How to Attract More Taxi Drivers to Expand Your Taxi Business?

How to Attract More Taxi Drivers to Expand Your Taxi Business?

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Taxi Drivers play a vital role in the growth of the taxi-hailing industry. If you take care of your drivers, they are more likely to stay with your company and drive growth. However, hiring and retaining skilled drivers in the taxi business is not that easy. So, if you're having trouble attracting drivers for your taxi service, this blog has innovative ideas that will help you attract more taxi drivers.

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Drivers' Licenses and Working Hours

Tips to Attract More Drivers for Your Taxi Business

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How to Gain Driver Loyalty Using Taxi Management Software?

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Do You Know?

Taxis were once considered a luxury rather than a need by the general public. It was previously out of reach for the poor and lower middle classes, but due to modernization and digitalization, nearly every man in the country now owns a smartphone. Taking advantage of this opportunity and utilizing technology, companies such as Ola, Uber, Lyft, and others have entered the market via the hands of the general public, making taxi rides easy and more affordable to all classes.

Citizens who are rich enough to possess a car prefer taxis for convenience and not having to hire a driver separately. Thanks to the taxi booking app, we can now get a taxi from the comfort of our homes.

Drivers' Licenses and Working Hours

Taxi drivers must obtain a commercial driver's license from their state's Regional Transport Office. However, for getting a commercial driving license, a taxi driver should be at least 18 years old, have completed at least Class 8, have received training from a Government Motor School, and pass a written and driving test.

Furthermore, a medical certificate indicating the taxi driver's physical and mental fitness should get submitted. After reviewing all the above factors, the Regional Transport Authority will issue the commercial driving license.

When it comes to working hours, taxi drivers must work the hours specified in the Motor Transport Workers Act of 1961. According to Section 13 of the Motor Transport Workers Act 1961, an adult motor transport worker need not work more than 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week.

Tips to Attract More Drivers for Your Taxi Business

The following are some of the most effective ways to attract more drivers for your taxi company:

Driver Performance Incentives

Incentives are a common strategy for retaining staff. In the taxi industry, you can reward drivers who practice safe driving behaviors, spend less time idle, and use less gasoline. Furthermore, you can also pay a surge incentive to drivers who work hard during peak hours.

Make Them Feel Special

Every employee in any company wants to work honestly and without fear. Therefore, an open line of communication will always make employees get along with the executives in their office, making them feel attached.

Drivers in the taxi industry who work hard after hours might sometimes affect their health. So take care of your drivers by offering them benefits that make them feel valued.

Invest in Technology

Today, technology is the key to success, with many companies quickly becoming well-known. Investing in technology, rather than using old ways, is thus a brilliant idea.

In the taxi business, you can build a Taxi Booking System with various features to help your company manage customers more efficiently.

Treat Them With Respect

Give your drivers what they need, treat them with respect and focus on the flaws of other large taxi companies. Track the conversion rates to bring in enough customers to enhance your network effects. Try to develop unique features for your taxi driver app to attract more drivers.

Want to upgrade your Taxi booking platform?

While developing a successful online taxi booking software, another aspect of the taxi management system that must get addressed is the driver's front. Even though the taxi dispatch software solution provides drivers with several benefits, including flexible work hours, rejecting or accepting requests, etc., the competition is so tough that the churn rate is pretty high.

Grow and Expand Your Taxi Business Today

An app is the basic foundation of an online taxi business.

With the best taxi booking software, you can instantly enhance customer satisfaction and drivers' experience while expanding your taxi business operations. Thus, it is vital to have a highly customizable and feature-rich taxi app to create a successful Taxi Booking Online Business.

Also, ensure that you include cutting-edge technologies and features in your taxi booking app. With a change in the traditional business process towards modern business solutions, creating an app like Uber for your taxi service is one critical step you should take to climb the success ladder.

If you do not yet have a taxi booking software solution, contact a Mobile App Development Company today.

Want to Enrich your Taxi Ordering System? We have a dedicated engineers shall we connect & discuss?

Furthermore, ensure that all prerequisites, including the necessary paperwork, permits, contracts, and vehicles, are in place before starting a taxi service. Then, you can acquire and prepare the infrastructure, office space, and other support services you'll need for the taxi business and prepare them. You can, however, install GPS-based software to find and connect drivers with dispatch while providing central visibility of the vehicles. It will generally include three parts: a central taxi dispatch system, driver software, and user software.

How to Gain Driver Loyalty Using Taxi Management Software?

Using cutting-edge technologies effectively is one of the most effective ways to engage drivers. You can work with your Taxi Booking App Development company to add AI for customization and route optimization features to help drivers spend less effort and fuel while on the road. In short, with the right set of basic and advanced features, you can grow your taxi business with technology.

As more taxi apps like Uber emerge, everyone is facing increased competition. And the taxi company that provides the best benefits to its drivers wins. As it keeps an eye on the business with no manual effort, a taxi driver app with driver-friendly features will soon become a common need for all drivers.

The following are some of the must-have features of the taxi driver app:

Advanced GPS

Drivers always choose mobile apps that reduce work and provide best practices. Once the passenger gives permission, the GPS tracking technology pinpoints their location and destination, allowing the driver to track the passenger's current location.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can get important information and insights on their trips, overall performance, feedback, and ratings from customers in the Driver Dashboard, allowing them to make improvements.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can mark themselves as available online or offline as soon as the trip begins or ends. When the driver is online, he gets notifications about new requests and pick-up details.

Accept/Reject Requests

This option allows the driver to accept or decline the passengers' trip requests. The passenger's app will receive an alert with the request's status. The trip request is forwarded to the next available driver if the driver does not accept it within a specified period (15–30 seconds).

Street PickUp

Drivers can even entertain passengers who do not have the taxi booking app installed on their phones using the street pickup feature.

SOS Button

Drivers can use the SOS option if they feel hostile or unsafe by tapping the panic button on their taxi app.

Refer and Earn

Drivers can use the taxi booking app to refer their friends who want to work in the taxi industry. Once their friends register, drivers will receive the referral bonus in their wallets. Admin has the option of distributing the funds to both or just the referee.

Want to Gain Driver Loyalty by Using Taxi Management Software?

The Bottom Line

Drivers are vital to the growth of the taxi industry. Therefore, if you look after your drivers, they will be more inclined to stick with your taxi service. And hiring and retaining skilled drivers is thus a big challenge nowadays.

You should identify what motivates your drivers and provide the right opportunities to encourage them. And in this way, you can attract potential drivers and many more to help your taxi business grow.

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