How to Re-Brand Your Entire Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

How to Re-Brand Your Entire Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

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What could be more satisfying than helping people arrive safely at their destination? If you own a taxi company, you might have experienced this feeling. However, it may be challenging to run a taxi business without a taxi-hailing app and taxi dispatch platform. In this digital age, having a taxi dispatch software is a must for your taxi company. If you're still not convinced, this guide will help you know everything you need.

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Why Rebrand Your Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

How to Rebrand Your Entire Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

Conclusion: Ready to Rebrand?

So, if you own a fleet of taxis and want it to operate better, you will need an automated and efficient White-label Taxi Dispatch System that caters to your specific business needs.

Nowadays, the online transportation business is becoming increasingly popular than ever before. Everyone wants the best taxi dispatch system with almost every feature. You can't stand out in the market unless you know what's best for your company. You should know what is required and be familiar with basic features. The soul of the taxi service is an intelligent taxi dispatch algorithm and panel. The best taxi dispatch software provides limitless options for managing taxi drivers, cabs, and customers, which in turn helps make actionable decisions based on trip data.

First, let us see:

Why Rebrand Your Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

The following are some of the few reasons to rebrand your taxi dispatch software:

# Low Initial Investment

Developing a custom-built app from scratch generally requires a significant investment. You must spend money on research, testing, design, and development. You'll need to hire designers and developers for this. A rebranding taxi app, however, does not require such an investment. To get started, you need to pay a one-time set-up fee and a monthly subscription fee.

# Post Release Maintenance and Support

If you choose a rebranding service, you won't have to deal with maintenance issues. It's because these companies handle all maintenance and support for free. They can manage everything from the server to updating code and supporting applications, ensuring everything runs smoothly. These businesses include all these services in their packages.

# Brand Visibility

If you own a taxi company and don't have a taxi dispatch app, you're losing out on your potential customers. Your customers can find you on Google and other search engines via a white-label taxi app. A white-label app will undoubtedly increase customer awareness of your brand, resulting in increased profits.

# High ROI

A rebranding app streamlines all of a taxi fleet company's operations, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more crucial aspects. Overall, it helps you earn high profits while saving time and money.

How to Rebrand Your Entire Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

Ask Yourself Why?

Asking yourself why an app rebrand is necessary not just provides insight but dictates the project's strategy moving forward. When you answer why you're rebranding, you're essentially creating a rough outline of project requirements.

Conduct a Content Audit

After you've identified your app's reasons for rebranding and have fully committed to the overhaul, the next step is to conduct a full-scale, exhaustive content audit. A quality content audit effectively translates every aspect of your mobile app into solid documentation, from the splash screen to the color of the logout button.

Be Consistent

One of the most crucial characteristics of any app is its consistency. It is vital to innovate, but it is even more important to remain loyal to the message you want to send to your users. Be consistent with your brand's theme, follow the guidelines, and use the same brand elements throughout the app and its promotion.

Focus More on Logo

The idea of developing a rebranded taxi app is to communicate your brand values to prospective or existing users. The logo should help users understand who you are and what you do, and it must be visually appealing, even better!

Conclusion: Ready to Rebrand?

Rebranding your mobile app is a significant investment, but the benefits can be immeasurable. Rebranded apps foster a positive perception of your app among its users while staying updated with design styles and techniques. At UnicoTaxi, we will completely rebrand the taxi dispatch software for you so you can use it as your own.

However, the rebranding services include.

Logo change

Color change

Upload the app to the Android Play Store/iOS App Store

Setup backend panel

Integrate payment gateway

Would You Like to Rebrand Your Taxi Booking and Dispatching Platform?

On the whole, Rebranding a mobile app is an ongoing process that involves million-minute details. The above-mentioned is a comprehensive list of everything that can help you rebrand your taxi app and make it stand out from the crowd.

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