How to Manage All On-Demand Apps in a Single App Like Gojek Clone?

How to Manage All On-Demand Apps in a Single App Like Gojek Clone?

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Want to start a multi-service business? Great idea! Multiple revenue sources are part of a multi-service business. Super apps, without a doubt, are the way of the future. No one will have time in the future to install several apps for different services. So, how do you want to expand your multi-service business? The answer, of course, is “Gojek Clone App.”

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Gojek Clone- Manage Multiple Services in All-in-One App

Gojek Clone App Development

Wrapping Up

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Gojek Clone - Manage Multiple Services in All-in-One App

People's lives are becoming increasingly hectic, leaving less time for household chores. Therefore, the increasing demand for on-demand services helps people complete their unfinished tasks. These days, many people use on-demand services from a single app, such as Gojek. It is a multi-service platform that has reached its full potential, and many business owners and entrepreneurs are now interested in investing in Gojek clone app development.

Gojek Clone App is an all-in-one app that provides an "n" number of services worldwide. In today's world, the use of the on-demand app trend is dynamic and growing. With it, the urge to develop the Gojek Clone App has grown. Furthermore, the Gojek Clone app user can book multiple services on a single platform.

People in this digital era need apps for their daily routines, but they don't want to manage too many apps on a single device, which is why Gojek Clone App is the best startup for your business. People prefer to install a single app rather than multiple apps to access a wide range of services. And this made Gojek Clone a one-stop solution for all purposes, resulting in a large user base.

Gojek clone includes solutions for the following categories:

Parcel/Courier Delivery

With this app, couriers can get delivered from one location to another within the same city. Gojek Clone App users must select the vehicle type they need. Users can hire a cargo, mini-truck, or even a regular big truck depending on the weight and quantity of the parcel. Couriers are transported from one location to another in the same way as Uber.

Food/Grocery Delivery

Users have the option of having items delivered to their homes. This app is a one-stop solution for everything, including food, groceries, stationery, and prescription medications. The Gojek clone app allows users to place orders from nearby stores/shops and get delivered to their homes by delivery drivers.

On-Demand Services

The Gojek clone app offers a wide range of on-demand services. The user needs to say the name, and the service will be available on the app. Users of this service type can hire on-demand:


Car washers


Massage therapist




Road assistance

And much more.

Users can access these professional services via their iOS/Android smartphones and website.

Taxi/cab booking

Users can book cab/taxi rides from their current location to anywhere in the city. Once the taxi driver accepts the ride request, they will arrive at the pickup location and drop off the user at the destination within the estimated time.

Looking for Single app solution for your multiple-service business model?

Gojek Clone App Development

The Gojek clone app is currently one of the most prominent on-demand multi-service app-based platforms available today. As a result, several entrepreneurs prefer to purchase their Gojek clone script from a reputable on-demand mobile app development company. So, if you want a Super App that works like Gojek, work with a White-Label On-Demand App Development Company. The app developer's team will customize and include the app owner's logo and brand name everywhere.

Do you need a Gojek Clone App Script to start your own business? If yes, you've come to the right place. UnicoTaxi offers a custom-built multi-service platform to meet your business's specific needs. Our Gojek clone provides multiple services in a single app, including taxi booking, bike riding, all essential delivery services (food, medicine, flowers, groceries, etc.), courier service, beauty, pet care, car wash, and so on.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a Gojek Clone App:

Easy accessibility

Minimum effort required


100% customization

Boost profits


Multiple languages and currency

70+ multiple services

And considerably more.

Wrapping Up

In this digital era, smartphones have become a vital part of an individual's life. As a result, to reach out to potential customers and maintain a large customer base, you should launch a Gojek-like multi-service app. Even though the app holds multiple services, the business owner can manage each service easily. On the whole, developing a Gojek clone app has numerous advantages over creating an app from scratch.

Want to setup ondemand multi-service business like GojekClone?

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