Understanding The Technology Stack Behind On-Demand Taxi App Solutions

Vinupradha A

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

Of Course, technology plays a major role in all aspects of the world. Demand drives the service oriented business and supply chain industries. The proportion of demand-supply is commendable to the world economy and the main factor behind the value - purpose of “product or service”. Each service offered and product sold is a result of its demand.

The same goes for the transportation sector. Taxi demand is made because everyone needs locomotion. In the event that demand is the situation all over, what precisely qualifies as an on-demand taxi app solution.

If you can improve the existing service quality to a degree that you may extend it on demand, it turns into an on-demand taxi service. If there should be an occurrence of taxis, in the event that you have the essential resources, accessibility, technology and infrastructure; you actually can offer the taxi service.

So every taxi booking app solution must need technology stack to work under four in the below cases:

Geo Location


Push Notifications

In-App Chat/Communication


Payment Gateway

Geo Location

The fundamental to operating any on-demand taxi app solution is location service. From the taxi booking system getting your location and mentioning it as a pick up area to the driver to let a passenger know of him where about in real-time. Moreover, on-demand taxi services can’t be acknowledged without Geo-location technology.

This location technology is without a doubt the most important one in the taxi booking system stack. Meanwhile, you may be keen on different functionalities also if you need to realize how to develop a taxi management app.


A taxi booking app solution sends some notifications to drivers and passengers in different mediums such as e-mail, SMS and push notifications.

You get the below notifications during taxi dispatch solution request:

Push Notifications

Push notifications are required as the last don’t work if the device goes offline amidst the activity. In addition, Android and iOS push notification service lines all notifications that alert received when the particular device was online won’t be delivered while it comes online.

It’s absolutely impossible for a developer to know whether it was delivered or not in case of service in Android and iOS push notification that is not the case with Google notifications.

With the advent of an on-demand taxi app solution, all mediums of notifications are possible that offer better help with less cost.

In-App Chat/Communication

The on-demand taxi dispatch software, the passenger and driver’s app, need to chat or communicate with each other at some times, without that the whole taxi booking app solution will crumble to remain. A huge part of the chat or communication happens on the cloud and the rider can hail a taxi regardless of whether he goes offline after booking a taxi.

Nonetheless, the driver should stay all time online as the passenger app is tracking his location real-time on in-app chat and on the app then immediate area is shared over the Wi-Fi or mobile network.

In-app chat between passenger and driver’s app takes place over Wi-Fi or mobile network. Data exchange is regularly routed over the app server.

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Despite the fact that a taxi management app demands a cashless payment option over payment gateways, services when focused towards a geography where these payment types, have begun to incorporate other cashless payment options.

In a taxi management app, split fare is a new feature that has become a standard one.

Payment Gateway

One such great leader in the mobile market is ‘Braintree’ that accepts the payment gateway and brags Uber as its main client. Another extraordinary payment system, Braintree contender, and a payment gateway favoured in our taxi dispatch solution - ‘Stripe’ gives its payment services to the quick economy of startups: Postmates, Instacart and Lyft.

Let customers mention their card details by just scanning the details with a smartphone camera. Android and iOS platforms support this functionality. Stripe and BrainTree have default options as split fare.


On-demand taxi dispatch software with mobile technology is 100% train release and trunk development. You can use advanced technology for programming and software storage. Mobile app developers have to commit to master directly. So many people fanning and landing causes an excess of hazard. Operate the platform of app configuration which is quiet to work and expand on, enabling technology partners to change your taxi business and services with a taxi dispatch solution.

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