How to Build a Custom Taxi Dispatch System for Corporates?

How to Build a Custom Taxi Dispatch System for Corporates?

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Day by day, the craze for the online transport business has been rapidly growing. Everyone is searching for the best taxi dispatch system with almost every functionality, but you can't stand out in the competition unless you know what's best for your business. You should know what's required and be familiar with basic features. However, among the various types of ride-hailing services, a specific category known as corporate ride-hailing is the most lucrative for budding entrepreneurs.

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Essential Requirements to Build a taxi Dispatch system

Ride On-Time

Ready-to-Go Outstation Trips

Trip Sharing

Bulk Booking

Multiple Payment Gateways

How to Build a Custom Taxi Dispatch System for Corporates?

Write a Business Plan

Find a Niche

Select a Revenue Model

Shape Your Vision

Prepare Documentation

Build a Custom Taxi Dispatch System

Know The Benefits of Taxi Dispatch Software for Corporate Employees

Fully Automated

Take Complete Control

All-In-One Solution

Taxi Management Software: An Integral Solution for Corporates

Key Features of a Taxi Dispatch Software

Complete User Profile


Ride Calendar

Quick Bookings

Final Takeaways

Essential Requirements to Build a taxi Dispatch system

Suppose if you want to build a taxi dispatch software for corporate riders, your system must meet the following requirements.

  • Ride On-Time
  • Being punctual in the workplace is a requirement for corporate employees. As a result, the taxi dispatch system integrates the required metrics to ensure on-time trips. The listing of vehicles in a simple interface helps corporate riders to choose the vehicle type that best suits their needs to complete the trips on time.

  • Ready-to-Go Outstation Trips
  • Outstation trips are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially for attending corporate seminars and events. Getting taxis for outstation trips is now as easy as possible via the taxi-dispatch software.

  • Trip Sharing
  • Traveling on the fixed route is a continual process for the employee. Sharing trips with another employee who travels to the same place via a taxi-dispatch system lowers the fare rate while allowing employees to connect.

  • Bulk Booking
  • In the business world, events, conferences, and small get-togethers are ubiquitous. Choosing the right taxi services to pick up and drop off the employees at the event's location becomes very easy with the taxi dispatch system.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • The different payment options for corporate trips, such as cashless, card, and net banking, allow the riders to make payments easily. However, the subscriptions and other methods are appropriate when helping drivers in building a robust customer base.

    How to Build a Custom Taxi Dispatch System for Corporates?

    #Write a Business Plan: Your business plan should offer unique values to both drivers and corporate employees.

    #Find a Niche: You must find a low-competition niche in the taxi dispatch solution market.

    #Select a Revenue Model: You must determine whether you will charge commissions or run paid promotions.

    #Shape Your Vision: You must collect project requirements and present them to the best taxi mobile app development team.

    #Prepare Documentation: Prepare detailed documentation for developing a taxi dispatch system for employees.

    #Build a Custom Taxi Dispatch System: Taxi app developers prioritize user requirements and perform unit testing to detect and fix defects.

    Want to setup a Corporate Taxi dispatch solution?

    Know The Benefits of Taxi Dispatch Software for Corporate Employees

    Every industry needs an on-demand taxi app, as evidenced by market demand. Therefore, investing in taxi dispatch software would provide the following benefits for businesses:

  • Fully Automated
  • The company can automatically generate their employees' whole ride history with no manual errors, enabling the service owner or admin to track the details of their services in real-time.

  • Take Complete Control
  • With the right corporate dispatch software, the entrepreneur can handle the complete system from a single interface while improving service transparency.

  • All-In-One Solution
  • Taxi Dispatch Software for Corporates allows the entrepreneur to manage their entire transportation system easily and track the service's progress. As a result, it enables them to provide higher-quality service to their employees.

    Thus, a well-designed taxi dispatch system can deliver the best results. With UnicoTaxi's taxi app development, you can provide a wide range of transportation services to your corporate employees.

    Taxi Management Software: An Integral Solution for Corporates

    The Corporate Transportation Management App has three interfaces, which are as follows:

    Driver App (iOS and Android)

    Corporate Employee’s App (iOS and Android)

    Centralized Admin panel for Service Provider

    The entrepreneur will use these three interfaces to streamline the corporate transportation operation. The app for corporate transportation systems enables business owners to provide their employees with a range of transportation options. By implementing the taxi dispatch system for corporates, you can quickly gain your employees' confidence and provide a better service.

    Here are the key features of taxi dispatch software:

  • Complete User Profile
  • Employees must manually enter their details or register using their social media accounts, which reduces the time it takes to build a profile and improves the service's simplicity.

  • Geofencing
  • Allows the drivers to complete the journey in the shortest possible time. The reduced travel time allows the drivers to complete more corporate trips in a day, resulting in increased productivity.

  • Ride Calendar
  • The rider can get automatic notifications about their scheduled rides, which helps them stay on track. The bookings can be made in advance and optimized shortly.

  • Quick Bookings
  • Allows your corporate company's managers and other employees to book the travel service. The real-time tracking helps them know where the vehicle is without causing any inconvenience during the ride.

    Final Takeaways

    Generating massive revenue and gaining popularity are the top most vital things for taxi startup owners today. Are you a newbie and don’t know how to start? UnicoTaxi is here for you to provide detailed guidance to build taxi dispatch software to bring uniqueness. Feel free to share your business plan with us, and see how our experts develop the best taxi-dispatch system for you to launch corporate rides swiftly.

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