Hacks to Reduce the Uninstall Rates of Taxi Booking Apps

Hacks to Reduce the Uninstall Rates of Taxi Booking Apps

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Today, the top app developers' worst fear is that their users would uninstall the app after using it!

You would have created the best app, and it is receiving a lot of downloads on app stores. But does it guarantee that your users will continue to use it after downloading? No, right? And yes, if you don't want your app to be the next one uninstalled, you need to learn about the reasons for app uninstalling.

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Reasons Why Users Uninstall Taxi Booking Apps From Their Smart Devices

The Potential Benefits of Measuring Uninstall Rates

Hacks to Reduce the Uninstall Rates of Taxi Booking Apps

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Without further ado, let’s get started!

Reasons Why Users Uninstall Taxi Booking Apps From Their Smart Devices

Irrelevant Notifications

Taxi booking apps that send too many push notifications annoy the user, especially if the alerts are irrelevant. Push notifications that appear most often, when they are least needed, cause the user to uninstall the app.

Limited Storage Space

It is no surprise that storage is a concern for many smartphone users. You may have even encountered the iOS "Storage Almost Full" and Android "Storage Space Running Out" notifications. Due to limited storage space, women were more likely to uninstall an app, and 59% of respondents who chose "Limited storage space" as the primary reason for deleting apps were female.

App is Slow

Users prefer apps that launch within 4 seconds of tapping on the app icon. Uninstalls are unavoidable if your app takes too long to load. Your taxi booking app will lag if it cannot keep up with the rapid speed of today's fast-paced world. It is not only an issue of getting started immediately. The confusion that slows the user down, along with a splash screen that appears to last forever, ensures that your app will get uninstalled sooner or later.

Security Threats

Your app's suspicious behavior is one of the reasons for your user to uninstall it and never install it again.

Everyone wants the security of his data, and any app that renders his device vulnerable will get rejected. So, even after the app has been created and deployed, be vigilant on app security. Create regular updates to address any potential security issues. User trust is valuable, so make sure that you maintain it.

Crashes or Freezes

Users choose taxi booking apps that are easy to use and functional. Apps with poor coding are prone to crashes and freezes. Thus, performance testing is vital in the Taxi Booking App Development cycle. However, effective debugging can also help you build a robust taxi dispatch system that will not betray the user.

Once the app gets released to the general public, crash reporting is another method for collecting regular app health data. After you have fixed the incorrect code, you can deploy changes to your apps.

The Potential Benefits of Measuring Uninstall Rates

Uninstall rates for mobile apps are a big concern these days. They have the potential to damage any app business. When high uninstall rates get found, it is vital to quickly assess the problem and take proactive steps to fix the underlying issues. This way, you can take advantage of app marketing opportunities and boost your retention rates.

Users uninstall mobile apps for several reasons. Many issues, however, can be avoided by hiring a team of experienced developers. Monitoring app retention rates and uninstalls will provide a better understanding of your app to deliver favorable results.

If you want to keep app users for the long term, you must engage them regularly in some way. You have the option to fix errors and remove bugs, which will undoubtedly reduce the number of uninstalls for the taxi booking mobile app.

App developers can use uninstall measurement to apply privacy safeguards to protect their users' privacy and data. This data, however, can be utilized to exclude customers who uninstalled their app (who aren't interested in their service) from their targeting.

Hacks to Reduce the Uninstall Rates of Taxi Booking Apps

So, what can you do to keep your taxi booking app on your users' phones? Here are a few hacks to reduce the taxi booking apps' uninstall rates:

# Maintain Consistency in App Updates

Adding new features, maintaining security standards, and fixing bugs or unintended behaviors through updates are all vital aspects of retaining your user base and lowering your mobile app uninstall rate. However, frequent updates can drive users away by disrupting their flow and adding extra loading time to your app.

# Measure the KPIs

Before deploying your taxi booking app, monitor key performance indicators such as loading times, resource usage, and launch rates to determine where technical bottlenecks exist. If your app begins to slow down or crashes more often, it must get fixed because it risks losing users. Tracking the KPIs of competitors' applications is also beneficial.

# Remind Users of Your App’s Greatness

User Engagement plays a vital role in reducing app uninstalls. Push notifications, well-targeted email marketing, remarketing, and increased social media presence are the basis of lower uninstall rates. However, you need to use these features wisely without burdening your app's users.

# Reach Out to Inactive Users

It is an efficient way of stopping your users from uninstalling the apps. When users are inactive for an extended period, you should provide them reasons to return to your app and interact with it. And this is achievable with the appropriate segmentation of your users depending on their in-app behavior as active, dormant, or inactive users.

How to Increase Your Taxi Booking Apps’ Retention Rates?

In the previous section, we discussed the best practices for lowering app uninstalls. Increasing app retention, however, is the most effective approach to lower uninstall rates. So, here are some proven ways to increase app retention rates.

Enhance Your User Experience

Everything boils down to the user experience. From the first screen to the final touchpoint on the app, you should provide your customers with a flawless, engaging, and gratifying user experience. Here are some tips for increasing user engagement, building trust, increasing retention, and reducing uninstalls.

Easy onboarding

Less mobile data consumption

Taking up less space on the device

Increasing security features

Increasing page load times

Preventing mobile crashes

Communication That Works Across All Channels

Your communication must be highly relevant, direct, and verbatim. More importantly, your communication must not be deceptive. If your users don't find the app's purpose as indicated in the adverts, they will uninstall it. Use consistent and uniform communication throughout your app's multiple channels and engagement phases.

Add a Touch of Personalization

Besides providing a personalized in-app experience, you must give your users the option of customizing the app to their preferences. For instance, you can include a feature called favorites or quick links that allows your users to select what should appear on the app's initial page. It gives customers practical reasons to keep using your taxi booking app.

We hope you found these ways to be helpful and informative. If you want a free consultation on how to approach mobile app development or to build a custom-built Taxi Dispatch Software solution for your taxi company, contact UnicoTaxi.

Are you planning to upgrade your Taxi ordering & booking application?

Bottom Line

The success of your taxi booking app highly depends on the features and functionality it provides to users. In reality, developing an app is not a challenging task. However, the real issue is keeping users engaged with your mobile application. So, what next? One effective strategy to reduce app uninstall rates is to engage your customers through multiple channels such as push notifications, in-app messaging, etc.

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