the app

Business models

User-friendliness of the application

White-labeled solution

UI and UX

# Test and Go Live

Before going live with your Gojek Clone and Grab Clone app, ensure it is bug-free and accessible. Your multi-service app development team will do testing of the app internally, but you should always test your app with real users.

With these steps, you’re good to go!

Over to the End

Once you're ready to compete with industry titans like Gojek and Grab, there is no better time for an entrepreneur or business owner to invest in this thriving market than now. Create an On-Demand Multi-Service App with Gojek Clone to meet people's needs right at their door.

The idea of launching a multi-service platform like Gojek will grow and succeed in the future due to the brilliance of technology and the human mind. Furthermore, a reputable multi-service app development company can help you get the best feature set to set your app apart from the competition. At UnicoTaxi, we provide you with top-notch Gojek Clone App and Grab Clone App to start your own Super App like Grab and Gojek.

Want to develop Grab & Gojek like app?

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