Key Indicators to Upgrade Your Current Taxi Dispatching Software

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Today, taxi businesses are harnessing the power of a taxi dispatch system to control costs and improve fleet performance. However, merely selecting the best taxi dispatch software is not enough. It is also critical to monitor key performance indicators (KPI) for your fleet to increase productivity and efficiency.

Key indicators play a vital role in the taxi industry for measuring productivity, costs, and quality rates. Even better, the data collected by these indicators will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your taxi business, as they allow you to monitor and evaluate business operations regularly.

Fleet managers can track KPIs for their fleet based on three main benchmarks: controlling costs, improving productivity, and enhancing fleet efficiency. It is also vital to consider the specific areas in which your taxi business needs further improvement.

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Key Indicators to Upgrade Taxi Dispatch System

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If you're wondering, "What are the key indicators to upgrade my current Taxi Dispatching Software?" we've listed the most important ones below. Let's take a look at the top KPIs you should be targeting to upgrade your current taxi dispatching system.

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Key Indicators to Upgrade Taxi Dispatch System:

Vehicle Idle Time

Some drivers leave their taxis idle for longer durations than they should. By reducing unnecessary idling, you can improve fuel efficiency while lowering the carbon footprint of your company vehicles. On the other hand, poor tracking of idle time minimizes your ROI.

Road Safety Compliance

When no one is looking, some drivers feel tempted to break traffic rules. If the drivers violate traffic rules, the government can levy fines on both the driver and the vehicle. Monitoring driver road safety using GPS tracking solutions can save your company from financial ruin. A minor error can significantly impact your taxi business in the form of accidents, injury, and liability costs. In some cases, these breaches of compliance can cost you even your overall business.

Track Vehicle Breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns, in which fleet vehicles experience an unexpected failure and are unable to continue operating safely, should be avoided whenever possible. A high rate of vehicle breakdowns may indicate that the current taxi dispatching system is insufficient and needs to be changed. Fleet managers should keep track of breakdown incidents and try to find out what's causing them to avoid such disruptions in the future.

Route Adherence

You should keep track of whether your drivers stick to the predetermined routes. When you compare a driver route to an optimized route, it's possible to spot the difference between those who lose their way and those who intentionally deviate. You can easily monitor your drivers' inefficiency with the help of GPS tracking software.

Inspection Reports

Daily vehicle inspection reports and real-time alerts are vital for understanding your fleet's health and efficiency. With taxi dispatch software, you can track the real-time condition of your taxis and even monitor failure conditions and the reasons for them. Seeing the signs of your vehicle's problems will also help you plan effective maintenance measures and possibly reduce your fleet's downtime. Custom reports such as harsh braking, speed variation, and engine ignition time are further add-ons you get with an on-demand taxi dispatch system.

Fuel Economy Per Asset

Maintaining fuel costs is the most complex and crucial task. It's vital to be aware of how much you're using and how much you're wasting to control fuel costs. When it comes to setting KPIs for fuel, it's more important to focus on fuel efficiency. Taxi business owners must track fuel usage patterns and concentrate on route optimization and driver behavior.

Using a Taxi Dispatch System would help managers to keep track of fuel consumption and avoid the hassle of keeping paper receipts. Furthermore, they would be able to see real-time fuel entries and expenditures. Thus, having on-demand taxi dispatch software allows you to optimize your fleet's routing and increase fuel efficiency.

Driver Assignments

While many fleet managers concentrate solely on their fleets and other valuable assets, it is also necessary to track and manage drivers to improve productivity. Following key indicators that provide a complete picture of a driver's activities will go a long way toward ensuring the drivers' safety and efficiency during work hours. So, with the help of taxi dispatch software, you can smoothly track and manage your drivers while sitting remotely. There are several methods for monitoring your drivers' real-time behavior and activity. Tracking the driver's behavior can be achieved by assigning GPS-enabled vehicles and leveraging reports on distance traveled, stoppages, and fuel spends.

Fleet Productivity

Fleet managers need to know how productive their fleet is. A range of metrics, such as average job completion time, time on location, and vehicle activity, could be used to assess fleet productivity. Metrics like those would make it much easier for fleet managers to identify ways to streamline their business operations and improve service standards.

The Wrap Up

Well, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is a worthy undertaking for fleets, and it means that your taxi business must have an on-demand taxi dispatch system to track KPIs effectively. However, choosing the right taxi dispatching system for your business can help you save money while improving customer service standards.

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