How to Build a Taxi Dispatch System for E-Taxi Business?

How to Build a Taxi Dispatch System for E-Taxi Business?

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Do you want to build a revenue-generating Taxi Dispatch System for your E-Taxi business? Here is the way to go!

With rapidly increasing pollution and fuel prices, it has become a dire need to shift to environmentally-friendly transportation. As a result, the vast majority of vehicle manufacturers decide to invest in an E Taxi Fleet. Electric Taxis have a great potential to improve urban air quality while saving driver energy consumption.

Electric taxis have a promising future, thanks to technological advancements. Many cities including, New York City, USA, are taking steps to replace gasoline taxis with plug-in electric vehicles. But, how does an e-taxi work? What types of Electric Taxis are there? What are the real benefits of electric taxis? How to build a taxi dispatch system for E-Taxi Business? If you're asking yourself these questions, you're on the right track!

Listed below are the topics we are going to cover here:

How Does an E-Taxi Work?

What Types of Electric Taxis Are There?

Plug-In Electric

Plug-In Hybrid


What Are the Real Benefits of E-Taxi?

No Fuel, No Emissions

Cost-Effective Solution

More Convenient

Safe to Drive

Reduced Noise Pollution

Cost of Electric Taxis

How Taxi Dispatch Software Benefits Your E-Taxi Business?

Real-Time Tracking

Assured Passenger Security

Improved Booking Frequency

Boost Driver Efficiency

Secure Payment System

Rate and Review System

How to Build a Taxi Dispatch System for E Taxi Business?

Do a Market Research

Prepare a Detailed List of Features and Functionality

Build a Robust Taxi Dispatch System

Secret Tips to Become Successful in Your E Taxi Business

Let Us Get Started!

How Does an E-Taxi Work?

E-Taxis function by an electric motor, and these vehicles get their energy from the taxi's rechargeable batteries. These batteries are found under the taxis and, in some cases, in the trunk. The rest of the taxi's exterior part is the same as a gasoline-powered vehicle. The only thing that is missing is an Exhaust System. Electric taxis accelerate faster than traditional fuel-powered vehicles, making them feel lighter to drive.

What Types of Electric Taxis Are There?

There are a few types of Electric Vehicles (EV). Some vehicles that run purely on electricity are known as pure electric vehicles, whereas some vehicles that run on petrol or diesel are called hybrid electric vehicles.

# Plug-In Electric

The taxi runs entirely on electricity and receives all of its power when plugged in to charge. Since this taxi does not require gasoline or diesel to operate, it does not emit any emissions, unlike traditional taxis.

# Plug-In Hybrid

The taxi runs by electricity, but it also has a conventional fuel engine that can run on either gasoline or diesel. If the taxi's battery power runs out, it will switch to gasoline. However, when running on gasoline, these taxis emit emissions, but not when running on electricity. Plug-In Hybrids can recharge their batteries by plugging them into an electrical outlet.

# Hybrid-Electric

The taxis run primarily on gasoline or diesel, but they also have an electric battery recharged through regenerative braking. You can switch between using your fuel engine and using 'EV' mode. These vehicles cannot be plugged into an electrical outlet and rely on gasoline or diesel for power.

What Are the Real Benefits of E-Taxi?

Electric taxis are increasingly seen as a viable option in an everyday mode of transport, providing numerous benefits to individuals and businesses alike and are not limited to the technologically savvy and environmentally conscious.

# No Fuel, No Emissions

If you are looking to reduce the environmental impact via transportation, an EV is the best way to go. Since this electric engine operates on a closed circuit, an E Taxi emits none of the gases associated with global warming. A fully electric vehicle, which is good for the environment, does not require gasoline or diesel.

# Cost-Effective Solution

E Taxis can be fueled for low prices, making them an excellent way to save money in your own life. We all know that gasoline and diesel engines necessarily require costly engine maintenance over their lifetimes - electric vehicles don't. As a result, your EV will most likely have lower long-term maintenance costs than other vehicles.

# More Convenient

The electric vehicle is quick and easy to charge, and the best part is that you won't have to stop at a gas station to recharge it before driving. You can use any standard household outlet to power an electric taxi.

