Ride Sharing App Development - Propellant Your Taxi Business With These 3 Lessons From Bolt (Taxify)

This article is for transportation owners and taxi startups who would like to become wildly successful with ride sharing app development. Here, we have gathered together 3 lessons from Bolt (Taxify) that you must ingrain so as to change the game.

Everybody realizes that the taxi business has been totally changed with the advancement of ride sharing app development except if somebody lives under a shell. Different taxi apps like Bolt, Uber and Lyft among some others have become the peak in the market.

Uber has had a restraining infrastructure in many countries however is gradually going back from its top level. It has committed mistakes which have advantageous its rivals from different perspectives.

One of them is Taxify, recently known as Bolt. Let’s walk through a few interesting insights regarding Bolt (Taxify) that will make some lessons.

Let’s see a few glimpses here..

  • About Bolt - Top Ride Sharing App
  • 3 Lessons to Learn from Rideshare App (Bolt) for your Ride Sharing App Development
    • 1. Unique Methodologies
    • 2. Re-Brand
    • 3. Using its Mistakes as a Strength
  • Wrapping Up

About Bolt - Top Ride Sharing App

Bolt was previously called as Taxify and was established in August 2013 in Estonia. Bolt is effectively running in 30+ countries in North America, Europe, Australia, West Asia and Africa, with more than 500,000 drivers and 20 million passengers.

It was propelled in 2017 in London, however has to close down because of permit issues. Difficult for progress, it is again renamed as Bolt and relaunched in 2019. Also, it has got into the market of E-Bike in 2018 with the same name Bolt.

3 Lessons to Learn from Rideshare App (Bolt) for your Ride Sharing App Development

1. Unique Methodologies

It is concentrating on taxi business methodologies that benefits the drivers, passengers and the taxi company.

Safety Features: Taxify clone app (Bolt) will upgrade some safety features including by propelling a “SOS panic button” which is for both passengers and drivers when they’re feeling they are in danger. It will caution the taxi booking app just as the cops are finding them.

A passenger can share the details of their ride through an app like Bolt unlike many Uber alternatives. Truth be told, they are stretching out the security measure to the driver’s track record assessments.

Price Rivalry: Bolt intends to charge on the driver side over 7.5% commission and will change to 15% after the initial two months and it is half of its competitors. It will give up to 10% more profit to drivers and it may take it among the best rideshare app like Bolt for drivers.

Bolt intends to dispatch with half rebate at that point a change to standard rate on the passenger side that will be 10% lower than competitors.

2. Re-Brand

In London, Taxify drove away from its past name and rebranded as Hopp in 2018. It pursued different drivers however no passengers. So, it was rebranded to the new name Bolt everywhere in the world but not sure yet whether Hopp will likewise be rebranded to the name Bolt.

The on-demand app like taxify changed the name to maintain a strategy with another same name company. Bolt is the name that suggests speed and power.

They want to free their goal from fanning out to other transports, not simply cars, by evacuating the word called ‘taxi’. They have just extended to bikes also planned to include other vehicle modes. Basically, it infers that they are not only a taxi dispatch solution any longer.

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In the event that you have intention on ride sharing app development with a taxify clone app, even you must decide on brand name.

3. Using its Mistakes as a Strength

Despite the fact that the app like taxify is a late contestant in the taxi market, companies accept that it can use this as an advantage of his company. How? Indeed, Bolt has utilized essentially less to instruct the market regarding its services and gained potential passengers and drivers rapidly.

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This was just learnt from other’s mistakes. As a delineation, Uber committed some mistakes in the scramble of turning out to be the top one that burst into urban areas.

Because of administrative issues, it ran until it closed for some months. It has helped Bolt to comprehend the administrative standards of different countries.

Likewise, as indicated by the report, Uber has spent on its own self-driving vehicle endeavours around $2 Billion, which has brought that much ROI yet so Bolt decides to join partners with the victories as opposed to endeavoring this all alone.

Being a transportation owner or taxi start up or taxi service provider, you can learn these 3 lessons to support your business with ‘Bolt Clone App’ or ‘Taxify Clone App’ exponentially.

Wrapping Up

I hope that you are inspired to make a ride sharing app development for your business with a ride sharing app like Bolt. If you have a plan to buy bolt clone app or taxi clone app on Uber clone app development, ride hailing app development, taxi app like Taxify development, white-label taxi app like Bolt or any mobile app idea whatsoever, you can reach us.

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