What are the Features of Multi-Service Apps Like Gojek and Grab?

What are the Features of Multi-Service Apps Like Gojek and Grab?

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Starting a multi-service business is not easy; there are several things that you need to consider, including the type of services you'll provide, your target market, and considerably more. There are several other factors to consider; explore this guide to learn how and why you should launch your multi-service business online.

Here, we will explore:

Multi-Service App: Your One-Stop Shop for Everything!

Reasons Why Choose Multi-Service Apps Like Gojek and Grab

Must-Have Features of Multi-Service Apps

Multi-Service App Development

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The Final Notes

Without much delay, let’s dive in!

People want convenience, and on-demand multi-service apps provide it in bucket loads. Our generation requires everything in comfort. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and we have progressed to the point where we can get things delivered to our doorstep with a single swipe. Whether you need to call a taxi, order food, or buy groceries, it is just one tap away.

Once you scan the market, you can find several apps that can provide multiple services on-demand, whenever and wherever we need them. With time, our needs and expectations for instant delivery services have grown, and this is where the need for Gojek-like multi-service apps comes in.

Multi-Service App: Your One-Stop Shop for Everything!

Who wants to clog up their smartphones with ten useless apps that take up valuable storage memory? Nobody, right? And yes! Having an On-Demand Multi-Service App is an excellent solution for getting everyday necessities and other services on the go.

When it comes to starting a multi-service business, there are several options available. You can build a Gojek-like app that allows your target customers to access all services with a single sign-up process. The feature-rich and easy-to-use mobility solution will help you systematically manage your business, giving you complete control over all business activities. Gojek Clone also allows you to provide the following services:

Handyman service

Child Care service

Pet Care


Laundry Service

Home Cleaning

Tutor Service

Baby Care

Food Delivery


Flower Delivery

Tow Truck

Bike Ride


Maid Service

Massage Service

Medicine Delivery

Grocery Delivery

And considerably more.

Developing a multi-service app similar to Gojek and Grab will help you excel in your on-demand services business. Entrepreneurs can use an on-demand app solution to provide multiple on-demand services in a single app. In short, this is an efficient app for successfully running a business. So, why bother? If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a multi-service business, Multi-Service App Development is the way to go.

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Reasons Why Choose Multi-Service Apps Like Gojek and Grab

Today is the perfect day to start your multi-service business or give it a jump start!

Gojek and Grab-like on-demand multiple-service apps provide numerous benefits to businesses and users. So, let's discuss why you should use an on-demand multi-service app for your business.

Business Growth

A multi-service business can increase customers because the company's business is available and visible to everyone on the online platform. Second, digitalization can help boost business visibility, which results in increased profits and business growth.

More Revenue

Every business owner wants to maximize profits while also saving money. According to the Harvard Business Review, people who successfully run multiple service businesses make more money than those who only run one. Consider it as having multiple sources of income or a form of a long-term investment.

Advanced Security

Gojek Clone and Grab Clone, in general, come with advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and so on to protect customer data from hackers. It will instill trust in your customers, making them more likely to use your app.


Although the Gojek Clone App/Grab Clone App provides entrepreneurs with unlimited customization options, it is less expensive than developing an app from scratch. It offers countless benefits to entrepreneurs. Instead of creating separate apps for each on-demand service, you can provide multiple services from a single app. It saves substantial capital investment, which is highly beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Must-Have Features of Multi-Service Apps

When it comes to Grab and Go Jek-Like Multi-Service App Development, there are a few features it should include. Some of them are as follows:


Integrating advanced GPS in an on-demand service app allows users to track their orders in real time and check the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Real-Time Tracking

The multi-service application enables drivers, service providers, and customers to know about the real-time status of the orders.

History Details

The user and the driver can view their service history using this option, which includes the date and time of the trip, travel fare, location, trip id, person id, etc.

In-App Support

The multi-service app includes an in-app support service that allows users and service providers to get help and clarify service-related questions via instant chat, call, and other options.

SOS Alerts

With this option, users can reach their emergency contacts with a single click within the app.

All-in-One Dashboard

The all-in-one dashboard allows the admin to view or manage the entire operation easily.

Multi-Language Support

It's always a good idea to make your app available in multiple languages to your users. And in this way, you'll be able to enhance the user experience and ensure that everyone gets the most out of your service.

Promo Offers

Business owners and merchants create promo codes for users with specific order and duration conditions.

Review and Ratings

Users can provide feedback with a quick review or ratings to help determine the service's quality.

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Multi-Service App Development

Here’s a step-by-step guide to Multi-Service App Development:

Step 1: Study the Market

If you are considering launching a Gojek or Grab-like multi-service business, conducting a market analysis and understanding the market is critical. It can help you avoid financial loss while saving you time and effort.

Step 2: Select the Right Business Model

Once you understand the market, customer expectations, and the competitors' business strategies, it's time to select the best business model for your multi-service business. Understanding Gojek and Grab's business models can help you understand how multi-service apps serve their customers and meet the region's growing demand.

Step 3: Complete All the Legal Matters

Many businesses skip this step, and as a result, they face numerous legal issues in the region where they provide their brand service. If you don't want to face legal problems in the future, you must systematically complete all processes. You can also contact government officials to learn about the legal requirements for starting your multi-service business.

Step 4: Develop a Multi-Service App

Can you imagine starting a multi-service business without an app in today's tech-savvy world? Never! To launch your multi-service business online, you can seek the help and support of an app development company. Also, integrate all necessary features and functionality into your branded solution to give your potential customers a seamless experience.

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Step 5: Promote Your Business

Creating and launching your multi-service business online is not enough. How will your customers learn about your multi-service company if you don't promote it? Find and implement the best marketing strategy for your business to increase awareness and make more people aware of the same. The more people who know your business, the more sales you can make, which ultimately leads to increased business profits.

However, here are some of the benefits of developing a Gojek and Grab Clone App:

These clone apps are ready-made solutions that allow you to develop an app for your business quickly.

Gojek and Grab Clone Script solutions provide a wide range of services. Using the app's toggle mode, you can offer only the services you want and disable the rest.

Gojek and Grab Clone App Development services are available at a low cost and in a short period.

These apps are free of bugs and other flaws, ensuring their smooth operation.

Why wait?

If you are considering investing in super app development, purchasing a ready-made Gojek clone script/Grab Clone Script can help you save time and gain a competitive advantage.

Over to You!

With smartphone usage skyrocketing, businesses are looking for a mobile app development company to help them launch iOS and Android on-demand apps and provide the best on-demand services to their customers.

As a start-up company, building a brand new app from scratch can be incredibly expensive; therefore, buying a Gojek Clone Script/Grab Clone Script can be the best solution for the start-up business because they are the fastest-growing apps in the market.

Do you want to develop a Gojek Clone App/Grab Clone App with multiple features and services? If so, get in touch with a reputable white-labeling company today. At UnicoDel, we have highly skilled and technologically advanced teams of developers who have experience developing apps that sync with your business needs.

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The Final Notes

Apps that integrate multiple services are in high demand because they allow users to complete different tasks within one application, which is also beneficial for business purposes. As a result, businesses can benefit from multi-service online platforms in several ways. Apps like Grab and Go Jek can be excellent solutions for start-up businesses in this regard.

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