Guide to Launching On-Demand Taxi Booking App Like Riide

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When thinking of a taxi booking app, you will definitely recollect Uber. Being a development for the whole taxi industry, Uber has created taxi rides secure, reliable and affordable. Since the appearance of Uber in 2009, the growth for on-demand ride-hailing services has been increased. Startups never partner the terms “everlasting” to a particular business, unless or until the field guarantees their ROI directly from the beginning. Transportation business is one among those tip top fields that guarantee the same.

Uber accomplishment moved the rise of different successful taxi booking apps such as Ola, Lyft, and more. One perceptible taxi booking software that has extended its points of view in the short span of time is the UK-based, Riide taxi app. After its initiation, the Riide app clone development has quickly improved its activity over Ireland, US and Canada, etc. This post obliges the necessities of those business visionaries who wish to dispatch taxi booking software in the main hotspots of the globe, such as the US, Canada and UK.

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How to Avoid Hurdles in the Way?

Steps Involved in Riide App Clone Development

User App Features

Driver App Features

Other Advanced Features


How to Avoid Hurdles in the Way?

Though it is easy to initiate an on-demand taxi booking app development, it requires you to be familiar with the overall visualization. For this, a virtual medium is required to bridge the gap between the divers and the passengers. But, how to establish the connection without any hurdles? This is such a serious question that requires building the following three networks.

The User App – Provides comfort to the users in booking their rides more easily.

The Driver App – The required taxi services are provided by the taxi drivers.

The Admin Panel – The taxi’s can be managed and dispatched by the admins.

The UI and UX features help in attracting the customers significantly. This in turn helps in generating larger amounts of revenue. For this one can make use of revenue models that are available in plenty.

While luring the audience is taken care of, what about the ways of generating revenue? It would be best if you determine your revenue models well-in-advance to prevent running out of funds in the future. There are several steps involved in developing a taxi booking software.

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Steps Involved in Riide App Clone Development

Before developing an app, it is required that once should transform their ideas into the app in one or many of the following ways.

Develop from the Scratch

This is one of the traditional ways of developing a taxi booking app. Here, it is essential to conduct the market research and to analyze the competitors before building the taxi booking software. Here, both budget and time involved in the development process are of greatest concern.

Go for Ready-Made Clone Apps

The Riide app clone development companies will allow customization to its fullest during the initial launch of the taxi app. The customization can be done 100%. This does not bring any hassle in venturing into the taxi business market. This type is both time-saving and pocket-friendly. In addition, based on the resources available, the development model for the taxi booking software needs to be chosen.

User App Features

On-Boarding Setup – Users can easily register via their phone numbers, emails and via social media accounts.

Time and Cost Estimation – The time and cost can be estimated based on the pick up and drop-off location.

Schedule for Later – The user can book the taxi almost instantaneously.

Real-time Tracking – The location of the drivers on their way can be tracked immediately.

Push and Pop-up Notifications – Push notifications remind the users about the time of their rides, offers and many more.

Payment Options – There are multiple payment options available such as wallet payment, debit card and credit card payment and many more.

Feedback and Reviews – The customers can share their ride experience with others based on the ratings and reviews provided in the respective community.

Driver App Features

Driver Registration – Necessary guidance is provided to the customers in registering themselves and in uploading necessary documents.

Availability Toggle – It provides convenience for the workers to switch between the working hours without much delay.

Accept Request / Reject Request – The driver is provided with necessary convenience to accept the request or to reject the request.

Dashboard – The dashboard consists of all the information about the earnings of the respective driver.

Pop-up Alerts – The user request is updated to the drivers via the pop-up alerts.

Other Advanced Features

There are several advanced features that are worth – considering in case of Riide app clone development.

Booking for others – The customers are provided with the privilege to book for their families and friends as well. The ride details can be shared via SMS, e-mail and many more.

Choose your Favorite Destination – If you visit a spot frequently, the favorite destination feature helps you to book the rides almost instantly.

Split Charges – With the split charge feature you can pay individually, in case you are sharing your ride with others.

Panic button – This feature of the taxi booking software helps to reach the admin in times of emergencies.


Over all the elements that decide the achievement of an on-demand Riide app clone development, selecting the right app partner plays an essential job. In the thriving business sectors of the US, Canada and UK, you need a robust taxi booking app that should be highly reliable. As a triumph in the mobile app development industry, UnicoTaxi knows the pros and cons of the market, enabling you to connect with your potential users in the short span of time.

UnicoTaxi’s on-demand solution is best in class regarding execution and financial plan. Uber clone app empowers the transportation owners to ascend their stepping stools of success with no problem. Connect us, share us your desires and mobile app ideas, and execute them into a first class taxi booking software at reasonable costs!

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