Unheard Business Opportunities with Ride-Hailing Apps - Make use of it

In recent times, ride-hailing apps play a major role in our day to day lives because of their convenience. Due to its tremendous growth, top industry players had begun to explore other possible business opportunities with ride-hailing apps.

That’s Right - the technology behind the ride-hailing app with little tweaks can pave way for additional business opportunities.

I think most of you would have heard about bike taxis. Its nothing but a ride-hailing app for the bike.

Top industry player, Ola has started the bike taxi service and even Uber also has plans to launch a similar kind of service.

Ride-hailing apps are not only limited to car or bike taxis but also “Let’s take a look at the other possible business opportunities with ride-hailing apps”

Paratransit Taxi service

Paratransit taxi service is nothing but a transportation service for the elderly, disabled or for the one who cannot use regular taxi service.

Food Delivery Service

Many of you have heard about Ubereats, Doordash, Grubhub, and other food delivery services - the technology behind the apps is the same as ride-hailing but with little tweaks.


Courier Delivery Service

Pet Taxi Service

Water Taxi Service

Grocery Delivery Service

Cleaning Service

Handyman Service

Alcohol Delivery Service

and whatnot…

With this kind of technology and your vision, there are many unexplored business possibilities that await you. Let’s get to work.