Upgrade Taxi Dispatch Software to Accelerate Your Business?

Vinupradha A

As far as the World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned, more than 150+ countries are engaged in COVID-19 Vaccine global access facility

In Welcome News for the COVID-19 battered world, some country’s COVID-19 Vaccines got approval for human clinical trials from WHO and their concerned Institute of Medical and Health Research; AWAIT! Every country is expecting to come to know about the result of COVAX after COVID-19 vaccine is tested.

In addition, 75 countries submit expressions of interest to find COVID-19 Vaccine, joining up to further 90 countries which can be supported by the COVAX - AMC (Advance Market Commitment). The facility of COVAX, and the AMC together, is designed to ensure fair, rapid and equal access to COVID-19 vaccines for each and every country in the world, to make speedy progress towards stopping the coronavirus pandemic.

Truth be told, it’s a positive sign for all ‘Individuals’, ‘Business Visionaries’ and ‘Startups’. Definitely, we will get relaxed from this trouble soon. Of course, everything will be normal.

“Nothing is Permanent in this Wicked World, Not Even Our Troubles.” ― Charlie Chaplin

Think positive! Break is needed for all; in this hectic lifestyle. Take this pandemic period as your perfect break. Refresh your mind and begin to fulfill your dreams in the taxi business if you are interested in the transportation industry. You have enough time to analyze, learn and improve your business tactics in the upcoming year.

Are you thinking the same? Want to upgrade your taxi dispatch software to speed up your business? Well, this is the right time. Once COVID-19 vaccine comes up successfully, business will be normal in 3 to 4 months. So, you can plan your taxi business with a taxi booking app accordingly.

To upgrade your taxi business, you should follow the below strategies with taxi dispatch software during this time.

Promoting the Business via Online Presence

Fleet Branding

Driver Recruitment

Utilizing the Influence of Social Media

Targeted Advertising

Referral Marketing

Reach Out through PR and Media

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Promoting the Business via Online Presence

If you have made yourself start your own taxi business, then the first thing that you need to have is a pleasing website and a taxi dispatch software. However, if you do not have a website for booking, beware you lack the chances of getting an exposure.

Your website may no longer be visible to a wider range of customers and you may not be able to get the ride requests anymore.

Fleet Branding

Creating fleet branding is another and the most common way of advertising the taxi dispatch software. This can be achieved by placing the company logo on the fleet vehicle that helps to reach more customers.

This type of fleet branding requires only minimal expense to be spent. However, the return obtained is far greater.

Driver Recruitment

Recruiting healthy drivers is yet another important step involved in running the taxi business effectively. The drivers may or may not have their own vehicles. However, businesses such as Uber prefer drivers having their own vehicles.

These drivers are considered as the PR agents of the taxi business company. They are very effective at communicating with the customers in advertising the company and promoting the online taxi dispatch software as well as the on-demand taxi dispatch software.

Utilizing the Influence of Social Media

The number of people using social media has increased from 5.46 billion to 5.77 billion between 2019 and 2020. This shows how much potential social media has as around 80% of the internet users use social media too!

Hence, create a social media account of your own be it in Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any other platforms where you may be able to exploit. Use images, videos and articles to update your taxi business page regularly.

Make sure that the online taxi dispatch software responds to the customer queries almost instantly.

Targeted Advertising

The target audience for the taxi dispatch software can be obtained by means of algorithms, customer preferences and their behavior. The target audiences are then subjected to advertisements based on which they can opt out service out of interest.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and ads on the web pages can be used as a means of advertising the business which helps in promoting the online taxi dispatch software to a greater extent. These ads pop-up when a person searches for taxi related services on the web.

Advertisements can be published in social media platforms such as Facebook for better exposure. These campaigns help in creating a greater number of customers for the on-demand taxi dispatch software.

Referral Marketing

If your friend is buying a car, then you will also take the fancy to buy the same car. You will give high preferences to what your friends and family recommend. This is the approach used behind referral marketing.

The person may share the promo code of the taxi booking app with his/her friends and family members who will try out the online taxi dispatch software in return. By this way of referral, more customers are attracted towards the business.

Reach Out through PR and Media

Not only small taxi businesses but also on demand taxi dispatch software such as Uber depends on the PR tactics for getting more customers. Some of these tactics include creating stories and making them telecasting them on the television and other media sources.

The advantage of having an effective PR team is that they can create brand awareness and they are capable of leaving a positive impression among the customers about the taxi business. With effective PR strategies, it is possible to create customers from the fellow audience.


In today’s world, there is no single person without a smartphone. Hence, using the taxi hailing apps for booking a taxi is considered more common and much safer than public transportation even after the COVID-19 Vaccine was found. The taxi business is expected to include alternative payment options like ‘Contact-Free or Cash-Less’ as well. A quality taxi dispatch software being the primary requirement for running a taxi business can help to speed up the business using the above-mentioned ways.

UnicoTaxi would like to express gratitude to all the doctors who are ‘Frontline Warriors’ fighting against COVID-19 from the beginning to till now. Despite the high risk of infections, doctors are selflessly treating COVID-19 patients continuously. However, many doctors are being abused for reportedly being coronavirus carriers. Hence, UnicoTaxi is raising the morale of all the doctors through this post".

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