Top Advantages of Using Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

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UnicoTaxi is pleased to declare the launch of robust cloud-based taxi dispatch software. UnicoTaxi is probably the best cloud based taxi dispatch system provider controlled by small, medium and large scale taxi owners.

Are you searching to go global in minutes with your own cloud based taxi dispatch software? Indeed! UnicoTaxi offers affordable, unique, and advanced cab business solutions with a cloud based taxi dispatch system. Deploy your on-demand taxi dispatch solution worldwide with a couple of snaps with cloud computing technology.

Not just in one city or country, taxi providing service has become an important means of transportation around the world. The simplicity of booking can quickly, has enormously supplemented the interest for ride-hailing services, therefore, the taxi business is one of the strongly rising enterprises over the world.

Uber, Ola, Lyft and so on are the ideal instances of how a cab dispatch system can have an incredible effect in taking care of a transportation business in the present’s highly competitive world.

Here in this blog, you will have the opportunity to find out about our cloud based taxi dispatch system. I hope all of you would have found about cloud computing.

If not, kindly experience to get a fundamental idea regarding cloud computing then go to its advantages.

Importance of Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

UnicoTaxi Supports Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

Why Cloud-based Software for a Taxi Management System?

Advantages and Features of Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch System

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Importance of Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

One of the best and complex obstacles that any transportation business experiences is the lack of ability and inefficiency, that happens during the manual taxi dispatch operations.

On a continuous note, customer location transmission and the details are misinterpreted that regularly prompts a great deal of bother to both customers and drivers. A proficient cab dispatch software ensures that it kills the previously mentioned issues by offering the ideal solution which is sufficiently competent to give the dispatchers an intact control by allocating cabs to each user.

Cloud based taxi dispatch system thus helps in consistent working of the entire taxi hailing service.

UnicoTaxi Supports Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxi dispatch solution of UnicoTaxi is facilitated in the platform of cloud computing with sub-domains. Here you need not contribute more on workers when contrasted with web-based apps that are facilitated in-house or locally.

You can pick the subscription payment model to utilize as a software as a service.

Why Cloud-based Software for a Taxi Management System?

These days, all medium taxi entrepreneurs need a taxi management system to run an effective taxi business. Taxi management software manages with colossal information since it includes three various modules such as passenger app, driver app, and admin panel for its viable business activities.

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Cloud computing gives modern business solutions by giving virtual database storage through digital technologies. This serves to effortlessly deal with the taxi business without putting more in advance recovery infrastructure of the industry and physical storage.

Advantages and Features of Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch System

Easy To Access

They don’t need to install and oversee software, as it tends to be gotten to just by means of the Internet.

High Efficient & Cost-Effective

Since there is no requirement for physical equipment for data storage, you no need to invest much in the framework for any cloud based service. It brings about cost savings and less possibility of downtime. In this manner it improves the high business profitability with overall efficiency.

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High Information Security

Cloud based taxi dispatch software provides creative and secure information storage with encryption and authentication techniques. In this way it assists with securing the vulnerable information.

Effective Remote Services

The subscribed customer will have the option to get the software anywhere at any time. The customers will have the option to use through smartphones and other devices.

Very Scalable

You are able to scale up or scale down your taxi business or other necessities with cloud computing services. You will have the option to subscribe to the cloud services according to the necessities.

Simple Control

It is simple to control tremendous information with process access and authentication with cloud computing. This empowers us to streamline the operations and there are no requirements for any duplicate copy of the report since it tends to be accessed for the authorized.


It empowers visibility to the information stored in the platform of cloud computing with all the safety efforts and controls. In this way it is a pure reliable system.

Backup and Recovery

The cloud based taxi dispatch software gives a robust backup and recovery plan. Since the information is not stored locally in house PC’s, there is zero chance for the information disaster. This technology also gives quick recovery.

End Note

Hope in this blog, you will have the option to discover more on a cloud based taxi dispatch system. It gives data on advantages, features of cloud based taxi dispatch software. Get in touch with us to start your taxi business with your own taxi dispatch solution.

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