Why Multi-Service Businesses Need Gojek and Grab-like Super App Development?

Why Multi-Service Businesses Need Gojek and Grab-like Super App Development?


In the fast-paced digital world of today, folks want things to be simple and fast. Companies that provide multiple services are recognizing the need to adapt to fulfill these requests. They're doing this by creating Super Apps, a concept made famous by companies like Gojek and Grab. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of Super Apps and explore why they are essential for multi-service businesses to thrive.

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What is a Super App?

Success Factors of Gojek and Grab

Future of Super Apps in the Global Market

How Gojek and Grab like Super app development can help multi-service businesses grow

Benefits of Super App Development for Multi-Service Businesses

Features to Consider When Developing a Multi-Service App like Gojek

Summing Up

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What is a Super App?

A super app is like a mobile or web app that brings together lots of different services on one platform, kind of like a bundle of tech services.

The term "super app" is linked to the founder of Blackberry, Mike Lazaridis. Super apps have a set of main features and little apps inside them that users can use.

For example, a super app could have stuff like social media, online shopping, banking, messaging, food delivery, and transportation features or little apps that you can use when you need them. On top of all these separate features, the super app itself can do stuff too.

Future of Super Apps in the Global Market

The future of the Super App market is like watching a rocket poised for launch – full of promise and bound for new heights. These versatile apps aren't content with staying within borders; they're expanding their horizons worldwide. Imagine a Super App that started in one country, now helping people in many others. It's like a digital ambassador bridging cultures and making life easier.

This trend isn't a fad; it's here to stay. As our lives become busier and more interconnected, Super Apps offer a lifeline of convenience. They're like having a personal assistant right in your pocket, ready to assist with various tasks and services at your fingertips.

With more and more people embracing Super Apps, the future holds endless growth potential. These apps will continue to enhance, offering us more things to do. It's a global trend that's changing how we live in this modern age. So, prepare for a world where Super Apps play a notable role in our daily lives, making things uncomplicated and more lovely.

Success Factors of Gojek and Grab

To understand the importance of Super App Development, it's crucial to examine the success factors that have propelled companies like Gojek and Grab to the forefront of this evolving industry:

Diverse Service Offerings

Gojek and Grab started as ride-hailing services but rapidly diversified their service offerings. This diversity attracts a broad range of users with varying needs, making them indispensable.

Unparalleled Convenience

Super Apps prioritize user convenience. With just a few taps on a smartphone, users can access a multitude of services, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps.

Seamless Integration

The integration of services within these apps creates a seamless user experience. From booking a ride to ordering a meal, everything is interconnected, simplifying users' lives.

Robust Payment Solutions

Super Apps offer secure and convenient payment options, including digital wallets. This ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions, further enhancing user satisfaction.


Successful Super Apps adapt to the local culture and cater to the specific needs of their target markets. This localized approach helps in establishing a strong user base.

How Gojek and Grab like Super app development can help multi-service businesses grow

Developing a Super app similar to Gojek and Grab can be a significant catalyst for the growth of multi-service businesses. Firstly, it expands the customer base by offering a wide range of services within a single, user-friendly platform. This convenience enhances customer loyalty, as users find all their needs met in one place. Furthermore, it streamlines operations, making resource allocation more efficient.

The app's ability to generate revenue from various sources, such as service fees and advertising, ensures financial sustainability. Data gathered from diverse services provides valuable insights into user behavior, enabling data-driven improvements. Scalability allows for the addition of new services as the business grows. A well-designed Super app enhances brand visibility and provides a competitive edge in a crowded market. Overall, it is a powerful tool that can drive super app revenue growth, increase customer satisfaction, and propel multi-service businesses into a prosperous super app future.

Benefits of Super App Development for Multi-Service Businesses

Let's summarize the benefits of Super App Development for multi-service businesses:

Meeting Modern Needs

Some use it for rides, some for food, and some for local services like fixing things at home.

Becoming a Super App

Cities are growing larger, and more folks are turning to services like Uber when they need them. Approximately 42% of all individuals in the United States are fans of on-demand app development. If you make an on-demand multi-service app, you can offer lots of different services all in one place. Your app can become super by adding fancy features.

Making Lots of Money

With a Gojek-like super app development, you can reach many people and make more money than you thought. A famous app called Urban Company has lots of downloads and is worth $11 billion.

Handling Money Right

A multi-service app development helps you manage your money better. It can deal with lots of people using it at once.

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Saving Time and Money

Instead of making lots of apps for each service, you can make one app that does many things. This saves you money and time.

Easier Management

The app's dashboard helps you take care of it without much trouble. You can handle lots of customers who want to use your app.

Protecting User Data

The app's code makes it work well and keeps user data safe.

A Marketing Tool

With a multi-service app, you can grow your business without limits. The app helps you sell more things.

Features to Consider When Developing a Multi-Service App like Gojek

A Template for Many Services:

This template lets you see all the products and on-demand services in one app. That means you won't need to deal with multiple apps, which saves you time since you won't have to switch between different ones.

Turn On/Off Switch:

This feature allows delivery partners to show if they're available or not. If a delivery partner is busy with another job or can't work, they can use the toggle options. This ensures smooth delivery service. The delivery partner can turn the toggle on when they're ready to provide service.

GPS Location Tracker:

The GPS tracker helps you track your orders and delivery partners. If there's a delay or any issue, the chatbot option lets you connect with the delivery partner. Similarly, the delivery partner can contact you to reach your destination faster.

Support for Multiple Currencies:

The multi-currency support makes it easy for users worldwide. It also lets users conveniently make payments for their orders. You can even add an option to change the currency if needed.

Summing Up

To sum up, the outlook for multi-service businesses is closely tied to the concept of Super App Development. These comprehensive solutions provide a holistic approach to satisfying a wide range of customer needs, leading to greater customer loyalty and increased revenue. If you're operating in the multi-service sector, it's a perfect opportunity to explore the potential of creating your own Super App, akin to Gojek or Grab. The possibilities are extensive, and the advantages are clear. Plus, UnicoTaxi can be your reliable partner, providing assistance and trustworthiness throughout the journey.

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