# Safe to Drive

E-Taxis undergo the same fitness and testing procedures as gasoline-powered vehicles. Electric taxis are much more stable on the road in case of a collision. If an accident occurs, one can expect airbags to deploy, and power will cut down from the battery, which, in turn, will save your life and the lives of the other passengers in the taxi. They are much less likely to fire in the absence of combustible fuel or gas.

# Reduced Noise Pollution

Since E-Taxis are much quieter, they help reduce noise pollution. Electric motors provide a smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances. Many electric taxi owners have reported positive savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars a year.

# Cost of Electric Taxis

EVs offer excellent long-term value and can be an excellent investment for drivers looking for a less expensive, more efficient means of transport. However, a wide range of Electric Taxis is available to suit almost every budget.

Hopefully, the benefits listed above will help determine whether an EV is a good fit for your driving needs. With more taxi companies, such as Volvo, committing to all-electric vehicles, the E-Taxis will be the norm in a few years.

How Taxi Dispatch Software Benefits Your E-Taxi Business?

# Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking in taxi dispatch software allows drivers and passengers to be aware of each other's actual location, allowing for a more seamless pickup.

# Assured Passenger Security

When it comes to online taxi dispatch systems, the passengers' security stands at the top. This software keeps track of vehicles to ensure the safety of their passengers. With the increasing cognizance of passenger security, e-taxi hailing companies are working hard to improve their security features.

# Improved Booking Frequency

An efficient and effective taxi dispatch system will undoubtedly increase bookings. The feature of real-time tracking via GPS location-based service encourages more people to book taxi services online.

# Boosts Driver Efficiency

Taxi Dispatch Software allows E Taxi businesses to monitor driver's performance and productivity in terms of fare rates, behavior, and pickup time while allowing passengers to leave feedback on the ride. Measuring the driver's overall performance helps ride-hailing taxi businesses to identify the root cause of the issue and improve driver efficiency.

# Secure Payment System

Making payments in cash is no longer safe or convenient for people. However, by realizing the trend toward cashless or electronic payments, the taxi dispatch software solution offers a wide range of payment options, allowing for greater payment versatility.

# Rate and Review System

The higher the quality of services you provide for taxi application development, the happier your customers will be. Thanks to the introduction of taxi management software, passengers no longer have to waste time waiting for a taxi. They can quickly gain proper access to a nearby taxi. As a result, your customer will get satisfied. The more satisfied the customer is, the more likely they will contact you again. As a result, the more profits you make from your taxi business.

How to Build a Taxi Dispatch System for E Taxi Business?

STEP 1: Do a Market Research

Before entering into the taxi dispatch software market, one should conduct extensive research to find out their competitors in the market, try their applications if possible, and identify flaws that you can fix while developing your taxi app.

STEP 2: Prepare a Detailed List of Features and Functionality

Every taxi booking app, such as Uber, Lyft, should have a unique set of features and a technology stack that the owner would like to apply in the application. A detailed list of each task and stack will benefit both the owner and the developers working on your project.

STEP 3: Build a Robust Taxi Dispatch System

The very next step is to build a taxi booking app. Since perfect functions take time to deploy in an application, developing a white-label taxi dispatch system entails more hits and trials. However, the Taxi Dispatch System connects passengers "looking for a taxi" with drivers "looking to take passengers for a ride." Passengers can view their nearby drivers and book a taxi with a single tap on their mobile device.

Are you looking for eco friendly taxi booking & dispatching solution?

Secret Tips to Become Successful in Your E Taxi Business

The following are some areas to concentrate on if you want to be successful in your e-taxi business:

Get an on-demand taxi dispatch system. It is a must-have for this sector.

Look for experienced and skilled drivers. An inefficient driver can tarnish your reputation.

Make sure to expand your customer reach. Your taxi services should be available in as many locations as possible in the area.

Shorten the wait time so you will have more satisfied customers.

Customers should have multiple payment options to make payments.

Final Words

Nowadays, any business is incomplete without technology. The taxi industry operates on the same principle. The integration of taxi dispatch software into the E Taxi business yields numerous benefits. However, before going for it, you must undergo extensive research to know the new features. You can also connect with a reputable taxi dispatch software provider to build the best taxi dispatch software for your E Taxi business.

Want to build an efficient taxi dispatching apps?

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