What Type of Multi-Service Business Model Is Appealing to Entrepreneurs?

What Type of Multi-Service Business Model Is Appealing to Entrepreneurs?

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Developing a Gojek-like app will be a rewarding experience for aspiring entrepreneurs like you because all your hard work and efforts will yield results. With the Gojek Clone app, you will have the potential to make history by becoming the world's most successful entrepreneur. This Super App offers its users 80+ on-demand services via its powerful digital platform.

Here, We will Explore the following:

Why Multi-Service Business Model?

Step-By-Step Guide for Multi-Service App Development


Choose the App Platform

Work on Features

Select the Tech Stack


In a Nutshell,

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Why Multi-Service Business Model?

If you are an expert at completing multiple tasks in one go, you are the right person to carry out your multi-service business ideas. So, what exactly is a multi-service-based business? A multi-service business is a business model that offers multiple services from a single location. With this business model, many people benefit from the opportunity to access different services from a single location.

The popularity of multi-service apps is nothing less than a Godsend. Ride-Hailing, On-Demand Store Delivery, Beautician On-Demand, and the other extensive range of services are what make this Gojek Clone app an all-arounder. The app users can get an array of services delivered to their Doorstep. Nowadays, businesses are experimenting with new ways to engage their customers to increase revenue and brand image. With smartphones becoming a vital part of daily life, technological advancement is introducing new ways to engage customers by launching a Gojek-like app.

Here are a few reasons why Gojek-like multi-service apps are popular in the on-demand economy:

User-Friendly Interface

Responsive Design

Multiple On-Demand Services

Custom-Built Features

Cost-Effective Solution

Multiple Payment Option

Steady Profit Generation

And Considerably more.

Are You Looking for All-in-One Multiservice Platform?

Gojek Clone is known as the "Super app" because it provides a wide range of on-demand services. This Multi delivery app covers an infinite number of on-demand solutions. Instead of using separate apps to book movie tickets and send packages, users can use the Gojek Clone script to meet both needs. The super app model is more convenient and saves customers time. This business model works well because customers today are impatient and want things as soon as possible. Thanks to the Gojek Clone App, Customers can find anything and everything on this on-demand platform.

Step-By-Step Guide for Multi-Service App Development

User-friendly solutions always attract people, which is why an app like Gojek has gained immense market popularity. An app like Gojek has a high revenue and user base because it provides numerous benefits to customers and business owners. Therefore, entrepreneurs have realized that this multi-service business model is lucrative and have entered the market. Here are some steps to developing a Gojek-Like App:

# Planning

To launch a multi-service app, you must have a well-laid-out plan and understand every aspect of the app. When developing a multi-service app, you must consider more factors, including platform, features, UX/UI design, complexity, location, etc.

# Choose the App Platform

Next, you must choose the right app platform based on your target audience. You can, for example, choose a native app, a cross-platform app, or a web app.

# Work on Features

You must integrate unique features into your Gojek Clone app to stand out in the market. However, you can choose and include features depending on your budget.

# Select the Tech Stack

When developing a Gojek Clone app, use a modern tech stack. Once you scan the market, you can find numerous features and functions, allowing you to use various technologies for outstanding app performance.

# Testing

After all requirements and development are complete, the app can get tested across all platforms and fix bugs. The app can then get launched. After the app launch, you can also gather customer feedback and improve the standard.

In a Nutshell,

So, if you want to start a business in the on-demand industry, then it’s time to launch your Gojek Clone app. You can contact a white-label Gojek App Development Company that offers newly integrated feature solutions. Unicodel provides a highly scalable and customizable Gojek clone script with multi-services in a single app. Take the live demo, customize your features, and place your order. You're about to launch your multi-demand business in a short time.

Are You Looking for a Gojek like Script?

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