How To Make Your Business Future Proof With an On-Demand Dispatch App?

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Before the time of on-demand taxi dispatch app development came in, everyone just had three choices such as calling an agency, calling a cordial driver and hail a car for taxi booking. In the Pre-Uber era, those three choices of taxi bookings were unmistakable.

Previously, many telecom operators have been working for taxi agencies in order to manage interminable streams of taxi booking calls that were a typical spot in urban cities especially with an airport. Each one will tell their location, then the operator will enter the address in the taxi system in front of him. After that, press the ‘Dispatch’ option on the privilege of an available driver.

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For taxi business, it was a little bit of a headache with such huge numbers of things to oversee their business needs. With the rise of SaaS based cloud computing models came, all things moved to cloud such as server, database and taxi software. It was presently open from an internet browser. With the advancement of an on-demand taxi dispatch system, on smartphones as well.

A change that prompted ‘on-demand taxi dispatch software’ and an ‘online food ordering system’ for restaurants.

Nowadays, we have joined the time of an on-demand taxi dispatch app which is the beginning stage. Presently, on-demand solutions are part of so many fields such as logistics, restaurant and healthcare. The reason is that, on-demand solution is the best way to provide a product or service to a targeted client.

Uptil now, the on-demand taxi dispatch system was difficult to acknowledge attributable to some technological constraints and lack of smartphones in those days. With everything set up, an on-demand taxi dispatch software suits well for the taxi business.

Let’s see a few interesting things here..

Moving to an On-demand Taxi Dispatch Software with UnicoTaxi

On-Demand Dispatch System for Restaurant Business

On-Demand Dispatch System for Taxi Business Industry

Where to Start?

Moving to an On-demand Taxi Dispatch Software with UnicoTaxi

UnicoTaxi is an on-demand taxi app and is inclusive of an white-label taxi dispatch app. App comes with customizable modules so it’s a ready to go customizable solution to your brand needs.

On-Demand Dispatch System for Restaurant Business

FrescoFud is a very like UnicoTaxi, with the exception of it focuses, as the name proposes, restaurant businesses. White label and on-demand dispatch app, which is a FrescoFud product, is valuable to restaurant businesses that don’t have to depend on any agency and own delivery boys. At the point when the restaurant is finished preparation of food order, it can utilize on-demand dispatch software to call the delivery executive and get its customer's location doorstep delivered.

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The agency can disperse FrescoFud to its partners of the restaurant, who can immediately call the delivery boys of that agency at a few taps on the screen. FrescoFud food delivery software consists of a delivery app for those executives who will have it of their own.

On-Demand Dispatch System for Taxi Business Industry

UnicoTaxi has the important ability to build up an on-demand dispatch system for enterprises and startups. We can develop white label app on your past software based management framework set up, incorporate it with the previous CMS and update it at a normal span. Try not to stress on on-demand taxi dispatch app development with UnicoTaxi won’t cost a lot. We have an advanced development community in India that is renowned for creating a native app at reasonable cost without compromising in quality what you would pay in the U.S for developer and designer.

A glance of the on-demand taxi dispatch system that we currently developed will give some superior thought of our mobile app development services.

Where to Start?

More than your finger count, we have developed lots of on-demand taxi dispatch apps. If you are searching for an accomplished mobile app development that has a broad customer base in the U.S, Europe and Middle East.

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