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A Complete Guide to Develop A GoCatch Clone App


Nowadays, you can see that each business is getting digitized, and the GoCatch clone app model is being applied to each taxi industry. This is the positive consequence of people’s hankering to get their requirements right away. In any event, when GoCatch was begun, it didn’t have a business plan to dig into all the market.

GoCatch has more solutions to welcome all the areas of the society, startups and entrepreneurs think that it’s hard to thrive. Luckily, it permitted the sharing of its taxi business model with beginners, who have now helped maximize the demand of taxi dispatch software.

Here, we will examine the main features, development cost, business model and competitor’s functions faced during Gocatch clone app development. The data advised below can provide you a complete guide to build an app like Gocatch.

Table of Content

Existing Competitions in the Business with Taxi Dispatch System

Features Included into the Taxi Dispatch Software

            # Driver App

            # Passenger App

            # Admin Panel

Extra Features to Expand the Ease of Use

            # New Add-on Features in GoCatch Clone App Development

Cost to Build an App Like GoCatch

Business Model

Existing Competitions in the Business with Taxi Dispatch System

There are also different competitors like Grab, Taxify, Ola, Lyft and so forth who are into territorial and also worldwide taxi service. Those are producing income even in territories where GoCatch exists. Everything relies upon how well you offer the taxi service.

Features Included into the Taxi Dispatch Software

Typically, a taxi dispatch system has three kinds of partners: drivers, passengers and admin. Everyone has its own center features to keep up the activity easily. All these features are a need and are additionally considered as an important for a complete GoCatch clone app development.

Driver App

App like GoCatch comes with an unmistakable UI connected directly with the admin dashboard to check the activity of the driver. Try to examine whether your drivers follow your business standards.

Dashboard: Drivers can see the ride reports, income, and benefits in the dashboard. And, the driver can also pick up data about the ride histories such as feedback gained, distance traveled, and so on.

Fare Calculator: Once the ride gets over, drivers get payment details. Your mobile app should help both cash and card payment options.

Notifications: This permits your drivers to tell you about your ride request, new instant messages, canceled trips.

Reviews: This empowers the driver to rate about their passenger as well.

Passenger App

Once the GoCatch clone app is installed, the passenger needs to make a profile to oversee their ride and payment functions.

Book a Ride: It permits passengers to book a ride after mentioning their destination and pin location details.

Estimated Time of Arrival: Passengers can know the arrival information of the drivers.

Notifications: Information about rides, canceled trips and payments will be notified via this.

Fare Calculator: Passengers can know the payment details before starting up the ride.

Review: Passengers can leave review and ratings after the ride.

Admin Panel

Admin panel will permit you to oversee and control the entire activities of your taxi business. So you will be provided by,

Dashboard: With this, you see a measurable report about your benefits, profit, and number of customers.

Reports: All types of reports both from passenger and driver can be seen.

Real-time Tracking: Admin can check vehicle movements and also manage types of vehicles, drivers and feedback, and so on.

Extra Features to Expand the Ease of Use

New Add-on Features in GoCatch Clone App Development

Reward Program of Drivers: Apart from the above mentioned, there are also a couple of basic features that characterize the app when starting to build an app like GoCatch. Make sure to coordinate those features in your taxi dispatch software.

Location Sharing: Starting to build an app like GoCatch, remember to coordinate a GPS enabled map that guides both passenger and driver to know the location of each other. Likewise, customers can know the driver’s movement and can stay calm until their arrival.

Nowadays, planning to build an app like GoCatch is a smart way; customers to impart their area to their families and friends to guarantee security. You can follow these.

Overall Ride Histories: Let your riders know the ride details like vehicle number, vehicle model, driver’s information along with their feedback. This encourages the passenger to confide in your business.

Chat Support: To ask about rides and to tell drivers about the area, the chat support feature must be incorporated. Ensure to enable this feature for your passengers once they push the demand for rides.

Payment Options: Ensure to coordinate third-party payment gateways to manage secure payment processes. Your GoCatch clone app must support both card and cash payment types. Subsequently, empowering your passengers to feel good about the payment choices.

Cost to Build an App Like GoCatch

The cost won’t be the equivalent and it contrasts with the organization as well as location-wise. Numerous entrepreneurs and startups may not wish to invest high at the underlying stage and will search for or plan a cost-effective taxi dispatch system. For the most part, the expense to create and dispatch on both iOS and Android platforms is based on your customization.

Yet, today, because of digital technology, there is an availability of GoCatch clone app development. You can move toward a developer who could provide GoCatch clone script and adopt it right away. This way of building an app like GoCatch to launch your taxi business in a short span of time. With clone scripts, you can easily customize and modify the mobile app based on your requirements. Make sure to find the perfect mobile app development partner like UnicoTaxi in the transportation industry to get the best result.

Business Model

The idea of the taxi dispatch system is easy. A user downloads the mobile app, registers their personal data, begins booking by mentioning a destination and confirms their location and the mobile app coordinates the passenger to a driver in that area and then the ride begins. The features include,geo-tracking, payment and customer support also upgrade ease of use.

The taxi service has a one kind of taxi dispatch software to deal with ride requests and allows passengers to select their drivers based on the ratings. Along these lines, this sort of taxi service helped GoCatch to advance their business as an expert one among the people. Also, at present with a significant number of passengers and drivers, it works effectively in most of the cities across the world.

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