Differences between Ride-Hailing and Ride-Sharing Services

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) are becoming the future of public transport that provides the most convenient & customized solutions in terms of giving appreciated services like ride-hailing and ride-sharing. Both having similar features at the same time, the terms Ride-hailing and Ride-sharing services are in complete contrast.

Let’s see the key differences between ride-hailing and ride-sharing services

Ride-Hailing Service


Hailing means "Hiring" - a process of hailing a taxi driver by rider to arrive at a location where they want to go.


Ride-hailing services are focused on ‘individual customers’. As per customer’s wish, they "hail taxi" from their exact location with time. With the professional driving manner, drivers will take the passengers to their destination through the route map. Most probably, you may find ride-hailing services in all metropolitan cities.


Customers prefer to hail a classy ride through ride-hailing service. It enables customers with the local drivers.

Ride-Sharing Service


The other form of "Carpooling" is ride-sharing - a process of sharing a ride with other commuters and it depends on space availability.


Ride-sharing services are focused ‘for all benefits’ wherever the taxi usage is interconnected. Driver takes a ride from the pick-up location, continues by taking direction through a route map that offers extra “orders and convenience” with dropping off to the location. Ride-sharing services are more in all kinds of areas.


Ride-sharing is a pocket friendly service for customers. Driver allows passengers to share the ride as well.

Wrapping Up

In mobility infrastructure, ride-hailing and ride-sharing are playing dominant roles because both are rapidly developing services.

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