Taxi Booking Software; How These Top 5 Features of Taxi Booking App Can Make Your App Successful Like Uber and Lyft

This article is for those transportation and taxi startups which need to build an effective taxi booking software like Lyft and Uber. It contains an outline of top 5 newly blended highlights in features that ride-hailing companies can include for their taxi dispatch system and make their business effective.

How to build up an Uber like App? is the furious question of the present startups of logistics and transportation.

If you as an entrepreneur or transportation owner needs to build up your own taxi dispatch software, make sure your taxi app serves a portion of unique features which in turn helps to make your app stand-out from others.

Discussing special features for your own branded Uber like App, in this session, we have listed out the top-notch 5 features to make your taxi booking app as effective as Lyft and Uber.

Top 5 Best Features of Taxi Booking System to Make Your Taxi App Successful

  • → Ride-Sharing / Car Pooling
  • → Prime Membership For Customers
  • → Day Packages
  • → Oversee Trip Parameter
  • → Outstation Module

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Top 5 Best Features of Taxi Booking System to Make Your Taxi App Successful

1. Ride-Sharing / Car Pooling

At present, ride-sharing services have increased tremendous fame in the mobility market, permitting people to impart rides with others and save a immense measure of cash. Ride-sharing is a basic feature that you can consider when launching your own Uber like app.

With this feature, riders can choose the ride-sharing services where they can impart a ride with some different riders, who are heading off to a similar location or spot and split the rate with them.

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In this way, you as a ride-hailing service provider can incorporate another ride-sharing feature, uniting office goers and suburbanites to share their taxi rides. By giving ride-sharing features to your customers and allowing them with other riders, you can increase your achievement rate of ‘Taxi Booking App’.

2. Prime Membership For Customers

The second best feature that you may consider for your taxi dispatch solution for your riders is Prime Membership that even Grab, Uber and Lyft are not even offering to their customers. Including this specific feature can make your taxi booking app widely well known among general audiences as this particular feature will assist you with attracting more riders with a prime membership offer.

This feature for customers will help them to select or buy one prime membership plan as per their needs and enjoy their day by day rides to planned kilometers. You can make prime membership plans distinctively for your customers and arrange miles for them to enjoy free rides.

Moreover, this exceptionally configured app feature supports miles that are considered as free ride trips, the offer validity, and whatnot. In short, it can help you with boosting your taxi business functionalities through prime offers.

3. Day Packages

The third most exclusive feature is, Day Packages - which you can consider for your taxi dispatch system. Using this effective feature, the riders can hire a taxi with a personal driver on the basis of rental for a specific timespan or Miles/Kilometers. Regardless of whether they book a taxi for any location or outstation, it will assist riders to get a taxi with an individual driver for a predetermined time according to their convenience.

Also, you can arrange day packages in different ways with permitted miles and time frame in your taxi booking app and charge them accordingly. This essential feature can make your taxi app standout from others as you will give your customers a vibe that they drive in their personal car.

With this day package feature, they can have a personalized experience in riding. Further, it’s significant that you may consider an extremely simple and adaptable approach to configure their day packages. So your customers don’t confront any issue while choosing for their rides with any day package.

4. Oversee Trip Parameter

One such adorable feature is ‘Oversee Trip Parameter’ that plays a vital role to make your taxi booking app like Uber and Lyft successful. You can allow your customers to put an exceptional request with this feature while booking for a ride. The requests are likely to be child seats for parents, who are traveling with their babies, wheelchairs who are truly handicapped people, and some other required solicitation.

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By providing your customers with these extraordinary facilities and services, you can make them feel rich riding and pull them in an ever increasing rider's count towards your taxi dispatch solution. In addition, this specific solicitation service can assist you to win the trust of your passengers who will consistently prefer your ride-hailing service over other taxi service providers.

You can arrange it from taxi dispatch software to oversee such special requests of your riders. It will directly go to just those drivers with this special service like an infant seat and wheel-chair in the car.

In this way, these are selective and main features that you may include in your taxi dispatch system like Uber and Lyft and improve the chances of being an effective entrepreneur and transportation owner. Preceding this, we have additionally covered this feature as in top.

5. Outstation Module

To build a successful app like Uber and Lyft, as of late secured the second place in the most downloaded taxi app in the U.S.A, Europe and Middle-East countries, the most significant feature which you can incorporate is an outstation module. It will allow you to offer your taxi service between two distinct urban areas. By using this feature, customers can book a taxi online from one location to another.

With only a couple of taps on their smartphone, they can book a taxi for venturing out to another place that can be at a rate or flat rate comprise per mile and per hour charges.

To your outstation riders, you can give the best riding experience. Customers can book in advance, choose vehicle options, select drivers and book an economical package(One-trip or Round-trip) with this outstation module.

What Would Be Your Future Plan?

If you are interested in starting your own taxi business or planning to be a unique entrepreneur, you can give your targeted customers the best taxi dispatch solution like Uber & Lyft empowering them to book a taxi with a couple of steps using their smartphone.

We will hit you up and fathom all your questions within an hour whether you need a small or large scale solution with a mobile app.

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