Careem Clone App: Simple Guide to Build a Multi-Service Solution

Careem Clone App: Simple Guide to Build a Multi-Service Solution


Do you know how to drive? If No! Don’t worry now you can easily hire a taxi with a single tap of your mobile phone. Traveling in a cab has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Most tech people’s day starts and ends with a taxi ride. In traditional taxi hailing one needs to call or stand on the road to get a cab but that’s not the case now. You can tap on your phone and get a taxi anywhere and anytime. If you are an entrepreneur interested in launching on-demand business then you are in the right place. Technological advancements allow one to use a single app to perform multiple tasks. Careem Clone is one such lucrative business opportunity.

This article will guide you through the process of how to build an all-in-one app like Careem Clone for a multi-service solution.

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Decoding Careem: Unveiling Its On-demand Business Model and Revenue Streams

How does the Careem app work for on-demand services?

How to Build Careem Clone App for Your On-Demand Multi-Service Platform

Must Have Features of Custom Careem Clone a Multi-service App

Wrapping Up

Decoding Careem: Unveiling Its On-demand Business Model and Revenue Streams

Careem has a versatile business model which has paved the path for the success of this multi-service app. Users who are registered as drivers are the most important stakeholders here as they can provide efficient service to the user. This app deals with entrepreneurs that are at small or medium levels. The app usually focuses on the well-being of users like captains, merchants, and customers. Careem makes the lives of people easier and more convenient. It can help people satisfy their needs through a single app. As they offer different services people from different niches can get connected and be in touch. Using commission from the delivery this app generates its revenue. They earn commission from delivery, e-commerce, and logistics services, digital payments, and share from partners and captains.

An Overview of Careem Multi-Service Platform

Careem is a super app initially launched for web-based services like corporate booking and ridesharing. It was launched by a Dubai-based company and acquired by a Saudi-based company and later added more services.

As Careem is a multi-service on-demand app it has huge customers from various businesses. This app will address all customer queries with a single interface. Various services include taxi booking, grocery delivery, food delivery, car rental, laundry services, medical delivery, beauty service, bike, flower delivery, and much more.

How does Careem App Work as On-Demand Multi Service Solution

In this section, we will learn about how these products work.


The first step is that the customer needs to download the app and log in or sign up for the app with their details.

Select the service

The services offered by the app are listed here on the platform. You can select the desired service from the listed ones.

Matching the request

Once the service is selected, the customer can submit the request, and then the app will search for the nearest service provider and assign it to them.


The service provider will accept the request and the provider can send a notification to the customer. Once it is done the order will be processed.


This app provides customers with various payment options, including cash, credit card, and wallet payments, to complete the process.

Service Completion

In this final process, once the payment is done the service provider or the driver will reach the designated location and the service will be completed.

How to Build Careem Clone App for Your On-Demand Multi-Service Platform?

To run a business in the digital era, every sector has its user-friendly app. Likewise; the taxi booking services have their app for providing standard service to their business. The on-demand taxi booking apps like Careem Clone are popular among customers. Here we will see the steps involved in the development of an On-Demand Multi-service app like Careem.

Market Research

Understand the services that are in high demand in your area. Based on the customer preferences the competition needs to be analyzed, gaps in the market should be noted, and also insights must be gathered. With this information, you can easily meet the specific needs of the app and stand out in the competition.

Select the Business Model

Make sure to select the appropriate business model carefully. You can choose the multi-service business option in which you can offer ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery shopping, and much more. Based on the business model you can shape the features and functionalities of the app.

Technology Stack and Development

Collaborating with experienced developers and investing in robust technology will help you build a successful multi-service app like Gojek and Careem. Make sure that the app has essential features like real-time tracking, a secured payment gateway, a user-friendly interface, and other essential features. You will need to be sure that the app offers a seamless user experience and is bug-free by testing the app.

Marketing and Promotion

A comprehensive marketing strategy has to be implemented to promote the Careem Clone App. By using social media which is a digital marketing platform and partnering with local businesses you can create awareness. By offering incentives to the drivers, promotions, and discounts you can easily attract a huge audience to your app.

Customer Support and Feedback

The complaints from the driver and the user should be immediately resolved by a dedicated customer support team. A rating and review system should be implemented to ensure transparency and service quality. The feedback should be analyzed regularly to improve the overall user experience.

Start Building your Own On-Demand Careem Clone App for Multi-Service Business

Must Have Features of Custom Careem Clone a Multi-service App

With the attractive features and user-friendly UI/UX, you can easily double up your revenue and bring in more customers to your app. Based on the preferences of the customer one can customize the features. Here are some of the features of Careem Clone.

Customer App Features

Service Selection

You can easily select your preferences from the available choices like food delivery, ride-hailing, and much more.

Service Customization

Customization of the product or services can be done by the customers for ride preferences, food orders, etc. based on their needs.

Real-Time Tracking

The service providers like drivers, delivery partners, etc. can be tracked by the customers.

Order History

To re-order any service or product the customer can easily access the records of previous bookings and transactions.

Scheduled Bookings

Booking can be done in advance for a later date according to the convenience of the customer.


Push notifications can notify customers with real-time updates, important information, and order status.

Driver App Features

Accept/Reject Service

If a driver receives a driver request it is their choice to accept or reject the service. This can be done based on their availability.

Service Status

To keep the customer updated the driver will update the status like route map, arrival time, and estimated completion time of the journey.

Heat Maps and Surge Price

The driver has access to the prime location and the peak hours which have high demand and also the prices of those places will be notified to the driver.


Information like earnings, payment history, and payment tracking can be known to the driver.

Manage Documents

Profiles can be managed by the driver and they need to upload documents like licenses and certificates.

In-App Chat

These apps allow enhanced communication between the driver and the customer for better clarifications, Coordination, and solving queries.

Service Provider App Features

Select Service and Manage

The providers can easily select the service listed in the platform and manage the service offerings based on their expertise.

Availability Settings

The providers can schedule their service request time based on their preferences and availability hours.

Service Status Updates

The customer can track their service status in real-time based on the service update done by the service provider.

Document Management

The providers can upload documents like licenses, and certifications and ensure they comply with the regulations.

Service Earnings

The providers can earn from their completed services which include their tips and bonuses. They can track their income accordingly.

Promotions and Offers

Discounts and offers are offered to the customers to attract more customers to their app. This will help them to improve customer loyalty and also boost profit.

Streamline your Business and Earn More Profit with Careem Clone App Development

Wrapping Up

Multi-Service apps like Careem can be easily developed by serious market research, careful planning, and paying attention to details. At UnicoTaxi we take pride in delivering the service that meets your requirements and needs of your business without costing a bomb. Here we develop visually appealing and feature-rich apps for widespread popularity. With our Careem Clone software, you can easily launch your all-in-one on-demand business. Here we not only develop your app but help you to achieve ROI. If you are interested in starting an on-demand multi-service app you can try our Careem Clone app for free. Create your feature-rich fully functioning multi-service app solution with UnicoTaxi now.

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