Top 10 Uber App Features You Should Check Before Developing Uber Clone App

Do you own a taxi business? Are you desperate about starting an uber like app to promote your business? The features proposed below helps to promote your business in a better way. Half of the customers of the taxi app are millennials who prefer on-demand solutions mostly. This shows the demand for the taxi app among the millennials. The app being easy to use and its functionalities cater to its increased usage of Uber like App.

The uber clone app is an on-demand model highly preferred not only by the customers but also employees working in their section. This makes clear that job opportunities are created in plenty by these on–demand sectors. It is highly likely that customer satisfaction obtained out of this model is the result of happy and satisfied customers.

Another ride–hailing app which is from Singapore called Grab is a successful taxi app whose revenue crossed $300 million. It is considered a difficult task to create an uber clone app like Grab which is used for taxi–booking as it requires high planning to determine who the target audiences are.

For this, it is essential to determine the requirements for creating an on–demand app that you planned for a long time and also ensure that the app being developed should provide a sense of fulfilment.

The features that are listed below when included in the uber clone app have been developed, providing the users with an enriching experience allowing the users to have an easy booking and tracking experience.

Let’s begin...

Features To Be Considered While Developing an Uber Clone App

  • Looking for a ride? Either ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book for Later’
  • Tracking the Driver in Real–time
  • Real–time Sharing of the Ride Details
  • Making Payment via Multiple Options
  • Have Preferences for Choosing the Language
  • Options to Include Panic Button
  • Obtain Reviews and Ratings for Enhancement
  • Trip History / Trip Statement
  • In–App Option to Call or Chat
  • Night Mode Map

Features To Be Considered While Developing an Uber Clone App

1. Looking for a ride? Either ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book for Later’

The feature for booking the ride now or later helps one to book for the ride he/she wants which is a must feature incorporated in all the taxi apps. This helps to get the ride as fast as possible. Future trips can also be planned with the help of a book later option.

This feature should also include another consideration which is considered as important as the “How to book for a ride?” The following input needs to be provided while booking a ride.

  • Pick–up and Drop location
  • Preferred Vehicle Type
  • Time and Date of Pickup

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2. Tracking the Driver in Real–time

The ride will become awkward when the customer is unfamiliar about the driver. There are chances that the travelling experience may be affected as a result of this and the customers experience of the ride may become unsatisfactory. Including a real–time tracking by integrating GPS with the taxi app is considered as the best way which the situation can be tackled. The travel route of the drivers can be tracked easily with the help of this app.

3. Real–time Sharing of the Ride Details

The customers always feel safe by sharing their ride details with the people close to them. There are high chances of getting the trust of the user when this feature is included in the uber clone script. This helps to ensure whether a person has reached the destination safe or not. This feature helps the customer to be assured about the route taken to reach the destination by the driver. This ensures a safe and secured journey.

4. Making Payment via Multiple Options

There may be times when the user may be short of cash at the time of ride. There may be a few who prefer making payment via cash and not other modes as they do not wish to share their card or account details. Hence including multiple options to make payment in the uber like app is considered as an efficient and better option for the people taking the ride. In other words, the uber clone should include both online and offline payment options.

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5. Have Preferences for Choosing the Language

It is considered as an added advantage to allow the passengers and drivers to have the option to choose their language they prefer the most. For instance - English, German, Spanish and French. To allow them to select it when the passenger and driver is using their app, you must add the ‘Multilingual Feature’ in your Uber clone script to attract tourists. Then, the app comes in various languages which can be added more as per your needs.

6. Options to Include Panic Button

If users are travelling alone, everyone expects a safe and secure ride. The app should allow the riders to contact their families and friends to know about their trip location in a touch. If they meet any issues, passengers can use the SOS panic button; the alert is automatically sent to their contact members as well as taxi service providers.

7. Obtain Reviews and Ratings for Enhancement

Why does review and ratings about the driver need to be included in the app? With this the riders get to know about the driver before taking a ride. The ratings and reviews show that if it is possible to have a positive riding experience with the driver or not. Thus, the feedback provides the user with what they expect.

This is the most important of all the features described. Besides it is essential that the users should provide the right feedback. The business can be improved to a greater extent with the help of reviews and ratings.

8. Trip History / Trip Statement

Do you want to know about your ride details? The trip history feature provides the riders with the essential details which includes the total amount charged, details of the ride and the like. The trip history should be made visible to both the riders as well as the drivers to allow them check the details about the ride.

9. In–App Option to Call or Chat

This feature allows the riders and the drivers to make calls against each other that allows them to keep track of each other. With this feature, the users can also contact the support team to know about the details of the ride.

10. Night Mode Map

The Uber clone app comes with a “Night Mode Map” feature that allows drivers to use the app without any eye fatigue. Drivers can view the map for long hours without any stress which in turn helps you to increase productivity. Moreover, the night mode feature saves the power of devices.

It is not quite easy to develop an uber like app. Deciding on the target audience is a crucial requirement. It requires defining the plan, strategy and the required features. The above - mentioned features are considered as the most basic one to be included while developing the app. If you need any assistance in developing a taxi app for your business, we are available with plenty of suggestions and you can connect with us at UnicoTaxi for developing the uber clone script.

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