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Ride hailing Companies Unlock Huge Business Opportunities


Transportation industry has quickly boomed in numerous countries of the African continent due to ride hailing app development. Particularly West Africa region based countries have seen large taxi players like Uber growing their taxi business with taxi dispatch software. Besides, it has observed the development of local startups of taxi business that have run in this region with the help of a taxi dispatch solution successfully.

In this blog, we will discuss the most recent developments occurring in the ride-hailing industry in West Africa. Let’s have a glimpse of this blog below,

Taxi Booking Market Details of West Africa

Uber Eyes to Unlock West African Taxi Market for Development

Significant Taxi Players in West Africa

            # Bolt (Taxify)

            # Oga Taxi

            # Jekalo

            # Uber


Taxi Booking Market Details of West Africa

“According to statistica, the total income in the ride-hailing industry in 2020 is estimated to stretch around US$447m. Also, the income is evaluated to show a yearly pace of 20.3% which would bring by 2024 about the market volume of US$940m. Aside from that the ‘Average Revenue’ per user is anticipated to sum around US$40.”

Uber Eyes to Unlock West African Taxi Market for Development

Uber - One of the greatest ride-hailing firms in the globe is presently looking to venture into the West Africa regions. The company is in association with the controllers to give their taxi services in West Africa.

It is the perfect region for Uber’s taxi dispatch system as there are low degrees of individual vehicle proprietorship. Besides, the populace in this locale is extending quickly which puts forth the defense for Uber considerably more grounded as there is a non-appearance of a productive mass travel framework.

As indicated by Uber, they have more than 35,000 active drivers in the main city of West Africa. It has its presence in Sub-Saharan Africa however is to great extent missing from the Western locale of the landmass with the exception of not many nations like Nigeria and Ghana. Uber distinguishes West Africa as the locale of a huge possible development.

Uber, however numerous other ride-hailing firms or taxi dispatch systems have additionally focused on West Africa for extension. Uber began its activities in Lagas, which is a megacity that has more than 20 million people.

This company was in chats with the state controllers for giving a vehicle framework by means of the city’s conduits which can viably sidestep the stifled streets. They had just propelled their boat service in Mumbai, India a month prior

This company was in chats with the state controllers for giving a vehicle framework by means of the city’s conduits which can viably sidestep the stifled streets. They had just propelled their boat service in Mumbai, India a month prior

According to the US forecasts, Nigeria’s populace could twofold continuously 2050; to 400 million individuals. It would create Nigeria the third most crowded nation after China and India. Uber is confronting solid competition in scarcely any urban areas from the European countries from ride-hailing competition from Bolt which was before known as Taxify. Bolt is creating a benefit by taking a littler cut from each one of those drivers who are utilizing their app.

Significant Taxi Players in West Africa

There are various ride-hailing startups and companies in West Africa that are running with ride hailing app development.

Bolt (Taxify)

Bolt (Taxify) is a ride-hailing platform with the best taxi dispatch software in Estonia that has its central station in Tallinn. It operates in Nigeria and Ghana. In West Africa, Uber’s taxi dispatch solution is a greatest rival of Bolt.

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Oga Taxi

The absolute, first taxi dispatch software to rise up out of Nigeria. It was propelled in 2016 with the intent to go up against Bolt and Uber with its user driven features that provide rich user experience. Base camp of Oga Taxi is situated in Abuja and it’s worked in urban communities such as Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.


In 2015, it was propelled. This ride-hailing platform with a taxi dispatch system serves two sorts of people, riders and car owners. Riders can arrange for a ride by just entering the trip data to search cabs. Similarly, car owners who look to provide taxi services are investigated and afterward permitted to accept the trip requests.


It’s unarguably the greatest ride-hailing service with a user-friendly taxi dispatch solution across the world. In 2019, it was propelled in San Francisco which is likewise its home office. It right now works in over 600 urban areas in more than 70 countries. It is operational in Ghana and Nigeria, in the West African region. It was first propelled in these 2 regions in 2014-2016 respectively.

Uber was the primary ride-hailing platform to get propelled in Nigeria. Starting at now, it’s accessible in Nigeria’s two urban communities which is Abuja and Lagos. Thus, in Ghana, it’s operational in Kumasi and Greater Accra regions.


A great deal is occurring in the West African nations undoubtedly; because of ride hailing app development. Taxi behemoths are currently hoping to enter this district with the goal that they can use the ever-extending populace and create huge benefits. Simultaneously, local companies are additionally rising to take their cut of the cake. It will be fascinating to perceive the scene of ride-hailing business opportunities in the upcoming year. In future, it will clear the image regarding how ride-hailing companies will unlock the huge taxi business potential in the area.

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