Alternative to Uber & Lyft: How to Start a Taxi / Cab Business Like Libretaxi Clone?

Alternative to Uber & Lyft: How to Start a Taxi / Cab Business  Like Libretaxi Clone?

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Nowadays, you're either an Uber or a Lyft person. Your alliance may change as a part of the recent cycle - Libretaxi.

LibreTaxi, which promotes itself as an alternative to the ubiquitous ride-sharing apps, distinguishes itself by charging no fees for using the service, only accepting cash, allowing price negotiation, and being open-source software. Furthermore, because it is a Telegram-based messaging app, it is compatible with almost any platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop, web, and much more.

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Is LibreTaxi Clone a Real Uber & Lyft Alternative?

How to Start an On-Demand Taxi Business Like LibreTaxi?

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Is LibreTaxi Clone a Real Uber & Lyft Alternative?

LibreTaxi is an open-source competitor to Uber and Lyft, which rely on Telegram, NodeJS, Firebase, and Redis. Passengers pay with cash and interact directly with drivers, with LibreTaxi acting as a thin layer that allows them to negotiate the price before the booking gets confirmed. There is no need for registration or approval.

Uber and Lyft perform poorly in smaller cities and rural areas with low population density. So, it is uncommon there. LibreTaxi is a service that connects paying passengers with ordinary drivers looking to make a few extra dollars. There is no intermediary involved. LibreTaxi is also a taxi booking software. City officials, rural communities, and businesses can download and run their LibreTaxi instances. The app is currently available in 17+ languages.

While Uber is under fire from outraged taxi companies and drivers in several countries, especially Europe and Turkey, it is hard to keep Uber operational due to legal constraints and lockdown. However, an Open-Source Libretaxi Clone Script solution that anyone can install and run, on the other hand, provides a solution to such problems.

LibreTaxi Clone is an open-source, completely free Uber and Lyft alternative that allows users to use a popular Telegram messaging app to request a taxi nearby with just a few clicks. The entire system functions as a Telegram Intelligent Bot, leveraging Telegram's messaging potential as a successful messaging app, such as instant messaging, push notification, maps and geolocation integration, and support for all mobile devices.

However, the following are a few reasons why a Libretaxi clone is a wise investment:

Free of Charge

Cash Only

Multi-Language Support


Affordable Solution

More Compatible

Negotiable Pricing

And considerably more.

Now, let us see.

How to Start an On-Demand Taxi Business Like LibreTaxi?

Just follow the steps outlined below to create an app like Libretaxi:

# Find Your Niche

To start developing a taxi booking app, you must first determine your area of expertise. So, it is vital to find a niche idea that will serve as the foundation for creating a taxi booking app.

# Conduct Extensive Research and Audit

Analyze and collect all necessary information for developing a fully functional on-demand taxi booking app like Libretaxi, with necessary upgrades.

# Prepare Documentation

The next step is to build a comprehensive strategy for project specifications such as app functionality, app design, and tech stack details.

# Start Development

Divide the project into sections, begin implementing each task in ascending order of importance, and perform unit testing to identify flaws.

# Deploy Your App

After screening and receiving a satisfactory report from the Quality assurance team, it is time to deploy your app to the live system to ensure that it works properly across all platforms.

Do you want to know how much it costs to develop an on-demand taxi app like LibreTaxi? If you say yes, the answer lies in the enormous benefits it provides.

A good taxi booking app is simply a robust application that works on all devices, regardless of the platform. Design, features, platforms, and backend infrastructure are the primary factors that influence the cost of developing a Libretaxi-like app. Furthermore, it highly depends on the country you choose to outsource your Libretaxi Clone App Development. The budget may vary depending on the features you want to include in the app and the functions you provide to your users in some cases. A simple app with basic features will cost less. Similarly, the Libretaxi clone app with advanced features will automatically increase the overall budget.

Concluding Note

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the ride-hailing industry has experienced a downturn in 2020. We are nearing the end of the pandemic, and the industry has regained its footing. As a result, developing and launching an on-demand taxi business like Libretaxi is an excellent option. So, it's time to take advantage of it by implementing the custom-built Libretaxi Clone App, which includes standout features.

Once it comes to On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development, you have two options: build your team or hire a Taxi App Development company. If you believe Libretaxi is a good fit for your company, contact UnicoTaxi. We'd be delighted to create a Libretaxi clone app for you that your customers will adore!

Are you ready to test the Libretaxi Clone Features in LIVE?

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