Is Your Taxi Business Prepared Post COVID-19? Upgrade Today

Is Your Taxi Business Prepared Post COVID-19? Upgrade Today

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We understand that taxi business-as-usual will be anything but as the transportation industry starts its recovery post COVID-19 and starts its re-negotiation of expectations with the passengers. They will be more aware and demanding, not unwantedly as it relates to the selection or price, but in regards to their perception of cleanliness, safety and overall precautions. COVID-19 outbreak has boosted alarm bells not easily within the realm of personal health and hygiene standards, but all those drivers and passengers.

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Preparations Taken By Taxi Service Providers Post COVID-19

Are You Planning to Prepare the Same for Your Taxi Business?

Upgrading to ‘Taxi Apps’ from ‘Call a Taxi’

Real-time Tracking of Vehicles

Feedback Management System

Efficiency of the Driver is Greatly Improved

Preparations Taken By Taxi Service Providers Post COVID-19

Ride-hailing services are taking essential and proper measures to keep their drivers and passengers safe from the high infectious and communicable coronavirus disease. Keeping the prior standards of health and hygiene, both individually; and also within the taxis, is of utmost notability. The taxi service providers have prepared their driver partners for the usage of hand sanitizers, masks, encouraged ‘Cashless’ payment process, as well as advised to keep sanitizing the taxis often or at a regular time interval.

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One more example, OLA India advised their drivers to inform the OLA Care Helpline at 24/7 if they find any Covid-19 symptoms among their riders, and the driver has to self-quarantine themselves. And, if any rider who is tested positive has taken their OLA ride in the last one week, OLA requested their riders to contact the company.

In Coimbatore, the largest city, SouthEastern India, some of the taxi service providers have introduced the customized cab interiors to ensure rider’s safety. The private taxi service provider has attempted first and customized their taxi’s interior by covering transparent mica sheets between the seats. It will help their passenger avoid physical contact with both the driver and fellow rider.

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Are You Planning to Prepare the Same for Your Taxi Business?

As a transportation owner, you have more responsibility in terms of providing safety and secure taxi services to your passengers as well as drivers who are the pillar of your taxi business. So, you should focus on your driver’s health condition too.

It is quite challenging to build up a taxi business amidst the taxi dispatch systems such as Lyft, Ola, Uber and the like. The deciding factor to achieve success in the taxi business is setting up a better business plan. Don’t be confined to the traditional method of booking the customers always because traditional taxi booking does not work out in the present and future also. Doing so which will make you lose your valuable customers.

Upgrading to ‘Taxi Apps’ from ‘Call a Taxi’

The first taxi dispatch system is developed by Uber by which the entire taxi industry is revolutionized. With the emergence of Uber, the traditional taxi business has started to fade away as people have started moving towards an on-demand taxi dispatch system to obtain a better booking experience. The success of Uber has induced many entrepreneurs to upgrade their own on-demand taxi dispatch system.

To stay put in the competing environment of the taxi business (especially, recent times), it is essential for the taxi dispatch business to stay upgraded with the latest technologies such as the white label taxi dispatch system and many more. You can build your own online taxi dispatch system by partnering with renowned app development companies. Choosing a white label taxi dispatch system is considered an alternate option.

Why should you upgrade your taxi dispatch system today? Let’s discuss three major reasons. The benefits of the online taxi dispatch system is not limited to the following. For more information,

Real-time Tracking of Vehicles - The driver should have knowledge about the pickup and drop location of the passengers. This is made possible with the help of real-time tracking features of the taxi dispatch system. With this real-time tracking system, it is possible to monitor the location of the driver as well as the passenger. With this system, better services can be provided. This is the greatest advantage of the online taxi dispatch system when compared to the traditional way of hailing a cab.

Feedback Management System - One of the noteworthy features of the taxi dispatch system thus developed is the feedback management system. The traditional method however will not obtain any feedback from the passengers. Hence it is not possible to know about the quality of services offered, how great they are. In the developed on-demand taxi dispatch system, it is possible to obtain the feedback from the customers which help in increasing the reputation of the company by correcting all the discomforts faced by the customers during this pandemic time. Here, the customer has the complete freedom to give his heart-felt reviews and feedback that helps in resolving the issues faced by the taxi business. By resolving these issues, the white-label taxi dispatch system can ensure that the same issues will not happen again in the future. By assuring which, the company business can grow even better.

Efficiency of the Driver is Greatly Improved - It is able to manage the driver’s productivity and efficiency with the help of an online taxi dispatch system. The taxi dispatch system also helps in monitoring the performance of the driver as well as the rider. The feedback obtained from the rider during the ride helps in determining the performance of the driver. This in turn is used to improve the efficiency of the driver indirectly and the following:

The riding experience of the passenger is increased

Business operations are greatly improved

Efficiency and the productivity of the driver is improved

Final Touch

Processes such as licensing, insurance are inevitable in starting a taxi business more successfully after this crisis. With the advancements in mobile technology, the taxi business is booming day by day. That’s why taxi service providers all over the world are trying to innovate and implement safe and advanced techniques through their taxi booking app to ensure safe ride. Apart from providing the services, these online taxi dispatch systems can also be used for booking instant trips, deliveries (i.e. Uber Deliveries) and the like. Upgrade a customized app to bring your business to greater heights post COVID-19.

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