Why Taxi Dispatch Software is Really Important for Taxi Cab Business?

Why Taxi Dispatch Software is Really Important for Taxi Cab Business?

Vinupradha A

Nowadays a Smartphone rules our life. Many Peoples are looking to book taxi’s in a convenient manner, So they choose to use mobile apps to book the taxi’s for their trips. Nowadays a taxi booking has been made with a Single click through the mobile apps. Technology is improving day by day, so we must also implement the newer technologies in our business too.

To Reach the next level in your Taxi Business you have to get the Taxi Dispatch Software, Because it makes your business reach top level very quickly. Taxi business would not be best without taxi booking application as it offers help to the business administrators and comfort to the clients and drivers.

For the taxi customers, it would be the most extreme comfort as taxi application reduces the strain of making calls and waiting for drivers to reach without knowing where they are. To engage customer more and more to your company, online Taxi booking software will help a lot.

Our Taxi Dispatch Solution contains Admin panel, Dispatcher Panel, Fleet Panel, Mobile apps for both iOS & Android. Our admin panel controls all assets, Taxi Reservations, Transactions, and play out all Customer relationship management.

In our Taxi Dispatch Software, Passenger can book the taxi’s in Website booking form and Rider mobile app.

The user has the option to login using phone number/email

Secured individual user account

Social media login using Facebook, G+

Setting up a Profile Image

Search taxi over Google map using GPS

Trip confirmation in 60 seconds

Auto calculation of distance and fare etc…

Dispatch System: Nowadays Automated dispatch system is an effective technique for a taxi service. Bookings will be handled very easily by our software which allows us to focus on improving the services. Our taxi dispatch system is a cloud-based one.

Admin panel: Our Admin panel can easily manage the various dispatchers, drivers, taxis. Our admin panel also Easily track each driver, each taxi, each passenger, each transaction and ratings from one platform. some key features are as follows:

Easy taxi management solution and statistical report on the dashboard

Social networking site settings, Payment gateways

Details are saved from all booking channels in the admin panel

Manage Users account, Ratings etc…

Our taxi dispatch software comes with the latest technology which allows the taxi companies can easily monitor their whole service.

UnicoTaxi is one of the leading taxi Dispatch solutions which is used across the globe by our clients. Our software is purely a white-labeled one.

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